List of Free code JSON


  • 2ndHotel
    Program simulasi hotel sederhana. Ada tamu masuk. Disimpan dalam file json. Melakukan binary search.
  • Adrenaline Json
    An extremely lightweight JSON library for Java. There are many like it, this one is mine.
  • amplafi json
    Fork of the original code.
  • android contactbackup
    Creates a JSON string with contact info from the Androis OS.
  • android http framework
    An open source asynchronous network data processing framework that supports json , xml data format, you can also custom extensions TaskHandler, to achieve their business.
  • AnyObject
    AnyObject is an common interface for reading key/value serialization formats ike YAML and JSON.
  • api imdb
    Java API for the JSON IMDB API.
  • As400Querier
    Query tool for as400 returning JSON objects.
  • baobab
    SWT UI described in JSON.
  • beehive
    Lightweight but mighty Java JSON Processor written in a CPS. Parser and generator are available bean mapper missing.
  • Betaville JSONConnection
    Allows Betaville to communicate via JSON objects.
  • bson4jackson
    A pluggable BSON generator and parser for Jackson JSON processor.
  • cascading. json
    Some JSON utility classes for Cascading.
  • cleanroom json
    Cleanroom implementation of org. json.
  • com.zwitserloot. json
    Fluent JSON library for java.
  • commonbond
    JSON to Java binding (serialization and deserialization).
  • commons json
    A high performance JSON library for java.
  • CookieBaker
    CookieBaker is a dead simple Java library to read and write cookies in POJO form to avoid string splits and joins all over your codebase. Behind the scenes CookieBaker stores the cookie in JSON format using Jackson. CookieBaker also provides HMAC support off shelve, currently using SHA1 by default.
  • Couchbase Json Loader
    load json documents to Couchbase.
    OSX app that converts csv data to json.
  • djson parser
    [DJson] very simple Json parser.
  • dsl4 xml
    Easy and fast marshalling of XML And JSON to Java objects via a DSL that mirrors the document structure.
  • e3db
    Memory efficient database query plug in for Grails with support for JSON.
  • EasyGridObject
    Class to generate json format to be used by plug in Jquery EasyGrid process from a pojo class.
  • elasticsearch river streaming json
    A sample elasticsearch river able to stream json data in.
  • emfjson
    EMF Binding for JSON.
  • ExcelTo Json
    a Tool that convert data from excel to json (created by dprat, modified by terrenceRao).
  • Foursquare V2 Java Adapter
    Easily convert Foursquare Api v2 responses from JSON to Java.
  • gae json
    coverter for json gae datastore.
  • genson
    Genson a fast & extensible Java <> Json library.
    Simple Geo JSON POJOs which can be easy serialized to Geo JSON.
  • geogson
    Geo JSON support for Google gson library.
  • geojson jackson
    Geo Json POJOs for Jackson serialize and deserialize objects with ease.
  • google gson
    A Java library to convert JSON to Java objects and vice versa.
  • groups
    A simple small database in pure Java supporting a chainable API and Maps wiht JSON.
  • gson ext
    Extensions to GSON (google gson). Enables features like lightweight JSON conversion from/to XML and automatic handling of ISO 8601 dates.
  • halligan
    JSON Hypermedia API Language (HAL) Java Library.
  • hamcrest json
    Hamcrest matchers for comparing JSON documents.
  • hawthorn
    Java Script (JSON) chat system based around a Java chat server. Designed for integration with other Web systems, rather than standalone use.
  • higgla
    Lightweight, scalable, indexed, JSON document storage.
  • hive json schema
    Tool to generate a Hive schema from a JSON example doc.
  • Hive JSON Serde
    Read Write JSON SerDe for Apache Hive.
  • Hive Json Serde
    Serde to handle complex json.
  • Hybridge
    Hybrid application framework that provides JSON RPC based communication protocol.
  • j2me json
    JSON library in J2ME.
  • jaccson
    JSON Interface to Accumulo.
  • jackson builder module
    Builder Pattern Module for Jackson JSON Parser.
  • jackson coreutils
    Convenient JSON loading, plus JSON Pointer and numeric JSON equivalence for Jackson (2.2.x).
  • jackson dataformat hal json
    Provides a the ability to map beans to the application/hal+ json format.
  • jackson dataformat xml
    Extension for Jackson JSON processor that adds support for serializing POJOs as XML (and deserializing from XML ) as an alternative to JSON.
  • jackson datatype guava
    Add on module for Jackson JSON processor which handles Google Guava ( libraries/) datatypes (collections).
  • jackson datatype json org
    Support for org. json data types, to ease migration out of code that uses them.
  • jackson javax json
    A Jackson powered implementation of JSR353.
  • jackson jsonpath
    Json Path for Jackson.
  • java geojson
    java library for generating Geo JSON structures.
  • java jail
    chroot java jail, and JSON java trace printer.
  • Java JSON Object Mapper
    Utility to map JSON to Java objects. Is an Object Mapper between Java and JSON.
  • java json schema
    Java implementation of a JSON Schema loader and validator.
  • javelin
    JSON Versioned Database with Eventual Consistency for Java.
  • jConfigMap
    A threadsafe Java (JVM) configuration map framework using regular expressions over map keys. It supports XML, JSON, tbd.
  • JJSchema
    A generator from Java Types to JSON Schema using Jackson.
  • jjson
    JJSON is a pure Java lib dealing with JSON. It does not need dependencies and is easy to use.
  • JJsonRpc
    A bidirectional JSON RPC 2.0 framework in Java , based on JSON RPC Base 2.0 by Vladimir Dzhuvinov.
  • jolt
    JSON to JSON transformation library written in Java.
  • jonquil
    Simple JSON based query language.
  • JPath
    Use Javacsript syntax for accessing JSON trees in Java.
  • jreql
    A Java driver for RethinkDB, the open source distributed JSON document database with a pleasant and powerful query language.
  • json
    Fork of Java library that will play nice with the Java Collections Framework.
  • json 2apex
    Generate strongly typed apex code from a json structure.
  • Json 4Loko
    A really simple wrapper for JSON parsers/mappers/serializers so you can test them.
  • json antlr
    JSON parsing example in ANTLR, with unit tests.
  • json batch translate
    JSON Batch Translate library allows you to perform multiple translations within a single call through using JSON object. Exactly the same JSON object will be returned back but with translated values (keys are kept original, only the one request per API.
  • json collection
    Implementation of Collection+ JSON media type.
  • Json DBObject
    Hybrid Implementation of javax. json Json Object mongoDB?s DBObject interface.
  • Json Ddl
    Allows JSON schemas to be described using a JSON like language and generated into Java and JS model types.
  • Json Eclipse Plugin
    A fork from the json editor on sourceforge.
    A graphical interface for manipulating a JSON structure.
  • json io
    Perfect Java serialization to and from JSON format.
  • JSON java
    A reference implementation of a JSON package in Java.
  • Json Java
    A small and fast library for handling data in the JSON format for Java.
  • json jerk
    Json Jerk is a flexible and fast JSON parser.
  • Json lib
    JSON lib is a java library for transforming beans, maps, collections, java arrays and XML to JSON and back again to beans and DynaBeans.
  • json lib
    Patched json lib used in Jenkins.
  • json migraine
    JSON data migration library for Java.
  • json patch
    An RFC 6902 ( JSON Patch) and reverse implementation in Java using Jackson (2.1.x).
  • Json Path
    A Java implementation of the JSONPath specification.
  • json processor
    JSON processor library for converting object to JSON and back.
    Java library for JSON RPC clients and servers.
  • json schema avro
    Avro to JSON Schema, and back.
  • json schema core
    Core support architecture for json schema validator and other processors.
  • json schema validation
    Java implementation of the JSON Schema Validation ( json forked from json schema validation in java.
  • json schema validator
    A JSON Schema validation implementation in pure Java , which aims for correctness and performance, in that order.
  • json service
    JSON RPC library for Java.
  • json simple
    JSON.simple is a simple Java toolkit for JSON. You can use JSON.simple to encode or decode JSON text.
  • json
    Implementation of JSON Stat in Java http:// json
  • json tests
    Test for Apache Avro's reflection API.
  • json tools
    JSON Serialization / Testing Tools.
  • JSON Tutorial
    Conversion of POJO to JSON ,XML to JSON.
  • Json Unit
    Compare JSON in your Unit Tests.
  • json wikipedia
    Json Wikipedia, contains code to convert the Wikipedia xml dump in a json dump.
  • jsondatastore
    JSON document database running on Google Datastore.
  • jsondiff
    Structural JSON diff/patch tool.
  • jsondtd
    JSON DTD allows you to validate JSON and NoSQL documents for a given structure and type.
  • jsondumper
    Java to Json serializer.
  • jsoneditor
    A fluent Java API for editing JSON documents.
  • jsonformatterplugin
    An IntelliJ plugin to format JSON objects.
  • jsonizer
    Serializes/deserializes Java Beans to/from JSON.
  • jsonj
    A framework for working with json in Java the "proper" way.
  • jsonld java
    JSON LD implementation for Java.
  • jsonout
    Streaming, hierarchical API for writing JSON from Java.
  • JSONParserP5
    A simple JSON parser library for Processing.
  • Jsonpfy
    Json with Padding for Google App Engine.
  • jsonpp
    A Functional Style Java Library to emit JSON ish stuff. JSON ish, because it lets you sacrifice strict compliance for human readability.
  • JSONProxy
    A JSON proxy to bypass the same origin policy or a restrictive firewall.
  • jsonrpc
    Json Rpc Easy and lightweight Json Rpc Client/Server.
  • jsonrpc4j
    JSON RPC for Java.
  • jsonschema
    JSON Schema loader in Java, based on Jackson.
  • jsonschema2pojo
    Generates Java types from JSON Schema (or example JSON) and annotates those types for data binding with Jackson 1.x or 2.x, Gson, etc.
  • JSONSerialization
    Java objects serialization using json simple library.
  • JSONSerialize
    Serialize JSON to/from attributed Java objects.
  • JSONSimple
    simple Java library for converting POJOs to JSON and back again.
  • jsonsw example portlet
    Examples using the Liferay Service Builder JSON API.
  • JSONSync
    Simple JAVA JSON synchronizer between multiple devices.
  • JSR 353 JSON
    JSR 353 JSON Processing artefact, followon from the LJC hackday.
  • jsr353 demos
    Sample code using the Java API for JSON Processing (JSR 353).
  • jsr353 examples
    Code snippets demonstrating usage of in development JSR 353: Java API for JSON Processing.
  • jvm json benchmark
    Performance benchmark suite that compares data binding (JSON< >POJO) performance of Java JSON libraries. Uses Japex benchmark framework for running tests and visualizing results.
  • khs sherpa
    JSON API framework for Java.
  • libFriendly JSON
    A very simple library to implement serialization to and from json objects.
  • Map Creator
    creates JSON files to create Javascriptviz maps.
  • minijson
    A minimal JSON parser/generator in Java.
  • minimal json
    A minimal, but complete JSON parser and writer for Java.
  • nanojson
    A tiny, compliant JSON parser and writer for Java.
  • nicity json
    yet another java json impl.
  • org.liveSense.scripting.jsp.taglib. json
    liveSense JSON JSP taglib.
  • owmClient
    A OpenWeatherMap JSON API client library in Java.
  • picketbox json
    JSON Security (JOSE) from
  • play.remote
    a plugin to call JSON API.
    Burp Suite Extension to convert a POST request to JSON message, moving any.NET request verification token to HTTP headers if present.
  • pretender
    deserializes json based on an interface and generate runtime implementations for it.
  • ps framework
    SOAP/WSDL and JSON framework for processing services.
  • RESTfulServer
    Agenda de Contatos usando Restlet, JSON , SQLLite, Jackson e Generic Dao.
  • rkgen
    JSON to Objective C generator for RestKit.
  • Secret Json
    Wrapping JSON data structure to pass it on http without ssl.
  • semantictools
    Provides a collection of tools for manipulating RDF and JSON LD representations of resources.
  • shapeshifter
    Protocol Buffers to JSON bridge.
  • simple java generator
    Simple and fast Object to text generation library using Java reflection. SJG is focused on generating Object representations in formats like JSON and XML for web APIs.
  • SimpleConfigs
    YAML and JSON configurations for Apache Commons Configuration.
  • simplerialize
    A thin wrapper on top of Jackson and Woodstox to offer a unified API for serializing to XML and JSON while sacrificing flexibility and customization.
  • smtp2 json
    Inbound SMTP Server Forwards parsed JSON over HTTP.
  • sqlite exporter
    SQLite to JSON/ XML exporter.
  • statsreport json java
    This will be a web server that will report system statistics collector and presentation layer using embedded tomcat.
  • subjson
    A low fuss json parser and printer for JVM languages.
  • tapestry json binding
    Provides a decent binding prefix implementation for JSON objects and arrays in Tapestry 5.
  • tcjson
    Server Side Plugin for TeamCity that allows JSON and JSONP ala Hudson.
  • TimeCloud
    TimeCloud is a JSON enabled database of RRD databases.
  • timeglider json
    Java stubs to serialize TimeGlider ( to JSON.
  • triaina
    Triaina provides JSON RPC based communication protocol between web client and native client.
  • uncommon configuration
    uncommon configuration provides a simple and type safe facade to read configuration data from various configuration sources such as properties files,YAML, JSON etc.
  • universal binary json java
    Universal Binary JSON Java Library.
  • upcoming dvds
    Upcoming DVDs Retrieves new release dvds from the Rotten Tomatoes web api json /v10/Upcoming_DVDs.
  • vraptor gson serializer
    Use Google's gson instead of Xstream to serialize JSON on vraptor apps.
  • vraptor jackson serializer
    VRaptor plugin for JSON serialization using jackson library (
  • vraptor sample with json
    VRaptor + JSON (input/output) sample.
  • Web CommandProcessor
    A simple way to translate URL patterns to java methods and return JSON or binary data.
  • xbmcjavaweb
    A Java library for use with the new XBMC JSON RPC api.
  • xmlson
    Because XML is too bulky and JSON has crappy library support.
  • Yatayat JSON
    JSON file for Yatayat project. monsoon collective.

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