List of Free code Book Example


  • agile java
    examples of Agile Java Book.
  • bad tests good tests
    Book devoted to tests. Real life examples of not so perfect tests, and discussion about how to improve them.
  • big data src
    example source code for Big Data book (
  • Books Code Example
    Java source code example from the following books: Effective Java, Head First Java, Head First Design Patterns and Java How to Program.
  • Cassandra The Definitive Guide
    Source code examples from book "Cassandra: The Definitive Guide" by Eben Hewitt, fixed for Cassandra 0.7.
  • cdiutils addressbook
    Vaadin Address Book example with CDI and CDI Utils.
  • design patterns
    Java examples of design patterns. Inspired by the excellent book Head First Design Patterns.
  • drools cookbook
    Examples from the book drools developer cookbook.
  • dslbook
    Examples for Martin Fowlers upcoming DSL book.
  • effective java examples
    Source code to the book "Effective Java Second Edition" created by Joshua Bloch.
  • EnterpriseJavaBeans3 Beispiele
    Sourcecode of all the examples mentioned in our book (Enterprise JavaBeans 3 Hanser Verlag, Munich 2007).
  • EnterpriseJavaBeans3.1 Beispiele
    Sourcecode of all the examples mentioned in our book (Enterprise JavaBeans 3.1 Hanser Verlag, Munich 2011).
  • fowlers statemachine with expressions
    The example DSL from Fowler's book on domain specific languages, implemented with Xtext 2.3 and enhanced by the possibility to implement actions (i.e. full expressions).
  • harnesshibernatebook
    Examples given in harnessing hibernate book.
  • head first java
    code examples from the book.
  • Java Design Patterns
    Examples of Java Design Patterns based on book "Patterns in Java" Makr Grand.
  • JavaWeb Programming
    Examples for Java web programming book.
  • javawsuprunning
    Work out examples from book java Webservices up and running.
  • learn
    Java OO book example.
  • maven jee6
    This contains the latest examples for my book "Realizing Enterprise Architectural Patterns with Maven and JEE6".
  • Modular Java
    Code examples from the PragProg book.
  • mvnbook
    examples from maven book.
  • mvpproject
    Essential GWT 2 Book example.
  • Programming Game AI
    Examples from the book "Programming Game AI by Example", but in Java :).
  • robby
    Implementation of the genetic algorithm example 'Robby' from the book "Complexity" by Mitchell.
  • tddjava
    examples from test driven book.
  • the money example
    The Money Example, the first part of the book "TDD by Example", by Kent Beck.
  • the rental example
    Example from the first chapter of the book Refactoring.
  • zookeeper book example
    This is a code example that complements the material in the ZooKeeper O'Reilly book.

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