List of Free code Book


  • AbilityAPI
    Action Bar and Ability Book implementation.
  • Address Book Demo
    Assessment of four statically typed languages and widget libraries for Gnome desktop applications.
  • Address Book Final
    This is the final repository for SE project.
  • agilepractice
    my practice codes while reading Uncle Bob\'s agile book.
  • aima
    Source for Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach book.
  • Akka Essentials
    Samples from the book Akka Essentials.
  • AlbiteREADER
    A feature rich e book reader for the Java Mobile platform. Currently works with txt, xhtml and epub files. Supported features include touch scrolling, images, styling and multilingual hyphenation, on touch dictionaries, units converter, table of contents. Uses the Droid Serif font through it's own font implementation scheme.
  • algorithmtryws
    working on algoithms and programming pearls book.
  • Android app
    include print and online resources. The app also makes use of a location module that triangulates the location of the user based on the wifi signal strength and pattern and determines the current position of the user and guides them to the book stack.
  • Android Prueba Face Book 01
    Ejemplo sencillo de Login con Facebook por Arom Vergara.
  • ARa Book
    Modular AR classes work with NyARToolKit and Java3D (my effort follows original licenses).
  • arquillian testing guide
    Source Code for the book Arquillian Testing Guide.
  • Audio Book TextSync
    The set of tools for automatic sync an audio book with the text of this book.
  • automation book
    Sample code from a Web site test automation book that I am currently working on.
  • book
    Taming Text Book Source Code.
  • Book BarCode
    Use Zxing scan action code, add download and save book info to storage.
  • Book Buyer
    A comparison price system for online book shop.
  • Book Checker
    Book Checker on google app engine.
  • Book Code
    Code practice after read a book.
  • Book Collector
    Book Collector App (under development).
  • Book Edit
    Edit books that have already been signed. Also save/load books.
  • Book Editor
    CraftBukkit Book Editor Plugin.
  • Book Evaluator
    A tool that shows you the number of words that you don't know in a book.
  • book exchange
    A Play application for a book exchange.
  • Book Exchange
    Book buying and selling program for students.
  • Book Friends
    This application will be used to make friends through your books.
  • book inventory
    Tracks the inventory of books.
  • Book KeeperMetadataPlugin
    Book Keeper Abstract Metadata Plugin API.
  • Book KeeprLite
    Survey Book Keeping with SQL lite.
  • Book Library
    Project for creating electronic books library.
  • book management
    Helps managing the books for the e book store.
  • Book Me
    Find books in libraries near your location.
  • Book Naviger
    A simple way to have a books library.
  • Book Plan
    Plan your books reading.
  • Book Popularity Attribution
    It is a model designed and implemented to estimate the popularity of a book , on the basis of Linguistic style of the text.
  • Book Projects
    Projects from the boo L&L book.
  • Book Reader
    A novel reader with book shelf, finding book and viewer.
  • Book Reporter
    A Java utility for generating reports based on word repetition in text.
  • Book Rules
    Bukkit plugin for automatically distributing written books to new players, useful for distributing rules, getting started guides, etc.
  • Book Save
    Plugin to save books to disk and retrieve them for Bukkit.
  • Book Shop
    Daniel Andersson, Daniel Rosell, Alexandra Lazic, Patrik Ingmarsson.
  • Book shop
    Using servlets as dispatchers.
  • Book SkateMate
    Book SkateMate is a Play Application that provides an exchange forum for textbooks.
  • Book Stacker
    Managed books you have.
  • Book StoreClienteEJB
    Projeto das funcionalidades do gerenciamento de cliente do projeto Book Store Pos 2010.
  • Book Suite
    A collection of tools for improving usage of books.
  • book Tutorial
    first run through of book tutorial.
  • book v1
    core servlets and jsp v1.
  • book web
    appli web java faisant intervenir les entities, statefull et jsf2.
  • book website
    The website where you buy books.
  • Book Wise
    Minimal CRM system (college project).
  • BookAccounter
    Java Servlet based web service that provides the accounting of books.
  • BookBook
    Buy book ~Manage book.
  • bookface
    The "bookface" web application which let's people share their favourite books and authors.
  • bookish
    Book content and management platform.
  • bookkeepr
    The Book Keepr bookkeeping server. System for tracking pulsar surveys.
  • bookkeeprxml
    XML parsing code for the Book Keepr system.
  • booklouse
    Book Worm helper app.
  • books marketplace
    Student project first released in 2004.
  • booksniffer
    Usual problem with personal book library is to find particalar book on file system. We sugest good tool to organize books in tree, tag them. Book Sniffer provide web ui to search, download and upload books. Book Sniffer index most common file formats to provide search not only by title but by content.
  • Bound Book
    An open source bound book application.
  • Budget Book
    A novice programmer's attempt at creating a budgeting application using Java.
  • Cash Book
    An andorid application to manage daily cashflow.
  • cdweb
    Old play app used to track the translation of Continuous Delivery book.
  • Challenge Book
    Programming exercises with Programming Contest Challenge Book.
  • chikubook
    Simple Online Community For Book Lovers.
  • cmd Book
    cmd Book is a Bukkit Plugin that allows you to perform multiple commands with a book.
  • coin story
    Bitcoin market order book history.
  • Comics Books Web
    Web Service to provide read access to images inside cbr, cbz and pdf files.
  • comique
    A java desktop comic book reader.
  • cookbook domain
    My Domain Model for Cook Book DB.
  • Copy Book
    Repo for CraftBukkit Copy Book Plugin.
  • Copy Books
    Bukkit plugin to copy books in minecraft.
  • Couplet
    A series of compilers engineered under the object oriented perspective with high extensibility. The previous part of this project has been adopted into the book "Object Oriented Design and Development of the C0 Interpreter (C++ Edition)" published by Tsinghua University Press.
  • cracking code
    Code I've written while going through the book , "Cracking the Coding Interview".
  • CrossfitWod Book
    Basic wod book app for tracking crossfit workouts.
  • dbpendler
    DBPendler enables you to quickly book tickets for the Deutsche Bahn.
  • dddlib
    A DDD (Domain Driven Design) Library, derived from the idea of Eric Evans' book : 'Domain Driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software'.
  • docbook import for confluence
    Plugin used to import Doc Book documentation into Atlassian Confluence.
  • docbookv
    Doc Book validation as console tool, M 0.6: Refactoring for multiple Validators, Validate against DTD (DOCTYPE).
  • dragon book source code
    A Java compiler from the Compilers "Dragon Book ".
  • dsl samples
    Developping samples for dsl book written by martin fowler.
  • DSLCodingDojo Session3
    Nested function DSL pattern (chapter 34, Martin Fowler book ).
  • eclipse samples view
    Fork of the Samples View used in the RCP book.
  • EGHB
    Echoes of Grace Hymn Book.
  • elibrarium
    Desktop EPUB reader and book manager built on top of Eclipse.
  • empub
    EmPub: Embedded Book Reader.
  • Ender Books
    A Minecraft mod to add ender books, books roughly analogous to ender chests.
  • Erengine
    A book reader engine.
  • ERFresh Books
    A Project Wonder framework that works with the FreshBooks API (see
  • EssentialGWT
    Demo project which will be developped during the follow up of the book : 'Essential GWT: Building for the Web with Google Web Toolkit 2' By Federico Kereki.
  • Evil Book
    Evil Book Bukkit Plugin.
  • evilreader
    it will bethe best e Book reader in the world.
  • Fake Book
    Trabalho de Programacao Para Internet.
  • Food Book Beta
    Are you finding something good restaurant? it's the easy way to open your smart phone and open this application, and you'll find there're how many goodies by your side! Just one click!.
  • goos
    Me following along with Steve and Nat's GOOS book.
  • goos code
    Source code for the book , "Growing Object Oriented Software, Guided by Tests".
  • gradle in action source
    Source code for the Manning book "Gradle in Action".
  • gtsp
    Lightweight address book with Google Maps integration written in Java.
  • GWTasksUpdated
    Beginning GWT from Novice to Professional Copyright as per the book Author.
  • Habit3
    From the book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Habit 3: Put First Things First. Plan, prioritize, and execute your week's tasks based on importance rather than urgency.
  • Highscreen Launcher
    Launcher for Highscreen Alex e book forked from sources.
  • Hutchison Book Room
    Code to provide web based inventory for an elementary school book room. To include checkout capability. Based on the MRALD project at
  • hystqio
    URL shortener for Elastic Beanstalk book.
  • i Book tomcat7 ehcache
    i Book project with ehcache as a second level cache.
  • IDDD Samples
    These are the sample Bounded Contexts from the book "Implementing Domain Driven Design" by Vaughn Vernon:
  • Infinispan book
    Sample code for Packt Publishing's "Infinispan The Open Source Data Grid Platform".
  • isbnSniff
    ISBN (International Standard Book Number) format was developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and was published in 1970. IsbnSniff, try to resolve these two problematic, by merging book information from the different free.
  • iSeeQit Book DataRetrieval
    Part of the iSeeQit website project. Retrieves textbook ISBN and price information from other websites.
  • ivy address book
    homework for java training.
  • j Book Store
    E commerce de uma loja de livros utilizando JSP, Servlets e Java Beans.
  • JackCompiler
    Implementation of the compiler specified in the book Elements of Computing Systems.
  • java book
    Select exercises from: Java Programming From Problem Analysis to Program Design (5th Edition) by D.S Malik.
  • Java Motor Red Neuronal
    A simple implementation of a neuronal network, as described in the book Machine Learning, by Tom Mitchell.
  • java puzzler sample
    Code from Java Puzzlers book.
  • JavaCert
    Code Notes for the book "Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 Study Guide".
  • JavaForLinux
    collection of tutorial code from Java For Linux book.
  • JavaTest
    Small Java Test i write while i read the book Java Heads First.
  • JavaUnitTest
    playing around with unit testing from O'Reilly book.
  • JBookReader2
    Java Book Reader v2.
  • Jeffrey AI Book State Machine
    My java implementation of a State machine.
  • jibi
    A platform independent comic book viewer (cbr and cbz files).
  • jpa
    following the Pro JPA2 book.
  • jtheque books module
    A module of JTheque to manage a collection of books.
  • junit put exercises
    Exercises for "Practical Unit Testing with JUnit and Mockito" book.
  • knoss original
    Original online book store project (struts 1 and plain JDBC).
  • lab Book
    Solar System exercise: Adam Cornforth.
  • ldsscripturestories
    Book of Mormon, New Testament, Old Testament, Doctrine and Covenants, LDS scripture stories.
  • libcomponents
    A component system currently used in Command Book.
  • Libraries West e Books Tracker
    Tracks new libraries west ebooks as they become available.
  • LibraryRoom Booking
    A web interface to book a discussion room in the library.
  • libre
    Private Mangment Book Volumns System.
  • libreCatalog
    A library book catalog system.
  • littlec
    A java implementation of the little c language interpreter in the book "C: The Complete Beference".
  • ljthw
    Learn Java the Hard Way Book.
  • love reading
  • mahoutinaction
    Samples from Mahout in Action book, ported to Clojure.
  • Minecraft Myst Linking Book
    A mod that adds Myst Linking Books to Minecraft.
  • mule in action
    Source code snippets and sample application for the First Edition of the book Mule in Action, authored by David Dossot and John D'Emic, and published by Manning Publications.
  • mule in action 2e
    Source code snippets and sample applications for the Second Edition of the book Mule in Action, authored by David Dossot, John D'Emic and Victor Romero, and published by Manning Publications.
  • My Books
    read book mobile software.
  • my goos code
    my version of the Auction Sniper from the GOOS book (www.growing object oriented
  • MyTimeline PDF Generation
    Project for generating a PDF book for RIT's Yearbook Timeline.
  • obook
    Old Book , Antiquariat Application.
  • On Python
    This is the Python Components consisting of the Prime e book and programmes of Python.
  • OnlineAddress Book
    An Online Address Book.
  • opds library
    A project intended to grab content from different e book libraries and serve it as OPDS catalog.
  • payroll casestudy
    This is my implementation of the Payroll Case Study from the book Agile Software Development by Robert C. Martin (a.k.a. Uncle Bob).
  • PDFtoAudio Book
    Takes a pdf, can generate an audiobook.
  • pgu books
    Biblioteca de 8000 libros.
  • Pocket Books Pro
    The ad free version of Pocket Books.
  • portable Address Book
    MacOs like Address Book application written in Java.
  • Practical RichFaces Book
    That project provides access to all the sources used in "Practical RichFaces" 2nd edition book.
  • practical unit testing
    Practical unit testing with TestNG and Mockito, based on the book :
  • primefaces beginners guide
    PrimeFaces Beginner's Guide Book Source Code.
  • primefaces starter
    Source code for my book titled "PrimeFaces Starter" from Packt Publishing.
  • programming for the jvm
    Code for book Programming for the Java Virtual Machine by Joshua Engel.
  • Qontacts BlackBerry
    Qontacts is a mobile application that updates the address book contacts numbers, to the new Qatari numbering scheme 2010 (BlackBerry version).
  • recommended books
    Recommended books application implemented using Google App Engine in Java and Groovy.
  • Refactory Book
    Studies about Refactory Book , by Martin Fowler.
  • reic
    Craft Book inspired integrated circuits.
  • replicaisland
    Replica Island for the Play Book.
  • rest addressbook
    Address Book REST Service using Protocol Buffer for data representation.
  • Revival Book
    Minecraft mod for Hardcore multiplayer.
  • rtp
    Collection of refactorings from the Refactoring to Patterns book.
  • Sbl Book Library
    Just practising EE Stack really, but on the face of it just allows to track the borrowing and lending of physical books ( or at least it will at some stage! ).
  • Scribe
    Bukkit plugin to copy enchantments from an item to a book , using the anvil.
  • seg builder
    Java & C++ code for building and parsing COBOL copy book style segments.
  • storm wordcount
    Getting started with storm. Adaptation from storm book : Jonathan Leibiusky, Gabriel Eisbruch and Dario Simonassi.
  • straight line interpreter
    an implementation of the interpreter in the first chapter of the book "Modern Compiler Implementation in java".
  • Streamlined Object Modeling
    I am currnently working through the book, Streamlined Object Modeling: Patterns, Rules, and Implementation. True object oriented programming (OOP) is a new world for me and it's really hard for me to wrap my head around. I'd like to get a nice set of code samples here that I can use to practice the modeling techniques outlined in the book.
  • struts2 basic
    Basic Struts 2 Book /Todo to be used with samples.
  • TDD
    Application developed using TDD. Based on book of Kent Beck about TDD.
  • tdd book
    Code of the book "Test Driven Development".
  • tdd goos
    Tdd exmaple of book GOOS.
  • Tern Sticker Book v3
    lighter version of stickerbook.
  • Testing and Debugging Java Script
    A book about testing & debugging Java Script, and how to get up and running with some of the available tools for doing such.
  • Textom
    A Book Reader Application.
  • The Book Share
    This should be a formal version that we build.
  • The Reverse Recipe Book
    A recipe book where you search based on what ingredients you have on hand.
  • thingingInJava
    this is the second time to read ThinkingInJava,it's a good book.
  • TomcatWork
    about the book "how tomcat work" code.
  • trade book
    Sistema desenvolvido em java que visa a troca de livros online. JSF, RichFaces 4, Apache Shiro e WELD.
  • tubaina
    Tubaina is a book generator. Given a text written in afc syntax, a markup language, an html or pdf output is generated.
  • Turing
    Homework, labs, and book problems from most of my computer science classes. Not a very complete repository.
  • vaadin addressbook sample
    Vaadin Address Book Sample (Vaadin Tutorial).
  • WODevGuide
    Cleaned up code from the WebObjects Developer's Guide book.

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