List of Free code Socket


  • aves
    aves is a simple java server framework (socket based).
  • Brainbox
    A study project to create a simple, cheap(er), open system for house automatisation. Currently focused on ethernet power sockets by Gembird and getting input data of sensors by arduino.
  • java
    a client written in Java.
  • jnr unixsocket
    Unix sockets for java.
  • jwamp
    Java client and server implementation of Web Socket subprotocol WAMP.
  • JWebSocketChat
    A simple Web Chat written in Java and Java Script using Web Sockets.
  • netty socketio
    Socket.IO server implemented on Java.
  • pi4jmultimeter
    pi4j + JavaWeb Sockets + d3 Multimeter.
  • play bidding sample
    A sample bidding application using web sockets.
  • rainmelt
    A simple character based Web Terminal (or Web OS) using Web Socket in Java Script and Java.
  • Real time Chat App
    A chat application that supports Ajax, Comet and Web Socket communication model. It is written in client Java Script and Java running on Jetty Server.
  • Reversi Java
    Reversi in Java with Web Sockets and RMI functionality.
  • Sin JavaWeb
    A simple Web Server implement by Java socket.
  • smartly
    CommonJS compliant Java framework. Many modules have been implemented like Web Sockets and Http.
  • Socket Simulator
    Objective 1) To use sockets for communication between machines, 2) to learn about performance metrics such as round trip time (latency) and throughput in computer networks , 3) to measure the performance of TCP and UDP between pairs of networked computers.
  • client .java
    Socket.IO Client Library for Java, which is compatible with upcoming Socket.IO 1.0.
  • java client
    Socket.IO Client Implementation in Java.
  • netty
    A version of the socket io server built on top of netty.
  • tdhs java client
    A TDH_SOCKET Client For Java.
  • tridge
    Java AIO socket server framework.
  • TubeSock
    A Web Socket client library implemented in Java.
  • tyrus
    Tyrus Reference implementation of Java API for Web Socket JSR 356.
  • Web SocketServer
    Simple Java Web Socket Server.
  • weberknecht
    Java Web Socket Client Library.

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