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Java Source Code

package com.github.c77.base_driver.husky;
//from   w w  w.  j  av a2 s.  c o m
import com.github.c77.base_driver.AbstractOdometryStatus;

import java.nio.ByteBuffer;
import java.nio.ByteOrder;

 * @author (Julian Cerruti)
public class HuskyOdometryStatus extends AbstractOdometryStatus {

    // TODO: Allow setting (and load from ROS param in node)
    private static final double WIDTH = 0.55;

    public HuskyOdometryStatus() {

    public void update(byte[] encoderData) {
        if(encoderData.length != 13) {
            throw new RuntimeException("wrong size encoder data = " + encoderData.length);

        // --------------------------------
        // Parse buffer into encoder travels and speeds
        // --------------------------------
        ByteBuffer buffer = ByteBuffer.wrap(encoderData);

        // Number of encoders
        // TODO: Verify it's two encoders
        byte nEncoders = buffer.get();
        // Left encoder travel
        int leftTravel = buffer.getInt(1);
        // Right encoder travel
        int rightTravel = buffer.getInt(5);
        // Left encoder speed
        short leftSpeed = buffer.getShort(9);
        // Right encoder speed
        short rightSpeed = buffer.getShort(11);

        // Update the current estimated pose
        calculateAndUpdate(leftTravel, rightTravel, rightSpeed, leftSpeed);

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