List of Free code Selenium


  • cucumber java selenium example
    An example of writing tests using Cucumber jvm, Java api, with Selenium Web Driver.
  • icefaces archetype
    Maven webapp project with JSF /ICEFaces, MyFaces, Jetty, Spring Core, Spring Security, Selenium, JRebel for quick start.
  • ios driver
    Selenium server to test native, hybrid and web apps on IOS. Join us on IRC #ios driver on freenode.
  • Page Factory
    Page Factory Model Framework with Selenium 2 (WebDriver) using Java and TestNG.
  • Page Object
    Page Object Model Framework with Selenium 2 ( Web Driver) using Java and TestNG.
  • robotframework selenium2library java
    Java port of the Selenium 2 ( Web Driver) Python library for Robot Framework.
  • selenese4j maven plugin
    the plugin selene4j maven plugin provides a way to convert customized html selenium scenario to JUnit Test classes.
  • selenium client factory
    Factory to abstract away Selenium instantiation.
  • selenium clinic
    Samples to be used for the Selenium Clinic at Eurostar '12.
  • selenium example
    Um app de exemplo com selenium 2 e vraptor.
  • selenium on steroids
    Enhances the Selenium API making it more simple and easy to use.
  • selenium standalone server plugin
    A Maven plugin that will download the WebDriver stand alone server executables for use in your mavenised Selenium project.
  • Selenium2 Java QuickStart Archetype
    Maven Archetype for getting started with Selenium 2 ( Java ).
  • senbot
    Cucumber / Selenium framework in Java.
  • WebDriver
    Web browser automation testing using Selenium 2 (WebDriver) and Java.
  • webui framework
    A java library for running automated web UI tests using selenium and TestNG.
  • wtbox
    Web Testing Box: Selenium WebDriver 2.0 Java best practices project.

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