List of Free code Network


  • ABBC
    CS161 Social Networking Project, Group ABBC.
  • AC
    Aggregation connector tool for hierarchical reaction network models.
  • acqua project
    This project allows to estimate the impact that a network anomaly has for a particular Internet user.
  • AdbLib
    A Java library implementation of the ADB network protocol.
  • AisVirtualNet
    Application to create a virtual AIS network.
  • alternet
    An alternative network library for processing.
  • anonircd
    A Forced Anonymous chat network implemented as an IRC Daemon. Compatible with every IRC Client. Running at: <>.
  • ArcNode
    A java library for modelling arbitrary digraphs, with special emphasis on network modeling.
  • ardverk commons
    A collection of classes for concurrent programming, some collections and algorithms. Most stuff is likely related to Networking.
  • bain
    Neural network simulator being developed as part of my PhD.
  • BarkBuddy
    Social network for dogs and their bark buddies.
  • Baseform Epanet Java Library
    A full port of the Epanet modeling library to Java, as a basis for our software platform's network analysis capabilities. This is a complete rewrite of the C language code to a portable, modern and extensible Java library that is hardware and operating.
  • Bayes Network
    Bayes Networks in Java for Applets.
  • BioFabric
    BioFabric is an open source network visualization tool.
  • BitDroid Network
    A Bitcoin network protocol implementation.
  • blogracy
    A simple peer to peer social networking system.
  • botnet detection
    A network analysis algorithm for detecting bots on large networks.
  • BusVisPublic
    Visualization of Transit Networks.
  • callisto app
    Callisto is a fan made app for the content produced by Jupiter Broadcasting, a podcast network that delivers a variety of excellent shows with a thriving communtiy built around it.
  • CaMML
    Causal MML. Learns Causal Bayesian Networks in Java.
  • CANBabel
    Translator for several Controller Area Network (CAN) description formats.
  • Carnivore
    Surveillance tool for data networks.
  • ccnx
    Content Centric Networking (CCNx) Project CCNx? is an open source project exploring the next step in networking , based on one fundamental architectural change: replacing named hosts with named content as the primary abstraction.
  • cdbn
    Convolutional Deep Belief Network.
  • chouette
    Chouette : theoretical timetables of public transport networks (command line java code).
  • cnt
    Coop Network Tetris, a university project.
  • Commons
    Commons is a collection of libraries and utilities commonly utilised by Overcast Network software.
  • Crowdsource
    Location based social networking application.
  • CS 143 Netproj
    CS 143 Network Simulation Project.
  • d2 tree
    An implementation of the D2 Tree P 2 P Network Overlay using the d p 2 p sim simulator.
  • dc
    Implementation of a DC Network.
  • demogng
    the demogng neural network simulator.
  • DigitRecognizingNeural Network
    A neural network that recognizes digits.
  • DistributedChat
    A Java non blocking IO based high uptime, self recovering, redundant chat service and client. Final project for Yale CS 433: Networks.
  • dmat
    Distributed algorithms for social network analysis.
  • DroidScanner
    An network measurements croudsourcing application.
  • ElfVille
    The ultimate elf social network.
  • eoi agents
    Dataset agents and other classes responsible for acquiring data from external sources, transforming the data to the OOICI CDM and sending the data into the network.
  • Eonydis
    create dynamic networks from a list of time stamped transactions.
  • evo neural network agents
    Evolving of neural networks for collective agents.
  • eXO
    eXO: Decentralized Autonomous Scalable Social Networking.
  • Financial Neural Networks
    Project for Neural Networks course at the University of Florence. We have used neural networks for financial forecasting.
  • flowvisor
    FlowVisor A network hypervisor.
  • flutterby
    Open Source Social Networking /Project Collaboration tool for the Enterprise.
  • FolloMusic
    Social network of Music.
  • g2spook
    G2 Network research tool.
  • Ganymede
    Ganymede Network Directory Management System Mirror.
  • grt network diagnostics
    A text based diagnostics app for our 2012 Driver Station.
  • holonet
    my complex networks playground project.
  • Hydra
    A distributed computation network.
  • i2p.i2p
    I2P is an anonymizing network, offering a simple layer that identity sensitive applications can use to securely communicate. All data is wrapped with several layers of encryption, and the network is both distributed and dynamic, with no trusted parties.
  • ipscan
    Angry IP Scanner fast and friendly network scanner.
  • IRCBot
    A custom IRC bot to handle various functions in the RDDT IRC Network.
  • IS Project 02
    Phasebook social network with lottary.
  • jANN
    API for creating and using artificial neural network in java.
  • java owl sensor
    Sensor Aggregator network protocol library.
  • java owl solver
    Network protocol library for solver aggregator communication.
  • java owl worldmodel
    Network communication library for solvers and clients of the World Model.
  • Jayes
    Jayes Bayesian Network Library for Java.
  • JBoard
    Java/JRuby Message board with Social Networking features.
  • jLF2
    Little Fighter Java Processing NETWORK.
  • jn bulk uploads
    Management tool for Junction Networks user add API.
  • jnn
    Backpropagation neural network API for Java.
  • jpcap
    network packet capture library for applications written in java.
  • jRippleAPI
    java API for the ripple network.
  • JTor
    An implementation of the Tor network protocol in Java.
  • kalium
    Java binding to the Networking and Cryptography (NaCl) library with the awesomeness of libsodium.
  • LANChat
    A local network chat application.
  • lantern
    Defeat censorship. Give or get access to the open internet with people around the world through your social network.
  • Lawbook
    Professional Social Network to improve communication between lawyers and clients.
  • libvoyager
    Connects you to your car's network.
  • LifeLineManager
    Manage small social networks.
  • liferay meetups portlet
    Liferay social network meetups portlet with a space scope (not a portal one).
  • LonganChar
    Neural network experimentation for character identification.
  • Lucki
    Poker AI agent based on a neural network.
  • mac
    Heterogeneous Wireless (802.15.4) Sensor Network.
  • mandarin j2me legacy
    J2ME multiprotocol instant messaging client for ICQ, Mail.Ru, XMPP networks.
  • Mario Neural Network Agent
    Agente Inteligente constru?do usando a t?cnica de redes neurais que joga Mario.
  • memenetwork
    Creating social network of memes.
  • metingear
    An open source desktop application for creating and curating genome scale metabolic networks with chemical structure. This code was created by members of the Cheminformatics and Metabolism group, EMBL EBI.
  • Mint Athena
    mint athena is the first release of mint, based on the platform deployed for the ATHENA best practice network.
  • MobiLib
    A Library provide cellular network measurement for Andoird developers.
  • MobiPerfUmich
    Mobile Network Measurement System.
  • mongkie
    Modular Network Generation and Visualization Platform with Knowledge Integration Environment for Systems Biology.
  • morcego
    A fork of network browser written in Java by lhfagundes.
  • msmexplorer
    MSMExplorer is a visualization system for markov state models for protein folding networks.
  • MySocio
    Social networks aggregation site.
  • NameCoin I2P Resolver
    Patches for original I2P to resolve anonymous Namecoin domains to anonymous I2P network.
  • neatwork
    NeatWork is a free program specifically fashioned for the design of entiy gravity driven water distribution networks for rural areas.
  • Neocognitron Java
    A final project for my pattern recognition class. The Neocognitron is a neural network which specialize is character recognition. This is a Java implementation of the Neocognitron.
  • Network Algorihtms
    Some Solutions for the advanced telematic course.
  • network challenge
    Bot for the DARPA Network Challenge.
  • network configurator
    Scan a QR Code to set up your WIFI network.
  • Network IO
    A simple way to get started working with server/client communications in Java.
  • Network Programming
    My personerally Network Project.
  • network simulator
    Network simulator with reconfigurable routing and topology.
  • network whiteboard
    Distributed System Team Project.
  • neural networks
    programs developed during course "Neural Networks ".
  • neuralCaptcha
    Academic project on developing a multilayer perceptron neural network based character recognition software.
  • NeuralNets
    Artificial neural network in Java.
  • NeuroImmuneDetector
    Neural network based byte pattern recognizer.
  • neuron
    demonstration of neural network training.
  • Nightweb
    An anonymous P2P social network in Clojure.
  • Nimpres
    An innovative application of mobile networking and cloud computing.
  • nina
    Notre Dame Information Network Analysis Toolkit.
  • nscript
    Advanced network visual editor for NS2 and NAM.
  • nsd
    Network Service Discovery API implementation.
  • nuxeo social collaboration
    Nuxeo Social Collaboration provides a set of tools to build your social network on top of Nuxeo DM.
  • Online Social Network Application
    Experiment for academic paper.
  • opennaas
    Open platform for Network as a Service resources.
  • OpenPay
    Reference Implementations of the OpenPay network from the Open Payments Alliance.
  • OpenRTMS
    Open source real time mobile sensor network platform.
  • optical character recognition
    Small experiment on optical character recognition with neural networks.
  • OWASP GoatDroid Project
    . The project currently includes two applications: FourGoats, a location based social network , and Herd Financial, a mobile banking application. There are also several feature that greatly simplify usage within a training environment or for absolute beginners who.
  • owkwo service
    Service Layer abstracting functions provided by the German social network "Wer Kennt Wen?".
  • Oz
    Oz is a distributed social network.
  • p2p downloader
    Computer Networks Class Projects.
  • pipeline
    support for asynchronous networking and data transformation.
  • play akka pi
    Pi Approximation distributed over the network using AKKA 2.0 Remote Actors : ).
  • Play Netty
    Module that replace the Mina based network stack by the Netty one.
  • Presage2
    PRESAGE is a simulation platform for rapid prototyping of Agent Societies. It enables designers to investigate the effect of agent design, network properties and the physical environment on individual agent behaviour and long term collective global performance.
  • Public Wifi Accepter
    Automatically accepts the terms and conditions of a public wi fi network.
  • rbm dbn mnist
    Restricted Boltzmann Machine and Deep Belief Network Implementation. Uses MNIST dataset as a demo.
  • rin creation
    Scripts to create Regulatory Interaction Networks for CyTargetLinker.
  • Robot
    Carroll College CS Senior Project (2012) an autonomous robot that avoids obstacles using neural networks.
  • Rock Band DLC Leaderboards App for Android
    Track the DLC catalog & announcements for Rock Band, The Beatles: Rock Band, & Rock Band Network. Will also provide users with the ability to track their scores with data from the official Rock Band & The Beatles: Rock Band Leaderboards.
  • routing
    Neuro networks based routing.
  • SafetyValve
    Adds safety valve for conduction pipe network of BuildCraft.
  • SAW NeuroN
    This tools allows playful experiences with neuronal networks. In this case especially backpropagation networks.
  • SBU NET 1
    MKT & AJ network project 1 , peer to peer.
  • scootanet android
    A StatusNet client built specifically for Rainbow Dash Network , coded by people who can't code kinda like StatusNet is!.
  • ShortCircuitGA
    Genetic algorithms with focus on ability to combine multiple, expensive fitness functions with short circuiting capabilities. Keywords: Genetic algorithm, Optimization, Neural Network.
  • silvertip
    Silvertip is a networking library for Java.
  • SimNet
    Amateur Radio Network Simulator.
  • Simple Java Chat
    This is a JAVA based Programm to communicate simply within networks (unstable).
  • SimpleLSTM
    A recurrent neural network heavily inspired by Long Short Term Memory, but simpler.
  • SimpleRBM
    a simple implementation of a Restricted Boltzmann Machine and Deep Belief Network.
  • Snarl Network Bridge
    A lightweight Snarl Network Protocol Java library.
  • social cloud
    Cloud Storage allocation structure implementation for social networks.
  • Social ContactSync
    Sync your contacts with data from social networks.
  • social living portlet
    Social Living Portlets A fork of some of the tremendous Liferay's Social Networking Portlet.
  • Social Network Compression
    Project for UMD CMSC724 Spring2012.
  • SocialAlarmClock Android
    An alarm clock that makes use of your social network to wake you up.
  • Socializer
    Social Network client using Seam Social.
  • socialsite
    A social network for students.
  • Sound of Traffic
    Converts network traffic into midi tunes.
  • sowhoo
    A peer to peer social network application.
  • Speedometer
    Mobile network measurement tool.
  • spiderpig
    A simple master slave crawler for social networks.
  • Spika Android
    Spika is a full fledged social networking app under MIT license.
  • sron
    Scalable Resilent Overlay Networks.
  • stca
    Social technical network analyzer.
  • streamthing
    Course Project: P2P and Overlay networks.
  • synthetic
    Analysis and Modeling of Complex Networks.
  • System Architecture
    System architecture of online social network.
  • tatami
    An Open Source enterprise social network.
  • testbed runtime
    WISEBED Wireless Sensor Network Testbed Infrastructure Software.
  • TimingIntrusionTool5000
    A tool for performing network timing attacks on plaintext and hashed password authentication.
  • Toggle 2G
    Automatic management of 2G and 3G/4G networks.
  • trafficMarix
    the boundary traffic analysis of campus network.
  • TrafficSimulation
    A neural network / path finding traffic simulator in Java.
  • trenako
    A social network for model railways.
  • Tribes
    Tribes Social Network Platform.
  • TundraTN
    A package of useful services for webMethods Trading Networks 7.1 or higher.
  • uberlay
    A high performance small scale overlay network.
  • UndercastClient2
    Unofficial Undercast Network client mod that provides useful information and features to players.
    Advanced Network Virtualisation Layer for OpenFlow Networks.
  • ViralSpread
    A network simulation of competing viral strains.
  • VisiCam
    A Java application, that turns a webcam into a VisiCut compatible network camera with marker detection and perspective correction. Uses OpenCV through JavaCV.
  • websms connector pbxnetwork
    WebSMS connector using PBX Network APIs.
  • whoisthat
    A social network friendlist note manager.
  • Wifi Key Recovery Android
    This application will help you recover the password of a wireless network you have connected to with your device in the past. It does not crack the network , or use the MAC/SSID address to deduce the password. It simply reads it from the device itself.
  • WifiJoiner
    Join any WIfi network by scanning a QR code.
  • wsn device drivers
    Drivers for Wireless Sensor Network Devices.
  • wsn device utils
    A set of command line utils to reprogram, reset, listen to,... wireless sensor network devices.
  • X Trace
    X Trace is a tool that provides fine grained visibility into large, complex distributed systems. It can be used by application developers as well as network operators to debug and develop distributed systems.

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