List of Free code 3D


  • 3 DRestaurantMenu
    A responsive 3D menu concept for a restaurant website. The idea is to show the menu as a folded flyer and unfold it in order to show the menu items.
  • 3D Barchart
    A 3D Barchart written in Java includes an Applet as well.
  • 3D CSS Cube
    Remotely Controlled 3D CSS Cube.
  • 3D CSS Solar System
    Solar System data visualisation done in HTML /CSS and a bit of Javascript.
  • 3D Editor
    Canvas 3D with Node.js realtime demo.
  • 3D Effects For Flex 3
    Effects using Flash Player's native 3D APIs for Flex 3.
  • 3d flickr
    HTML5 3D Flickr browser.
  • 3D LED Cube
    A JavaScript Controller & HTML Demo of a 3D LED Cube.
  • 3D Printing
    Adventures in 3D printing.
  • 3D Printroom
    3D printer file explorer.
  • 3d recursion
    A 3 dimensional recursive sandbox.
  • 3d scattered plane demo
    A WebGL visualisation based on Three.js, purely for fun.
  • 3d turtle
    Painting with turtles in 3D.
  • 3D View
    3D engine in JavaScript.
  • 3D windows
    3D windows jquery slider.
  • 3DTowerDefense
    3D Tower Defense game using Three.js javascript engine.
  • acorn
    A cross platform 3D game engine written in JavaScript.
  • ArchiveRoom
    GitHub ArchiveRoom Explore your GitHub archive data in 3D !.
  • AS 3 STLViewer
    An AS 3 application to read STL files and render them using Away 3D.
  • ashteroids js
    A 2D and 3D asteroids game using Ash Framework with multiple renderers (WebGL, Canvas, CreateJS).
  • astoroids
    Asteroids on a 3D Torus.
  • ATT APIPlatform Unity SDK
    AT&T API Platform SDK for Unity 3D.
  • balls 3d
    3D physics in javascript/o 3d.
  • breakfast club
    LexiCube, a multiplayer 3D crossword game created in 48 hours for Node Knockout 2012.
  • cannon.js
    A lightweight 3D physics engine written in JavaScript.
  • canvas 3d demos
    A selection of 3D HTML5 Canvas demos created using the blur.js 3D engine.
  • canvas simple 3d
    Simplistic 3d polygon and text rendering for canvas.
  • cashflow
    Processing app to visual cashflow over time as financial mass in 3D. Includes Android , js exports.
  • CHAOS.js
    A webGL based 3D engine. Supports extensionable post processing effects and deferred rendering.
  • cloth
    A 3D cloth simulation implemented with THREE.js WebGL library.
  • cockpit.js
    A retro style 2D cockpit overlay for your 3D game.
  • coli
    G code generator for FDM 3d printer (such as reprap).
  • Collada Import Three.js
    Bare minimum of mr. doob's three.js and the ColladaLoader.js in order to load a Collada 3D object into a website.
  • cool 3d
    Proof of concept, eyetracking based fake 3D scene.
  • Crafty 3D Component
    Component for integrating Crafty with Three.js.
  • CSS 3D.js
    CSS 3D renderer for Three.js.
  • CSSMol
    A port of CanvasMol to CSS 3D Transforms.
  • Cube engine
    3D engine completely written in HTML5 without OpenGL.
  • datadoo
    DataDoo creates 3D visualisations of your data. Work in progress. Demo at :
  • debrisdodger
    A simple 2D/3D space based object avoidance game written as a simple introduction to the Turbulenz HTML5 Game Engine.
  • demo node 01
    Gratuitous 3D node.js demo that runs on Joyent's
  • Derevo
    Unity 3d project from singapore 2012 gamejam.
  • dimensional drawing
    3d drawing space, couchapp.
  • DotProgress
    A fancy 3D preloader.
  • Flip 3D
    A jQuery plugin for displaying images as a SlideShow on the browser.
  • floop
    A jQuery plugin to display a frames sequence as a browsable animation. Mainly used to simulate 3D roation in a browser.
  • FrenchToastMafia
    Unity 3D javascript files for a school project.
  • gcode viewer
    A web based 3D GCode viewer to help understand 3D printer models.
  • glsl.js
    a light Javascript & GLSL library for vizualisation and game purposes (2D or 3D).
  • hypersolid
    JavaScript library with examples for displaying and interacting with a 3D projection of a 4 D solid (wireframe).
  • ichartjs
    ichartjs is a HTML5 canvas charting library. written in pure JavaScript, It uses the HTML5 canvas tag to bulid a variety of charting.offering interactive charts to your web site or web application. ichartjs currently supports line, area, column, bar, pie chart types.and pie and column also support 3D model.ichartjs is covered by the Apache License 2.0.
  • imolecule
    An interactive 3D molecule viewer + converter for modern browsers.
  • Impact Pseudo 3D
    A pseudo 3D renderer for impact js.
  • impulse slider
    A jQuery 3D Image Slider Plugin.
  • incharts 3d
    incharts 3d 3D javascript chart library.
  • interactive 3d
    Create a 3D interactive object using images and one simple JS call.
  • iOSMazesFatFractal
    FatFractal configuration and node.js files for the iOS app 3D Mazes: Play, Create and Share.
  • iso gol
    conway's game of life, projected onto isometric 3d space in css.
  • J 3 DILLA
    Super light weight funky script for list and display your 3D.stl files.
  • javallax
    Enables 3D /parallax effect on web images.
  • JavaScriptObject
    JavaScriptObject is an application to publish 3D models in a userfriendly way.
  • JigLibJS2
    Javascript 3D Physics Engine.
  • jPerspective
    jQuery and rapha?l 3d perspective demo.
  • jQuery 3D slider
    jQuery plugin image 3D slider.
  • 3d
    JQuery plugin that allows you to draw a beautiful 3d spinning earth on canvas. Take a look at the demo :.
  • JSPrimMesher
    JavaScript Port of PrimMesher, 3D Mesh Generator of SecondLife(tm) Prim from their parameters. JavaScript Library.
  • katajs
    javascript library for 3D rendering and connection to sirikata.
  • leap web
    Visualize 3D data from Leap Motion controller on the web browser.
  • leapReddit 3D
    3D Reddit browser using Leap.js and Three.js's CSS 3D renderer.
  • Lightstreamer example 3 DWorld client javascript
    An example of a multiplayer 3D world synchronized through the Web by Lightstreamer (HTML/JavaScript Client).
  • make me
    Tools and an API for easy 3D Printing.
  • Marine Compass
    A fully web standards compliant JavaScript 3D Compass implementation.
  • megamap
    Javascript 3D statistical map library.
  • microphysics.js
    micro physics 3D engine from Florian B?sch.
  • min 3d
    A WebGL 3D Minesweeper based puzzle game.
  • Mixpanel Unity
    Mixpanel Analytics integration for Unity 3D , Javascript version.
  • modeler
    3D modeling in the browser.
  • more arrangers
    A set of additional cross platform arrangers for enyo.Panels. Supports hardware accellerated 3D CSS transitions and falls back to 2D where required.
  • N 3D
    N 3D Javascript pseudo 3D & 3D Library.
  • n 3d demo
    Backend program for Naked eye 3D display N 3D , built on node.js.
  • ndarray stl
    convert voxels into 3D printable.stl files.
  • node 3 dexplorer
    Code of a demo showing how to use accelerometer enabled browsers to animate a 3D object on a separate device.
  • node warrior
    3D multiplayer voxel game to teach programming.
  • OakLoader
    A OAK 3D model loader for three.js.
  • OctoPrint
    OctoPrint provides a responsive web interface for controlling a 3D printer (RepRap, Ultimaker,...).
  • Oimo.js
    Light 3d physics engine for javascript.
  • Open Street Map 3D Renderer
    Renderers Open Street Map Data in WebGL based on Three.JS.
  • Outburst
    Outburst is a 3D real time multiplayer game that combines the best of a tower defense and a ?twin stick? shooter.
  • pageturner
    A jQuery/hammer.js widget that turns HTML into a CSS 3d book.
  • PerspectiveTransform.js
    A Javascript Class to do the CSS 3D transformation by 4 destination points.
  • pex
    Pex is a javascript 3d library / engine allowing for seamless development between Plask and WebGL in the browser.
  • photoworld web
    Display photos from around the world onto a 3D globe.
  • physics 3D
    impactJS physics demo rendered using three.JS.
  • PictureCube
    A picture cube with 3D transitions allowed through a JavaScript API.
  • Pointcloud PLY viewer
    Flash based 3D viewer for pointlcouds in PLY format.
  • pong 3 ds
    ping pong in browser 3d #douhack #lviv.
  • Popout.js
    3D Layouts using HTML5's Canvas element.
  • pre 3d
    JavaScript 3d rendering engine.
  • Printwalk
    A nodejs based web frontend and backend for communicating with 3D printers.
  • ray march
    Rendering procedural 3D geometry by raymarching through a distance field.
  • rdio universe
    Browse your Rdio collection in 3D.
  • realtime cube
    3D Collaborative Cube Puzzle using the Google Drive Realtime API.
  • ReAnim8or
    A 3D modeler written in Javascript.
  • refineslide
    A 3D transform/ CSS transition enabled jQuery plugin for displaying responsive, image based content with shiny animations.
  • renderizr
    A 3d software renderer for the <canvas> HTML element, in javascript.
  • rhombik object repository
    Some 3D tools for making previews of 3D objects, or anything else that can be previewed in javascript.
  • robotlegs extensions SARS
    An extension to enable integration of Starling, Away 3D 4.0, Robotlegs and Signals.
  • roguestar
    Open source, 3D, Science fiction, roguelike game.
  • Root3D
    Root3D, the CSS 3D environment.
  • Rubik 3
    [PROJECT STOPPED] Intuitive 3D Rubik Cube with Three.js.
  • rubik.js
    A javascript library, to have some nice 3d rubik's cube animations.
  • Sandy
    a simple 3D engine based on webGL.
  • scenejs grid
    Experimental 3D engine on SceneJS 3.0.
  • sculptly
    A browser based 3d modeling tool.
  • shade
    A simple but optimal 3d engine.
  • Shapextractor
    Headless automatic 3d scanner with RPi and low cost items.
  • snapscad
    A drag and drop 3D modeler inspired by MIT's Scratch, powered by OpenSCAD.
  • spacefight 3d final engine
    Spacefight 3D demo of Final Engine.
  • sparks.js
    a lightweight 3d particle engine in javascript, compatible with THREE.js and TWEEN.js.
  • Spikes
    A CSS 3D demo.
  • spread
    Experiment: CSS 3D plane/fold effect.
  • Sprite3D.js
    Sprite3D.js, a JS library for generating and manipulating CSS 3D transforms.
  • StackSlider
    An experimental image slider that flips through images in 3D. Two stacks resemble image piles where images will be lifted off from and rotated to the center for viewing.
  • STLDecoder
    3D format: STL file decoder for javascript.
  • stylus platonic
    Pure CSS 3D library.
  • Sudoku Assistant 3D
    A demo webgl application to play and solve sudoku puzzles.
  • supershape.js
    Supershape.js let's you experiment with the 3D superformula in the browser.
  • sw 3d
    The White Box of 3D Programming.
  • TheBox
    My Submission to the march 2012 Mozilla DevDerby about CSS 3D transforms. A simple and interactive 3D scene using Sprite3D.js.
  • Three.js Wordpress Plugin
    This is the official repository for the Wordpress 3D Content Plugin powered by threejs.
  • threedeeworld
    Make any website feel a little 3d.
  • threejs 3d building lbi
    Experiment with threeJS with the LBi Building.
  • Threejs Tetris
    3D Tetris implementation in WebGL.
  • threeoctree
    (sparse + dynamic) 3D spatial representation structure for fast searches.
  • ThreePad
    Mobile compatible viewer for three.js ( 3D JavaScript HTML5 objects).
  • ThreeSklender
    ThreeSklender Online 3D editor for browsers, based on three.js.
  • tile building
    3d buildings over map tiles.
  • transform 3d
    a jQuery library for faking 3d transformations in all browsers.
  • TwitterGlobe
    just messing around with live tweets on a 3d globe.
  • unity 3d tower defense
    A switch accessible tower defense implementation built with Unity.
  • vexport
    collaborative 3d modeling in the browser.
  • visual.js
    JavaScript 3D library for dummies.
  • web plotter3d
    A web based 3d plotter, using canvas and JS.
  • webgl vedit
    VERY basic 3d modeler. Hardly can even be called that. More like, vertex editor that outputs JSON.
  • WebRap
    Webinterface for controlling gcode based (reprap) 3d printers.
  • webscad
    SCAD implementation for in browser 3d editing.
  • wolf 3 dray multi
    Adding Multiplayer capabilities to Jacob Seidelin's HTML5 Canvas ray casting Wolfenstein 3D.
  • wolf 3d browser
    WOLF 3D Browser Version GPL source release.
  • wyvern
    A 3D game engine for MMOs.
  • yahtzee 3d
    Yahtzee in 3D built with three.js and physijs.

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