List of Free code JUnit


  • cxf junit jetty
    Sample code for writing a Junit test for a restful service using CXF.
  • junit
    A programmer oriented testing framework for Java.
  • junit dataprovider
    A TestNG like dataprovider runner for JUnit.
  • JUnitEvent
    JUnit Event will be a QOS (Quality of Service) framework when it is done. Essentially, QOS is correctness under duress. This has been updated to take advantage of new java.util.concurrent features of Java 7.
  • robo remote
    RoboRemote is a remote control framework for Robotium. The goal of RoboRemote is to allow for more complex test scenarios by letting the automator write their tests using standard desktop Java /JUnit. All of the Robotium Solo commands are available. RoboRemote also provides some convencience classes to assist in common tasks such as interacting with list views.
  • spotify sikuli java api
    It is an sikuli java api test framework examples using junit4.
  • spring activiti loanrequest
    JUnit testing of Spring Activiti Loanrequest sample.
  • vending machine
    Example for JUnit > Spock live coding demo.
  • WebServerJava
    Writing a Simple Web Server in Java and Testing using JUnit.
  • Xpect
    A unit and integration testing framework that stores test data in any kind of text files and is based on JUnit.

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