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GNU General Public License

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Java Source Code

/*  w ww. j a v  a 2  s .c  o  m*/
import net.simonvt.schematic.annotation.Database;
import net.simonvt.schematic.annotation.Table;

 * SQL Database definition.
 * Created by davidbrodsky on 7/28/14.
@Database(version = ChatDatabase.DATABASE_VERSION)
public class ChatDatabase {

    public static final int DATABASE_VERSION = 1;

    /** Table Definition                Reference Name                                     SQL Tablename */
    @Table(PeerTable.class)             public static final String  PEERS                = "peers";
    @Table(MessageTable.class)          public static final String  MESSAGES             = "msgs";
    @Table(MessageDeliveryTable.class)  public static final String  DELIVERED_MESSAGES   = "m_dlvry";
    @Table(IdentityDeliveryTable.class) public static final String  DELIVERED_IDENTITIES = "p_dlvry";

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