List of Free code Windows Form


  • AscendedThemeKit (Themed Windows Forms and Controls)
    The child of the Ascend.Net controls and ThemeKit theming forms and controls. Add themable forms and controls to your project.
  • C4F - Desktop Time Tracker
    Keep track of time spent on your projects with this C# Windows forms application that includes fully-commented source code. It runs from your system tray and makes it easy to punch in and out and view totals. (MSDN Coding 4 Fun)
  • DataGridView UserControl with Paging
    this is user control of Windows form in C#. this user control is DatagridView with extended functionality of paging.
  • Date Calculator
    Date Calculator is a small desktop utility developed using Windows Forms .NET technology. This utility is analogous to the "Date calculation" module in Windows 7 Calculator. This utility can be used for numerous date related calculations like calculating age or work experience.
  • Drawing Custom Borders in Windows Forms
    This project is a small library that extends Windows Forms with ability to customize the windows's non-client area. This allows you to create custom skins for any window and give your application?consistent and?unique look. The project includes also an interactive editor to ea...
  • DSL Editor PowerToy
    This powertoy, specifically for DSL's (Domain Specific Languages), provides the ability to expose multiple views of a domain each with their own windows forms-based control editor.
  • Forms Anywhere
    Forms Anywhere is a Windows Mobile application I created back in early 2004 to allow enterprises to build data collecting applications for the Windows Mobile platform. This project is an attempt to migrate the original application to the new platform.
  • GMap.NET - Great Maps for Windows Forms & Presentation
    GMap.NET is great and Powerful, Free, cross platform, open source .NET control. Enable use routing, geocoding and maps from Google, Yahoo!, Bing, OpenStreetMap, ArcGIS, Pergo, SigPac, Yandex, in Windows Forms & Presentation, supports caching and runs on windows mobile!
  • Holiday Calendar
    This project contains a holiday calendar user control to be used in Windows Form applications.
  • McDonalds Order Form
    C# Windows forms application for educational purposes.
  • MyVocabulary
    Use MyVocabulary to structure and test the: - words, - expressions and - the verb conjugations that you want to learn in a foreign language. This is a .net 3.5 windows forms application developed in C# that works on Windows XP/Vista/7.
  • nScreen
    This is a .NET library for creating advanced console application screens using an object oriented model similar to .NET windows forms.
  • OpenNETCF.Telephony
    A TAPI library form Windows CE and Windows Mobile devices.
  • Penrose Tiles
    A simple windows forms based penrose tile generator.
  • Rsp.Windows.Forms
    This project includes several custom Button types, Windows Form types, a numeric textbox and a custom MessageBox class. * RoundedButton - A button with rounded corners. * ShadedButton - A button with customizable shine. * ColorizedButton - A button with customizable T...
  • Salience Demo application
    The Salience Demo application is a Windows Forms application that is provided by Lexalytics in Windows distributions of the Salience text analytics engine.
  • SourceGrid
    SourceGrid is a .NET Windows Forms grid control written entirely in C# with managed code. SourceGrid can be used to visualize or to change data in a table format.
  • Task Tracker
    Task Tracker is a simple windows form tool to track task processing time, status and other customizable tracking information, with a reporting tool.
  • ThemeKit
    A library of windows forms controls enabling the quick and easy creation of themed user interfaces.
  • Windows Forms Aero
    This project aims to create a Windows Control Library that provides controls reproducing the appearance of Microsoft Aero graphic objects, like buttons and links with shield icon, textboxes with cue banner, etc.
  • Windows Forms C# Toolbox
    A toolbox of C# classes that are useful in the creation of Windows Forms applications. This toolbox includes the error handling features described in the article "Try, Catch - then What?" (Will Stott: Visual Systems Journal, Nov 2004)
  • Windows Forms MembershipProvider
    A Windows Forms Implementation of the Membership authentication system.
  • Windows Forms Toolkit
    This project will provide many controls and tools for developping with Windows Forms.
  • Windows Forms Wizard
    Oddly, the Windows Forms libraries don't provide any support for writing wizards. Here's one way to do it.

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