List of Free code Server


  • 4store java client
    A Java client wrapper for the 4store httpd server.
  • aerogear unifiedpush server
    AeroGear Unified Push Server.
  • AFEServer
    tcpip based server which interacts with AFE.
  • akkachat
    A client/ server chat in Java written using Akka remote actors.
  • android davsync
    Tool to (automatically) share pictures to a WebDAV server.
  • Android QR Code
    A simple application where you will learn how to read an URL from a QR code and send a request to a server.
  • AntiCheat
    AntiCheat helps server admins easily identify and block malicious users by monitoring and analyzing the behaviour of their players.
  • Apposite Repository Server
    An apposite repository server , using NK4.
  • aspirin
    Aspirin is an embeddable send only SMTP server.
  • astivetoolkit
    Astive is a toolkit and server for Java that provides an extensible architecture for developing, maintaining, and deploying telephony apps over Asterisk.
  • atom hopper
    ATOM Hopper The Java ATOMpub Server.
  • AutoMessage
    Easily schedule server wide broadcasts to players.
  • backstage
    The server side sub project of Exhibit3.
  • blackhole
    A simple unrecursive DNS server. It can easily be configured to intercept some kind of request to one address.
  • buddycloud server java
    The buddycloud server written in Java.
  • build info
    Artifactory's open integration layer for CI build servers.
  • BukkitForge
    The world's first __opensource__ coremod. Also a port of the Bukkit server API to MinecraftForge.
  • bytemine manager
    platform independent, multilingual Java desktop application for intuitive and easy management of your OpenVPN servers.
  • calimoucho
    Play continuous integration server.
  • cas password manager
    CAS extension that adds powerful password management capabilities to a standard CAS server.
  • Chapter 16
    Example server for Chapter 16 of Mahout in Action.
  • clemble social
    Unified platform for Social Networks , with deduplication (same contact in different Social Network ) and autodiscovery only server without GUI yet.
  • cloud paulpredicts
    This is a real life productive application, demonstrating how to create a server back end to serve multiple front end technologies. The sample involves all currently available SAP HANA Cloud services. #cloud sample.
  • com.idega.openid
    Bundle for openid client and server for the platform.
  • couchbase java client
    The official Java client for Couchbase Server.
  • CraftProxyLite
    Lighter version of the proxy, will only support servers on localhost.
  • CshBBrainPP
    Open Source Picture Server based on CshBBrain net frame.
  • D2 R LinkedBrainz Fork
    A fork of D2 R Server 0.7 for the LinkedBrainz project.
  • ddsl playframework module
    Play framework module using DDSL both as server and client.
  • diagram server
    Renders diagrams for
  • disruptor thrift server
    LMAX Disruptor backed Thrift Server implementation (half sync/half async).
  • dropwizard gelf
    Addon bundle for Dropwizard to support logging to a GELF enabled server like Graylog2 or logstash.
  • dumbster
    Dumbster Fake SMTP Server.
  • dynamic extensions for alfresco
    Rapid development of Alfresco repository extensions in Java. Deploy your code in seconds, not minutes. Life is too short for endless server restarts.
  • DynmapCore
    Common, server neutral core component for Dynmap.
  • eclipseos
    EclipseOS is a standalone Equinox server that provides access to the local system for browser based UIs.
  • en
    English Lineage 1 private server.
  • Enterprise Application Samples
    This repository contains Enterprise Application samples built to explore or demonstrate BlackBerry applications using a BlackBerry Enterprise Server or a BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Server.
  • enviroCar server
    Server of the enviroCar project.
  • EventLink
    Allows events to be securely sent between servers.
  • faster gps
    With FasterGPS you can select a NTP Server matching your region to speed up the process of getting a GPS fix.
  • five server
    Server component for Five.
  • flower as
    Server for collecting and analyzing network flow information.
  • GATech Server
    Simple networking application used to have multiple clients communicate with a server.
  • geofence
    Advanced Authorization Manager for Geo Server.
  • GeoThematics
    Dynamic Thematic Engine for Geo Server.
  • Glydar Old
    An open source java implementation of CubeWorld's server.
  • gplus photohunt server java
    PhotoHunt Java runs on Google App Engine and demonstrates how to build a social application that uses Google+ Sign In, personalization, app activities, over the air install, and interactive posts.
  • graphity ldp
    Generic Linked Data server for SPARQL tripestore backends. Apache license.
  • groovy shell server
    Remoting enabled groovysh server.
  • hackday client
    Client that use NFC and accelerometer and sends data to a Node.js server.
  • Handbrake Network Queue
    A Ruby Prototype for a Handbrake Network queue with server client relation.
  • hazelcast kryo example
    An example of combining Kryo serialization with Hazelcast grid server.
  • hdfs over webdav
    WebDAV server which works on a top of HDFS.
  • Holmes
    Light UPnP media server.
  • hudson
    Jenkins Continuous Integration server.
  • InfoApi
    a simple API for youre Bukkit Server.
  • iobench
    Tool for benchmarking large numbers of cloud servers.
  • JAirPort
    JAirPort A Java Airplay Server.
  • jAlarms
    A simple, yet powerful notification system for Java server applications.
  • jLange
    A proxy server for speeding up your browsers performance.
    JMaNGOS is a full featured World of Warcraft server , including authentication, client updates, and world content serving. JMaNGOS is not a MaNGOS on Java. It's a new way.
  • jvspherecontrol
    commandline tool to control various settings of a vsphere server.
    koshinuke java server implementation.
  • LagMeter
    A lag meter for your Bukkit server.
  • login server
    Cloud Foundry Login Server.
  • lyo. server
    Lyo project repository (lyo. server ).
  • Mammon
    Mammon is a distributed IOU management system, capable of running in daemon mode on a server and also able to run on a mobile phone. A peer to peer network between servers allows (circular) debts to be resolved, while the mobile application allows users to issue and transfer IOUs without requiring an active internet connection.
  • MCPC Plus Legacy
    MCPC Plus is a brand new server that integrates CraftBukkit into Forge removing the need to port vanilla mods.
  • MockMock
    A mock SMTP server built with Java.
  • moco
    Easy Setup Stub Server.
  • mondrian
    Mondrian is an Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) server that enables business users to analyze large quantities of data in real time.
  • MOTECH Ghana
    MoTeCH Server , OpenMRS module.
  • MOTECH Mobile
    Mobile server application to serve/process xforms.
  • NabAlive
    Nabaztag server based on Netty.
  • nabaztag server
    Fork of the original server software for Nabaztag from Violet / Mindscape.
  • ndg
    The old ndg server. Has been superseded by ndg ng.
  • Nethrar
    Portals implementation for the Bukkit server mod.
  • Netmera MobiBlogger
    It is a basic mobile blogger application, where users can add, edit, display and delete their blogs with server side operations.
  • Netstats
    Pulls player data from bukkit server for use with a table in a webpage.
  • NoLagg
    Prevents common lag causes on your server.
  • oai2lod
    OAI2LOD Server exposes OAI PMH data sources as Linked Data.
  • oauth2 server
    This project is an implementation of OAuth2.0 written in Java.
  • OneSwarm Community Server
    The reference implementation of the community server for the OneSwarm P2P software client.
  • openamq jms
    Java JMS client for OpenAMQ and other AMQP servers.
  • openbox
    Openbox is a transparent client server synchronizer of folders for mobile < > desktop. A "virtual usb key" that synchronises using network (lan or wifi) access.
  • OpenMaple
    A fast MapleStory emulator aiming to bring openness back to the private server community.
  • opensocial oauth filter
    Signature validation filter for Open Social server side application.
  • orion. server
    e4 project repository (orion. server ).
  • Owl
    This repository contains the remote server system of the owl suite (Owl) and the service client (Owlet).
  • Photon legacy
    A modular Java network server.
  • pivot4j
    Pivot4J provides a common API for OLAP servers which can be used to build an analytical service frontend with pivot style GUI.
  • Play validation
    Provide extra validation tag for ajax validation and client side validation based on the server annotations.
  • portal java
    The server counterpart of the Portal written in Java.
  • print server
    Print Server with JavaWeb Start.
  • Prism
    Prism is a brand new world change logging and rollback tool for Bukkit servers.
  • ps3mediaserver
    PS3 Media Server is a cross platform DLNA compliant UPnP Media Server. Originally written to support the PlayStation 3, PS3 Media Server has been expanded to support a range of other media renderers, including smartphones, televisions, music players and more.
  • push notification apn gcm
    APNs & GCM server based on node.js. And client.
  • pushy
    Easy as RPC. Zero server RPC for Python and Java.
  • qdb server
    Persistent message queues with replay.
  • queryall
    RDF based Linked Data server for distributed sets of data.
  • rayo server
    Rayo Server A high performance awesomeness server.
  • RCPreference
    Allow your application to be configure by a remote server.
  • Realm Relay
    RotMG Relay Server (proxy).
  • ringmud
    RingMUD Java Mud Server and Engine.
  • RpgEssentials
    Create your own rpg server with RpgEssentials.
  • SakuraLib
    CraftBukkit Sakura Server Library.
  • Server Access
    A tool to provide easy and seamless access to multiple servers via SSH.
  • server main
    Top level module of the Power TAC simulation server.
  • sewer
    A high performance, reliable pixel server.
  • SideKick
    Bukkit Server Commands and Features.
  • SimpleServer
    A simple network server and client implementation using event driven style.
  • sIRC
    sIRC is a general purpose IRC library for Java , to be used as a foundation for IRC clients or bots. Using an event driven architecture for recieving messages and a easy way of sending messages, sIRC simplifies the task of working with IRC servers.
  • sissi
    Pure Java XMPP Server.
  • Skyport logic
    Logic component & server for a AI competition.
  • sloppy
    Sloppy deliberately slows the transfer of data between client and server.
  • smpp server
    A server that accepts SMPP client connections.
  • snova c4
    Java/Node.JS implementation for Snova C4 Server.
  • Socials
    Provides user customizable social emotes for Bukkit servers.
  • SocketIO Server
    SocketIO Java Server using Netty.
  • SockThing
    Bitcoin Stratum Mining Pool Server.
  • Starfury
    A free and open source dedicated server for Terraria written in Java.
  • Statistician v2
    Detailed stats tracking for Bukkit servers.
  • steam condenser java
    A library for querying the Steam Community, Source, GoldSrc servers and Steam master servers.
  • stilts
    Stomp Integration Layer and Transaction Server.
  • subsonic
    A streaming music server. Based on Subsonic, with MusicCabinet integration.
  • supernode
    BOP Community Bitcoin Server.
  • Thrift Client Server Example PHP
    A simple, but non trivial, PHP client server application created to demonstrate the use of Thrift in a PHP environment.
  • TickProfiler
    A small mod for servers to assist with finding which TileEntities(machines) and Entities are being slow.
  • tila
    TILA (Tiles on LAn) Map Tile Cache Server.
  • TotalFreedomMod
    A CraftBukkit mod for the TotalFreedom server.
  • traccar
    open source tracking server.
  • trapos
    Trapos Example Position Server using the Disruptor + Netty.
  • triton server
    Triton is the data access gateway.
  • Troia Server
    Dawid Skene as a Service.
  • UniversalMedia Server
    A DLNA compliant UPnP Media Server.
  • Vine Server
    Vine's server software used for running your own private platform.
  • vox mail
    A VoiceXML based, speech driven voicemail application that can store messages locally or integrate with any IMAP email server to provide basic unified messaging. Vox Mail is distributed under the MPL license.
  • wampoc
    Java implementation of the WAMP protocol, client and server.
  • webstart utils
    webstart utils.jar shared/common code/classes/utilities for server and browser in Java.
  • wowza vhost loadbalancer
    Virtualhost capable loadbalancer for Wowza Media Server.
  • xlloop
    XLLoop Excel Function (UDF) Server.
  • ZavAutoMessager
    An automatic server messager that is highly customizable.

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