List of Free code File


  • api sdk java
    SDK for integrating with the Smartling API. The Smartling API allows developers to upload language specific resource files and download the translations of those files for easy integration within their application.
  • Athena
    An efficient in memory data structure supporting arbitrary boolean queries See README file below for more information.
  • buddycloud media server
    Share any kind of file in a buddycloud channel.
  • cloud upload java
    Simple Java web application to handle large file uploads showing progress information.
  • cloudsync
    Eclipse File System for Cloud Storage Service, e.g. google data ,
  • cotta
    A light weight file IO library to ease the use of Java File IO related API and enable the testability.
  • djvu web applet
    java web applet to show djvu files.
  • dragnshare
    Share files in a local network in two drags (completely insecure).
  • epublib
    a java library for reading and writing epub files.
  • ExtensibleChat Framework
    A Java based chat framework based on IRC. Neither client nor server require any configuration other than the modification of text files.
  • FFmpegMediaMetadataRetriever
    FFmpegMediaMetadataRetriever provides a unified interface for retrieving frame and meta data from an input media file.
  • FileSystem Web Browser
    Java web application that allows you to browse file system and look into archives.
  • freezedry
    Java persistence framework : no need for binding files, no arg constructors, or annotations.
  • GoBackN
    Protocol, which could be used to transfer a text file from one host to another across an unreliable network.
  • HART GTFS realtimeGenerator
    Desktop application that retrieves AVL data from Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART)'s AVL system and produces Trip Updates and Vehicle Positions files in GTFS realtime format.
  • ISAcreator
    ISAcreator is a Java desktop application which allows for creation and editing of ISATab files. Led by Eamonn Maguire, Alejandra Gonzalez Beltran and Philippe Rocca Serra (Uni. of Oxford).
  • jannovar
    Java framework for annotating VCF files with gene/transcript based annotations.
  • java cloudfiles
    Java language bindings for Cloud Files API.
  • java genomics io
    A simple and performant API for working with many genomic file formats in a consistent fashion.
  • java genomics toolkit
    Collection of scripts for working with Wiggle files and analyzing sequencing data.
  • java libpst
    A library to read PST files with java , without need for external libraries.
  • java translator
    Web application for editing and generating files.
  • jFileTransfer
    Java framework for simplified file transfer across protocols using Apache VFS.
  • jmimemagic
    jMimeMagic is a Java library for determining the MIME type of files or streams.
  • JObexFTP
    JObexFTP is a Java implementation of Obex Client protocol under Siemiens/Cinterion AT specification aimed to work with TC65 and TC65i modules. Its a fully opensource library (and application) to transfer files from/to obex server. You can use it in any.
  • JoyRide
    Eclipse plugin for Robot Framework space separated data files.
  • jtar
    JTar is a simple Java Tar library, that provides an easy way to create and read tar files using IO streams. The API is very simple to use and similar to the package.
  • LanXchange
    Zero configuration, cross platform file transfers for your local network.
  • leech
    Crawling capabilities for Apache Tika. Crawl content out of e.g. file systems, http(s) sources (webcrawling) imap(s) servers or your own arbitrary data sources. Leech offers additional Tika parsers providing these crawling capabilities.
  • MediaMagpie
    A JAVA web application used to publish media files like photos to the web.
  • moji
    A file like MogileFS client for Java.
  • mps. samples .plugin
    Demonstrates a plugin which reads a csv file into a root node of a model.
  • mule module datapack
    Group of Utilities to be used for working with flat file data.
  • nabab
    Bayesian network engine that supports arbitrary networks (reads XMLBIF files) and exact inference (with or without evidence).
  • ncWMS
    A Web Map Service for geospatial data that are stored in CF compliant NetCDF files.
  • netty flash crossdomain policy server
    A simple server for serving up a Flash cross domain policy file using Netty.
  • examples
    Examples that show how to build a.war file from a RAP application with different build systems.
  • passkit4j
    Java library for generating Apple Passbook (.pkpass) files.
  • plays3upload
    Example Play! app that uploads files to Amazon S3.
  • postcodes
    Generates a kml file for importing postcode data into Google Earth for Australia and New Zealand.
  • Prometheus
    A CLI and GUI client for a flexible downloading files on big SAMBA shared networks.
  • search engine wrapper
    This package provides a Java wrapper framework for unifying programmatic access to search engines. A convenience class is also included for downloading the files at the URLs in the search engine results. This package contains an API as well as a command line application.
  • Security Algorithm
    Java class library that allow you to encrypt / decrypt a string or a file with many algorithms.
  • sftp fetch
    Download new files from an SFTP server and publish them to a queue, using S3 to hold the data.
  • simple filesharing
    Simple file sharing server and client for local networks.
  • Single JAR Jython Example
    Example to show how to package a Jython application, along with 3rd party dependencies, as a single executable jar file.
  • snodes
    A distributed, encrypted file sharing network.
  • solutions automated file loader for bigquery
    The Automated File Loader to BigQuery solution demonstrates the use of Object Change Notification service on Google Cloud Storage. It shows how one can easily build a simple App Engine application to automatically pick up new data in Cloud Storage based on business logic, and load it directly into Google BigQuery.
  • sonar xquery plugin
    A plugin for the sonar code analysis tool to do static code analysis of XQuery files to find potential security , performance, and standards problems.
  • Teamshare
    Teamshare is a group based, decentralized file sharing application with emphasis on privacy, security and portability.
  • teepee
    Java web application to view a Taskpaper file.
  • thomasjungblut common
    this is going to be my code sink. mainly for java files.
  • Voo Network Demo
    Pseudo parallel client and server for sending files.
  • XcodeProjectJava API
    This library provides a Java API for read and write access to an Xcode project file.
  • YCombo
    A Java Script/CSS source file combinator.

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