List of Free code Test


  • AHFramework
    Arduino Hacking code generator for phisical explotation and penetration testing exposed in the ekoparty 2013 security conference.
  • arquillian extension warp
    Warp fills the void between client side and server side testing.
  • arquillian graphene
    Robust Functional Tests leveraging WebDriver with flavour of sexy AJAX ready API.
  • arquillian seam2 example
    Sample project demonstrating how to test Seam 2 applications using Arquillian.
  • arquillian showcase
    Arquillian enables you to test your business logic in a remote or embedded container. Alternatively, it can deploy an archive to the container so the test can interact as a remote client.
  • assert playground
    Example project for comparing assertions and matcher frameworks for java testing.
  • autoweb
    Tools to enable better Java web development and testing.
  • Avior
    Floodlight Network Management and Testing tool.
  • bdd webdriver
    Experiment of a Java BDD testing framework based on Web Driver & JBehave with Page Object pattern.
  • belajar software testing
    Sample code untuk belajar software testing.
  • bookmark ear test
    Exemplo do projeto bookmark usando demoiselle 2.3 e fazendo deploy como parte de um EAR.
  • Class Tester Framework
    Basic java test framework.
  • cloudmix
    A framework for deploying, provisioning, testing and managing Java bundles and applications on a Cloud of computing resources.
  • concomitant
    Java concurrent code testing framework.
  • concordion
    Concordion is an open source framework for Java that lets you turn a plain English description of a requirement into an automated test.
  • coverage example
    Example of unit & integration test code coverage.
  • daiquiri
    Daiquiri provides some test utilities complement java mock framework such as Mockito.
  • datacomponentstest
    A simple test project for the lazy data components.
  • datafactory
    Java library for generating test data.
  • DDT
    java based Data Driven Testing framework.
  • dotmesh
    An assertion API for Java unit testing frameworks that provides free assertions for each boolean method in the code under test.
  • dynamic proxy sample
    Tests with java dynamic proxy using jdk proxy and cglib.
  • dyson
    An absorbing SMTP server for testing purposes.
  • easymock
    EasyMock is a Java library that provides an easy way to use Mock Objects in unit testing.
  • easytest core
    The core module of EasyTest Framework. This includes the core classes for performing Data Driven Testing in Java.
  • equalsverifier
    EqualsVerifier is a Java tool that can be used in unit tests. It verifies whether the contract for the equals and hashCode methods is met.
  • experiment
    Java library for a lean startup style A/B Switch test experiment framework.
  • f3270
    Java framework for testing mainframe (TN3270) applications.
  • FakeSMTP
    Dummy SMTP server with GUI for testing emails in applications easily.
  • fedora objects factory
    a factory for generating random test data for fedora commons.
  • Fibers
    Neural network geometry test.
  • FitNesseFixture Api Widget
    Renders fixture API in fitNesse Wiki so that testers know what fixture classes/methods are available to build tests with.
  • galaxy bootstrap
    A simple Java package for downloading and configuring Galaxy. Initial work is a framework to test blend4j.
  • goos code examples
    Code examples from later chapters of Growing Object Oriented Software, Guided by Tests.
  • goraci
    Simple test suite that ensures data is not lost at scale.
  • graphiteIntegrator
    This plugin allows you to send this metrics : number of tests, tests skipped, tests failed, build duration, cobertura total line coverage and cobertura total branch coverage to one or more graphite servers. If you don't have a graphite server you can use : to test.
  • guice test
    a sample java project for testing google guice dependency injection framework.
  • HTMLUnitGenerator
    Enables user friendly and powerful front end testing of web applications with minimum required effort to implement.
  • itchy
    Easy functional testing in Java for web applications.
  • japybara
    Java integration/functional web tests made easy.
  • java spec framework comparison
    A comparison of specification and test frameworks using polyglot programming to verify Java source.
  • Java Test
    Java test framework repository.
  • java web framework test
    Java web framework tests with a sample social application.
  • JavalibCore
    Base for implementing Java test libraries to be used with Robot Framework.
  • jcunit
    Unit testing framework for Java Card.
  • jdcbot
    jDCBot is a framework for writing your own bot, tested with several hubs and it works nicely. The package includes a demo bots ExampleBot and DownloadBot to get you started. You can also create Java powered DC++ client too using it.
  • jester
    Jester is a Java micro Unit Testing framework.
  • jettyserver archetype
    A simple web project archetype where Jetty is set up to be included in a ZIP package. This enables us to run Jetty in an testing or production environment without any other dependencies than Java on the OS.
  • jlucidity test
    Java Information Framework : The Beginning.
  • jperf
    Java Performance/Scalability Testing Framework.
  • jrobotremoteserver
    Serves remote test libraries for Robot Framework that are implemented in Java.
  • jsst
    Java Server Side Testing framework.
  • jt report
    Java test report framework.
  • log synth
    Generates more or less realistic log data for testing simple aggregation queries.
  • Marathon
    Marathon Java GUI Testing.
  • MobileCrossPlatformTools
    Sample applications to test mobile cross platform development tools.
  • monkeysocks
    A socks proxy in Java. It can be used to record network traffics and replay them for tests.
  • Multicast Testing Tool
    Java tool for testing the IP multicasting capabilities of networks.
  • multiverse test
    Java functional test framework for simulating multiple independent clustered nodes. See Wiki for details.
  • narrative
    A framework for building behaviour driven tests in fluent Java.
  • net load
    Network load for testing ye olde load balancers.
  • NetWSTester
    Houses both a Mono (or.NET on Windows) web service and a Java test client GUI.
  • OAuthTest Client
    A Java based test client for OAuth 2.0 APIs.
  • page objects
    A basic framework for running automated tests using WebDriver w Java , TestNG & Gradle.
  • parallel
    Parallel examples and test harness (JDK7 required).
  • patentmojo
    An example web app for demonstrating the power of the tastymonster test framework.
  • PlanetJones
    Test and sample projects mainly used to support my blog posts.
  • Play Sample WithJWebUnitWithAjax
    A sample Play framework application. This is specifically showing how to test ajax calls using JWebUnit using NicelyResynchronizingAjaxController.
  • PortalTests
    Tests A WEb and SOcial Mashup Engine.
  • practicalunittesting examples
    Source code of the examples from "Practical Unit Testing with TestNG and Mockito".
  • pritest server
    An API for testing, where tests are run in the order of likelyhood of failing.
  • proctor
    Proctor is a Java based A/B testing framework.
  • q7examples
    Sample Q7 tests for various Eclipse project.
  • qxwebdriver java
    Web Driver testing support for qooxdoo desktop applications.
  • Raft Sample Project
    Automation Test with WebDriver + TestNG (latest Sample Project folder structure).
  • Random Data Generator
    Generates Random data for testing purposes.
  • RollingNumberConcurrencyTesting
    Performance testing of various concurrency strategies and data structures for a rolling number.
  • Sample Projects
    Just small samples /tests.
  • sample test project
    A java based framework that generates a standalone test application artifact. This project is built using the Proofpoint platform and is aimed toward making integration tests for Proofpoint platform services simpler and more robust.
  • ScalabilityTest
    Scalability testing framework for java.
  • selenide
    Concise UI Tests with Java !.
  • sftp example
    Java sFTP client usage and its associated unit tests (using Jsch lib).
  • SikuliX API
    Sikuli's Java API for visual testing and automation (compatible to Sikuli X 1.0rc3 r930).
  • simplebank
    A very simple bank implemented for testing different security mechanisms for protecting a web application. It is written in java with no frameworks to make it easy to exploit and it is by no account very reliable or well written ;).
  • simpleunit
    A simple java unit testing framework.
  • simulatest
    A Java Integration Test Harness Framework.
  • slimFixture Api
    Renders all present fixtures in Slim table format in the fitNesse Wiki so that testers knows what methods are available on each fixture to build tests with.
  • socialwind server test
    el server final, pero en plan desordenado.
  • speed me up
    a sample project to demonstrate test load balancer.
  • sudoku
    A Java framework for writing sudoku solvers and performance testing them.
  • Swarm
    Java concurrency test framework.
  • tempus fugit
    Java micro library for testing and concurrency.
  • test driven javascript example application
    Simple project setup to let you test jsunit, JSSpec and Screw Unit against the same javascript model classes.
  • Test JavaWeb
    A single web application to test several features.
  • testdata generator
    A tool to on the fly create test data for a service definition, so that development work can continue without the service being available.
  • testing lessio
    Kawala LessIO Security Manager, Ness style.
  • testkeys
    Simple keyword testing framework for JAVA.
  • truth
    Assertion/Proposition framework for Java unit tests (very alpha, and subject to change).
  • uberunit
    A simple Java testing framework.
  • UnitTest Framework
    An experiment in the build of a unit testing framework in Java.
  • windowlicker
    Mirror of Window Licker: A framework for the test driven development of Java systems through the GUI.
  • workbench
    My code collection for testing new ideas, blog examples , etc.
  • xtext sandbox
    Public repo to publish Xtext related sample projects, tests, stuff to ask on the Xtext forum for help about, etc.
  • YATF4J
    Yet another test framework for Java. The idea behind this framework is to allow for better running and tool support for your tests.
  • yuitest
    YUI Test is a Java Script testing framework.

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