List of Free code WinForm


  • .Net Error Manager
    A .Net error manager which hooks into any winform application with as little as 1 line of code. Errors are reported to a Service Application for management.
  • .NET Winforms Gantt Chart Control
    Gantt Chart Control allows user to quickly create charts for prototyping or simple use cases in bigger projects.
  • ?Tools
    Miscellaneous tools (small classes and functions) like data structures (heap, tree), calculations (max with infinite number of arguments), WinForms (controls, dialogs), WebForms (pager) etc. More advanced solutions like IPTC/Exif metadata; Win32 API wrappers or Total Commander pl
  • AlphaMobileControls
    AlphaMobileControls is a .NET Compact Framework 2.0 API offering WinForm Controls for Windows Mobile 5 or 6 able to handle images with alpha channel and alpha blending.
  • ANSI Console User Control
    Custom console control for .NET Winforms
  • AutoUpdater
    Fixing bugs and adding new features is a part of developing software applications.This sample application is developed in C# as a library with the project name ?AutoUpdater?. The DLL ?AutoUpdater? can be used in a C# Windows application(WinForm and WPF).
  • Binding Navigator
    Clone of WinForms BindingNavigator that is able to work with any type of DataSource. For full functionality it requires the DataSource to implement IBindingList.
  • Bing Maps Winforms User Control
    A Winforms User Control for displaying and manipulation maps using Microsoft Bing Maps.
  • BitFlex Framework
    A general purpose framework that provides the missing implementation for WinForms controls, additional controls, and enterprise services like authentication and global hooks.
  • CAB DevExpress Extension Kit
    CAB DevExpress Extension Kit is a library that allows the use of DevExpress WinForm components within CAB (Composite UI Application Block). It includes DevExpress-specific Workspaces, UIElementAdapters, CommandAdapters; basically all the classes needed to use DevExpress contro...
  • ChromaticQFX
    This project is a c# winforms 2.0 application which can import and analyse a Quicken QFX file exported from most bank sites.
  • Classroom management system
    Classroom management system based on LINQ TO SQL + WinForm
  • Commerce Server 2009 Orders using Pipelines in a Console Application
    Using Commerce Server 2009 outside of a Web Application this project show how to create dummy Orders using Pipelines in a NON WEB CONTEXT, an example is a Console Application but you could make unit/integration/load testing, and winform applications for management purpose.
  • Connection Controls for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
    Connection Controls for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 makes it easier for developer to implement discovery and authentication mechanism in their winform projects. You'll no longer have to code discovery, selection and use of a connection to CRM 2011 server.
  • Cryptographer
    Cryptographer is a simple encryption/decryption application written in C# WinForms. It allows encryption and decryption using MD5, Rijndael, XOR and Hex.
  • Directory Linker
    Directory Linker is a small Winforms application that allows the user to quickly and easily create symbolic links in XP, Vista and Windows 7 for files and folders.
  • Document Session Manager - Visual Studio addin
    Document Session Manager is a Visual Studio 2008 addin for saving and restoring the list of opened documents (xml files, source files, winforms, etc.) inside the IDE.
  • Dragger - Sokoban clone written in C#
    Dragger is a sokoban clone written in WinForms C# in 2008 by CrackSoft. Now its source is available
  • ExceptionViews
    This is a WinForms project that shows exception information. You can use either the control or a dialog window. The main reason I published this project is due to other projects I have that have a dependency on this code. It's not the prettiest code I've ever written, but it's...
  • EyesBaby
    a.EyesBaby using c# Winform developmeng project b.With an eye protection method,regularly reminded,Windows prospect of application of function such as regulator.EyesBaby hava window drag and zoom,and pictures control character,Windows foreground window fade in effect etc.Function
  • FarsiCalendarComponents
    Full featured Farsi (Persian) calendar Winform controls for .net framework 2.0+. It contains some persian related components such as persian calendar, persian date picker and persian date picker cell to used with DataGridView.
  • FinanceTool
    FinanceTool makes a visual representation of your spending during a period of time. The Winforms application works on export files from the Dutch ING bank and the SNS bank. It's developed in C# based on .NET 4.0.
  • Goban (Go game sample)
    Small Winforms Go game created as demonstration of Object Oriented Design. Includes simple opponent agent.
  • Gum UI Tool
    Gum is a general-purpose UI tool for games, mockups, and websites. Gum uses the following technologies: * C# * Winforms * XNA * MEF
  • HTMLWriter
    HTMLWriter is a utility library for generating html fragments or documents based on the StringBuilder class. It is intended for generating raw html text that could be used for reporting or displaying inside a WebBrowser control (in Winforms or WPF).
  • HxH RPG Designer
    An RPG Designer application written using XNA and WinForms.
  • Image Ripper
    A Winform application parse & fetch various HD photos through specific web galleries.
  • Interlight
    Interlight is a web browser for Windows. It's a C# Winforms app, and it uses the Awesomium SDK.
  • JSkin C# WinForms Skin Library
    jSkin is .NET Winforms Skin Library that allows you to decorate your Formborder with custom style.
  • Krypton OutlookGrid
    Krypton OutlookGrid is a customized version of the DataGridView (C#) that allows multi-grouping and multi-sorting facilities for .NET Winforms.
  • Linquid
    Linquid is a functional GUI library for .NET 3.5, Mono 2.0 and .NET Compact Framework 3.5. It provides LINQ interface to layout of WinForms controls and composition of reactive values.
  • Lizard Chess
    Chess openings preparation tool using F#. WinForms C# used for UI.
  • LocalL
    LocalL is A localization library designed to be extremely flexible and fit multiple use paradigms. LocalL has direct bindings to TextWriter Objects and WinForms controls. It also has indirect bindings that allow it to work with WPF, while still being compatible with Mono.
  • Log Viewer
    This project is a winforms application that helps you view various server log files. There are many applications that do the same work, but I wanted to create an extensible log viewer that allowed the user to control what they were viewing.
  • Loki
    Application developpement tools (app cache, data access layer, devexpress winform toolkit)
  • longSudoku
    A simple sudoku game! Use WinForm development! Imitate Metro UI!
  • Management driving school (C# / .net 4.5)
    C# / Winforms Management driving school
  • Master Data Services Manager 2012
    __________________________________________________________________________ MDS (Master Data Services) Winform Management
  • MEF Shell - DevExpress Extension
    MEF Shell Extension Kit is a library that allows the use of DevExpress WinForm components within MEF (Microsoft Extensibility Framework).
  • Multi camera snapshot taker
    **this c# winform project is based on DXSnap-2008 sample project ** A few days ago, someone told me that it was not possible to take 3 snapshots , from 3 different webcams , at the same time (e.g. this guy wanted to take snapshots of an item on 3 different axes (X,Y,Z) at t...
  • Multivalue AutoComplete WinForms TextBox in C#
    This project is a sample application that demonstrates how to create a multivalue WinForms textbox in C# using .NET Framework 3.5.
  • MyApp Framework
    A very simple application framework for winforms that is designed to quickly and reliably create simple desktop application requiring database operations.
  • Neoforce Controls
    Neoforce Controls library provides WinForms like UI for your XNA project.
  • NewStart
    NewStart is a start menu for Windows 8. It's written in C# with WindowsForm.
  • Open Diagram
    Open Diagram is the definitive open source .net diagramming component library for the .Net framework winforms environment. Use Open Diagram to add interactive data visualizations to your .net applications.
  • Project Continuum
    Continuum is an open-source financial modeling and simulation program written in c# 2.0 winforms.
  • Regex Lab .NET
    Regex Lab .NET is a full-featured application for editing regular expressions (or regex patterns). The application features a modern, highly functional UI for writing or debugging regular expression patterns. It is written with C# and WinForms.
  • Report Viewer for SQL Server Reporting Services.
    Having a number of SSRS reports is all well and good, but if the end users can not see the reports it is useless, therefore we need to generate a method of viewing the reports via a small application. The Report Viewer application has be built using WinForm C# .NET 2.0, and i...
  • Rocket Framework -Windows Form
    Want to automate winforms? this help creating any type of winforms controls. The Rocket Framework for WinForm (using .net c# 4 ) provides ease to your developme
  • Screen Mate
    This project is an open source Visual Studio 2010 C# WinForms screen mate template. As a Star Trek fan (Trekee) my first screen mate will be starships.
  • SharpScript
    SharpScript is a project based on SharpScriptLib for executing c# code from command line or from GUI based on Winforms for windows users or GTK for linux users. Currenty only support Command Line mode.
  • Simple XPath Evaluator
    SXE - Simple XPath Evaluator is a C# WinForms XPath Evaluator for Windows.
  • SkinEngine
    This is a Skin Framework for C# Winform, It use easy.and Create Skin Great
  • Spell Check Winforms TextBox.
    WinForms TextBox with spell checking. This WinForms control encapsulates the WPF textbox which has in built spell-checking. Only uses .net framework so you should be able to use this control without installing any extra libraries.
  • SQL Inserter
    SQL Inserter is a Winform application originally written with VS2005 in C# which generates Scripts from existing SQL Server Databases. It can use SQL 2000 and 2005. Choose the database, table, columns and add a filter to limit data. The application generates Scripts for Inser...
  • SubSonic Tools for Visual Studio
    The SubSonic Tools integrate the SubSonic code-generation features in Visual Studio 2005. They can be used to generate your DAL in a Web Site, an EXE (WinForms/Service) or a DLL project. The generated files are automatically added to your project's solution and managed by the ...
  • Telerik CAB Enabling Kit for RadControls for WinForms
    The Telerik CAB Enabling Kit provides seamless integration of Telerik RadControls for WinForms with the Composite UI Application Block (CAB). It is well suited for enterprise applications, and helps developers with using the best practices and patterns.
  • The Genghis Project
    Genghis is a set of extensions built on top of .NET and integrated with WinForms to provide application-level services in the same flavor as the Microsoft Foundation Classes. Genghis gets its name as the functional heir to Attila, a similar set of functionality built on top of...
  • Tiff Splitter
    A simple WinForms app that that opens a multi-page tiff file and saves all pages as individual tiff files. The multi-page tiff can be opened via open file dialog, or dragged in.
  • TorrentProxy
    TorrentProxy is an application that can boost your ratio on torrent trackers. It can be installed easily using ClickOnce installer. It's developed in C# (.NET 4.0, WinForms)
  • Transparent Track Bar
    A .Net WinForms transparent trackbar that can be placed on tab pages and will get the correct control back color from the tab page. Originally developed by Matt Bird.
  • Upload manager
    c#, WinForm. upload large files to server, can continue uploading at the interruption point , multiple thread. also have a simple downloading function. support drag & drop with Windows Explore.
  • url2jpeg
    Capture web page. Save full or partial page to file or clipboard. Execute script for automatic thumbnail creation. Winform app written in C#, one method in C++.
  • Validation Engine
    Validation Engine for WinForms. Engine provides powerful, flexible and easy to use rule based validation for your application. DevExpress and Net.Spring ready.
  • Windows Forms GUI based Trace Listener
    Gives a simple UI based Trace Listener to debug / Trace information . No need to look at EventLog / Xml file etc. This code Library helps you View the Trace and debug entries. Can plug in to your WinForms App as well.
  • Windows Ribbon for WinForms
    Windows Ribbon for WinForms is a .NET wrapper for Windows 7 Ribbon control. It will allow WinForms developers to use Microsoft Windows 7 Ribbon control in their WinForms applications.
  • Winform Progress Trackers
    Allows you to have visible progress through a series of steps. How those steps are done is up to you. This just helps display how far along the user has got.
  • WinForms in XAML
    Toolkit to design and instantiate Windows Forms controls using XAML capabilities. Support for all standard WinForms controls, bindings, resources and arguments.
  • WordNet::SQLConverter
    SQLConverter is a program which can convert the WordNet 3.0 text files into a robust and well-designed SQL database. Its aim is to allow all WordNet users to use the powerful features of the SQL language on the WordNet thesaurus. The app is developed in C# and has a WinForms GUI.
  • WPF Dialogs
    "WPF Dialogs" is a library for different Dialogs in WPF (e.g. FolderBrowseDialog, SaveFileDialog, OpenFileDialog etc.). These Dialogs are written in C# and use just WPF and the System.IO, no WinForms- and Win.32-librarys needed.
  • WPF layer for CAB
    Provides a pure Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) layer for the Composite Application Block (CAB). This allows WPF applications to leverage the CAB without the need for any Winforms interop.
  • XPath Visualizer
    XPathVisualizer is a simple, free Winforms tool to help you visualize the results of XPath queries on XML documents.

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