List of Free code ComboBox


  • Filter Combo Box
    ComboBox derived control that allow the user to filter the items according to partial match string typed into the combo box.
  • JC Touch Selector Control
    JC Touch Selector Control (aka JCSelector) makes it easier for touch screen users to select from a list of items. You'll no longer have to use a ComboBox in your touch screen app. Is very easy to use and also supports two-way data binding via it's Text property. Written in C#
  • Projects navigation in Solution Explorer (Visual Studio Add-ins)
    Add special combo box in Solution Explorer which displays all projects used in solution. Quick navigation between projects. Track current project in combo box. Visual Studio, C#, Add-ins.
  • TUI - a Text User Interface Windows Library for .net
    TUI is a Control library which provides Elements for creating a Windows-Based-User-Interface on System.Console. It contains Controls like Windows, Textboxes, Comboboxes and ListViews. It is completely Object-Orientated, so that you can easily derive your own Custom-Controls.
  • WPF SplitButton Control
    WPF SplitButton Control is a missing control in WPF from the Windows Form days. The control allows you to display an image and text and rearrange the order of the text and image. It also allows you to provide a list of items, acting as a combobox and button.

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