List of Free code Library


  • asterisk java
    The free Java library for Asterisk PBX integration.
  • BoofCV
    Fast computer vision library written entirely in Java.
  • braintree java
    braintree java client library.
  • c10n
    A Java library, focused on making internationalisation more modular, easier to evolve and maintain, robust to change and IDE friendly without excess of external tools.
  • choco3
    An open source Java library for Constraint Programming.
  • Cinch
    A Java library that manages component action/event bindings for MVC patterns.
  • clamavj
    ClamAV clamd Java library.
  • cloud odata java
    OData library for Java.
  • cloudinary java
    Cloudinary Java Client Library.
  • config magic
    Convenience Configuration Library for Java.
  • Confucius
    A lightweight Java configuration library.
  • construct
    A Java version of "Construct" a python library for parsing and building of data structures (binary or textual).
  • CraftCommons
    Commons library by CraftFire which features a data source manager, encryption methods, and more.
  • cue.language
    A small Java library for simple text analysis counting strings, identifying languages, and removing stop words.
  • d3 armory
    An easy to use Diablo 3 Java library.
  • dandelion datatables
    Dandelion module for Data Tables (jQuery library).
  • Data analysis
    Java data analysis program using the JFreeChart library.
  • data hive system
    A data library system.
  • datacomb
    Data Comb is a library to generate test case combinations using combinatorial criteria like All Combinations, Each choice and Pairwise.
  • datastore
    A Java library to basic data storage abstraction.
  • datavalve
    Java library for easy data querying and pagination.
  • delicious java
    Java library for interacting with service.
  • df4j
    Lightweight dataflow Java library. Includes Actors and asynchronous I/O requests.
  • dnieprov
    JAVA DNIe Driver and JCA Provider library.
  • ebson
    Extensible BSON encoder/decoder library written in Java with pluggable Java to BSON type mappings.
  • encfs java
    encfs java is a Java library for accessing data in EncFS volumes.
  • client
    eXo Social Java Client Library.
  • fedora client
    Java client library for the Fedora Commons Digital Repository.
  • fsflow
    Foundstone social engineering call flow library and application.
  • geonetwork manager
    GeoSolutions Java client library for GeoNetwork.
  • geoserver manager
    GeoSolutions super simple Java client library for GeoServer.
  • gnip4j
    Gnip Client Library for Java.
  • gnupg for java
    Using GnuPG from Java. This is a JNI binding to the gpgme lib.
  • HunspellJNA
    Hunspell library for Java based on JNA.
  • indivo client java
    The Indivo Client library for Java.
  • iPage
    iPage is a light weight java key value store lib for message system.
  • iron mq java
    Java library for IronMQ.
  • jackson datatype joda
    Extension module to properly support full datatype set of Joda datetime library.
  • jacoco
    JaCoCo Java Code Coverage Library.
  • jadamant
    Possibly the best persistent/immutable data structure library for Java inspired by Haskell it makes your programs adamant.
  • jahspotify
    Jah'Spotify is a set of Java bindings over the Spotify native library (libspotify).
  • jansi
    Jansi is a small java library that allows you to use ANSI escape sequences to format your console output which works even on windows.
  • java beetle
    Java version of the Beetle client library.
  • java c2dm
    Java Google Cloud to Device Messaging Library.
  • java classmate
    Library for introspecting generic type information of types, member/static methods, fields. Especially useful for POJO/Bean introspection.
  • Java FastPFOR
    A simple integer compression library in Java.
  • java mogilefs
    Java client library for MogileFS.
  • java mpns
    Java Library for the Microsoft Push Notification service.
  • Java OSC
    OSC protocol library written in Java.
  • java statsd client
    a java statsd client library.
  • java superfeedr
    A java client library for superfeedr.
  • java unrar
    Fork of the Java UnRAR library.
  • javatari
    A multiplayer Atari 2600 emulator written in pure Java using no libs.
  • jd core java
    Java Library for JD Core.
  • jdeferred
    Java Deferred/Promise library similar to JQuery.
  • jkeymaster
    A library for registering global hotkeys in java with JNA. The goal is to support X11 based platforms, Windows and MacOSX.
  • jlinda
    jLinda Java Library for Interferometric Data Analysis.
  • joda convert
    Java library to enable conversion to and from standard string formats.
  • joda money
    Java library to represent monetary amounts.
  • joni
    Java port of Oniguruma regexp library.
  • jopt simple
    Java library for parsing command line options.
  • jparsec
    A combinators parser library for Java.
  • JPaxos
    Java library and runtime system for efficient state machine replication.
  • jPearltrees
    Java Library for manipulating Pearltrees RDF/XML data.
  • jqudt
    Java library for working with the QUDT ontology and data using it.
  • jsonsmartprocessor
    Use of JSONSmart lib with custom annotations. Serialize and deserialize primitives and Object(except char / Character),Map<String,String/Pojo>,List<String/Pojo>,Array[] string array / POJO array.
  • jsp data grid
    This JSP Tag library provides an easy way to create data grids with Java and JSP.
  • juicebot
    A simple, and fast Java library for creating IRC bots.
  • jvsthost
    A Java based VST Host. VST instruments and effects can be loaded and manipulated by this library in Linux, OS X, and Windows.
  • libnoiseforjava
    Java port of the C++ library libnoise.
  • limelight
    GUI library for Ruby/Clojure/ Java.
  • lzma java
    LZMA library for Java.
  • MetaMusic
    A project to develop tools to enhance the quality of the meta data of your music library.
  • mock jedis
    Mock Jedis is a library for mocking out Jedis clients.
  • MyMediaLite Java
    Java port of the MyMediaLite recommender system library.
  • nfctools
    nfctools library for Java.
  • NoCommons
    The NoCommons library is a collection of helper classes for manipulation and validation of data specific to Norway and Norwegian citizens.
  • OAuth2.0ProviderFor Java
    OAuth 2.0 Provider Enhacement to OAuth Java library.
  • onebusaway gtfs realtime exporter
    A Java library to help in implementing GTFS realtime data sources.
  • onebusaway siri
    A collection of libraries and tools for working with SIRI real time transit data.
  • opensmpp
    OpenSmpp Java library implementing the SMPP protocol, and allowing development of External Short Message Entities (ESMEs) and more.
  • osm common
    Library for accessing OpenStreetMap services, parsing and processing data.
  • pcap4j
    A Java library for capturing, crafting, and sending packets.
  • persist
    Persist is a Java ORM/DAO library designed for high performance, ease of use and integration.
  • persistit
    Akiban Persistit is a fast, transactional, Java B+Tree library available as open source or under a free use license.
  • pherialize
    Library for serializing Java objects into the PHP serializing format and unserializing data from this format back into Java objects.
  • pi4j
    Java library for Raspberry Pi.
  • powerlaws
    Java library for the analysis of power law distributed data. Scroll down for README.
  • pythagoras
    A portable library of geometry classes for Java.
  • qrcode
    QR Code decoding library written in Java.
  • quality check
    The goal of quality check is to provide a small Java library for basic runtime code quality checks. It provides similar features to org.springframework.util.Assert or without the need to include big libraries.
  • quickser
    Quick serialization library for Java.
  • readme launch fest
    This is a very simple social bookmarking app written to demonstrate the usefulness of popular open source libraries for Launch Festival 2013.
  • redline
    Pure Java Rpm Library.
  • RoboSpice samples
    All samples of the RoboSpice library.
  • Rx Java
    Rx Java a library for composing asynchronous and event based programs using observable sequences for the Java VM.
  • scribe java
    Simple OAuth library for Java.
  • semantic versioning
    Java library relying on principles to check binary code compatibility.
  • signpost
    A light weight client side OAuth library for Java.
  • silk
    Elegant lightweight Java Inversion of Control (IoC) / Dependency Injection (DI) lib.
  • SimpleNBT
    Modified NBT for the Spout project. Based on Graham Edgecombe's JNBT library. NBT (Named Binary Tag) is a tag based binary format designed to carry large amounts of binary data with smaller amounts of additional data.
  • slice
    Java library for efficiently working with heap and off heap memory.
  • smackx pubsub
    [RETIRED now in SVN trunk] XEP 0060 extension to the Smack XMPP client library.
  • spatial4j
    A Geospatial Library for Java.
  • speed4j
    Speed4J is a simple performance analysis library for Java.
  • sprotocol
    Java SPARQL Protocol Client Library.
  • squirrel
    squirrel foundation is a State Machine library, which provided a lightweight, easy use, type safe and programmable state machine implementation for Java.
  • sunrisesunsetlib java
    Library for computing the sunrise/sunset from GPS coordinates and a date, in Java.
  • swift
    Swift is an easy to use, annotation based Java library for creating Thrift serializable types and services.
  • td client java
    Java Client Library for Treasure Data.
  • td logger java
    Treasure Data Logging Library for Java.
  • thneed
    A library for defining the traversable hierarchy of data models.
  • TinySound
    Simple library for playing sounds and music in Java.
  • torrent4j
    Bittorrent library implemented in pure java.
  • TreePath
    A library for XPath like queries of any tree data structure.
  • Trust Grapher
    A playable simulator for trust between agents. Depends heavily on my Java Library.
  • ttorrent
    Turn's BitTorrent Java library (tracker and client).
  • uadetector
    UADetector is a library to identify over 190 different desktop and mobile browsers and 130 other User Agents like feed readers, email clients and multimedia players. In addition, even more than 400 robots like BingBot, Googlebot or Yahoo Bot can be identified.
  • unfolding
    A library to create interactive maps and geovisualizations in Processing and Java.
  • usb4 java
    USB library for Java based on libusb and implementing javax.usb (JSR 80).
  • XChange
    A Financial Exchange Library for Java.
  • XChart
    A Simple Charting Library for Java.
  • yubico java client
    Client library written in Java for verifying Yubikey one time passwords (OTPs).

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