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Java Source Code

//from   w  w w. ja v a 2  s.c  o m
import net.simonvt.schematic.annotation.AutoIncrement;
import net.simonvt.schematic.annotation.DataType;
import net.simonvt.schematic.annotation.NotNull;
import net.simonvt.schematic.annotation.PrimaryKey;

import static net.simonvt.schematic.annotation.DataType.Type.INTEGER;

 * Used to avoid sending a single identity to a particular client multiple times
 * Created by davidbrodsky on 7/28/14.
public interface IdentityDeliveryTable {

    /** SQL type        Modifiers                   Reference Name            SQL Column Name */
    @DataType(INTEGER)  @PrimaryKey @AutoIncrement  String id                  = "_id";
    @DataType(INTEGER)  @NotNull                    String peerRecipientId     = "pr_id";
    @DataType(INTEGER)  @NotNull                    String peerPayloadId       = "pp_id";

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