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  • 2d graphics
    Play Area for 2d graphics.
  • 2d graphing calculator
    This is a 2d graphing calculator that uses the HTML canvas element.
  • 3DTutorial
    Lesson source code for the book "3D Computer Graphics : Software Revealed".
  • 9 Patch Image for Websites
    Javascript file to allow 9 patch images on the web. For a more detailed explanation of 9 patch images read here: graphics. html #nine patch.
  • aerial image analytics
    Tools for analyzing and graphing images from a balloon or kite flight such as battery temperature over the duration of the flight and filesize (as a possible measure of blurriness).
  • afghan 2010 visualizations
    A set of static and interactive information graphics created in collaboration with Democracy International for their Election Observation Mission to Afghanistan 2010.
  • alfaerieomega
    Alfaerie Omega Chess Variant Graphics.
  • Alumni Network
    Creates a social graph of user volunteered information.
  • alyzer
    Web interface for stats and graphs computed from a CouchDB database.
  • Analytics CouchDB
    Develop a tool to register access of any URL and create graphics and statistics related to those URL's. Make use of any kind of URL patterns to create statistics by clusters.
  • AnimatedGraph
    Javascript implementation of a force directed graph visualization using < canvas >.
  • api sdk node
    Viadeo Graph API SDK for Node.JS.
  • apps network graph
    Data visualization for networks.
  • arbor
    a graph visualization library using web workers and jQuery.
  • art illustrator
    This project provides Adobe Illustrator ExtendScripts to export graphics to ART Script files.
  • assetviz
    Assetviz is a web application code base visualization tool. Generate a self encapsulated html file with a force directed graph representing the assets in your project and their relations.
  • Asylum Escape
    This is an HTML5 game I wrote for Ludum Dare. It is a little bit buggy but I plan on getting better graphics and converting it over to use H5GE.
  • atomize
    Interactive Graph/ Network Widget.
  • AudioSphere
    CSSE351 (Computer Graphics ) Final Project Jason Block, Doug Mann, and Brian Sherman.
  • autoblocks.js
    Easy, automatic layout for constrained graphs of HTML elements.
  • beemdash
    Dashboard widget to display a Beeminder graph.
  • blaze
    Helper library to organize Raphael vector graphics elements.
  • bluff
    JavaScript implementation of topfunky's Gruff graphing library.
  • bridle
    Beautiful Javascript graphs and charts using D3.js.
  • bubblechart.js
    An animated time based bubble chart (scatter plot) with JavaScript and SVG/HTML graphics.
  • canvas .node.graph
    A JavaScript langage port of NodeBox Graph using Canvas.
  • canvas diff
    Showcasing browser differences in rendering Canvas graphics.
  • canvas graph
    A graph using canvas html5 element.
  • Canvas GraphLib
    An attempt at a javascript library for interactive force directed graphs in html canvas elements.
  • canvas hacks
    Some short graphics hacks using HTML5 canvas.
  • canvas painter
    An web application like the old Paint (of Windows) using HTML5 Canvas and Canvas' API implemented to my Computer Graphics course, during my computer science graduation program.
  • carena
    lightweight Javascript scene graph for use with canvas.
  • casualjs
    A canvas graphic rendering framework.
  • CG WebExamples
    Web examples for Computer Graphics concepts.
  • Chart sample Example Javascript
    Javascritpt Graph Sample Example include Highchart,JsChart,Bluff and Sparkline.
  • citation graph
    use javascript and css to draw citation network in the web browser (HTML5).
  • clump
    *Under development*. A simple 2D scene graph engine for the HTML5 canvas element.
  • cocos2d javascript
    An HTML5 / JavaScript port of the Cocos2D graphics engine.
  • codeworld
    Web based graphics programming environment for education.
  • colony
    In browser network graphs representing the links between your Node.js code and its dependencies.
  • COP4720 GA1
    Computer Graphics Class at UCF, Fall 2013.
  • css 3d bar graph
    Pure CSS 3D Bar inspired by http://jquery
  • cssdraw
    A browser based graphics editor for CSS.
  • D3 Chess
    A simple chess game. I built this mostly to get familiar with the D3 graphics library. A demo is online at jake
  • d3 Graph
    Trying to get d3.js working in a QV extension (any graph can be added on later, in theory).
  • d3 graphics
    Examples of work at
  • D3 Smorgasbord
    Examples and graphs built in d3.
  • d3 tsline
    a time series line graph visualization using D3.
  • dancer ajaxloadavgchart example
    An example AJAX app using Highcharts to present a loadavg graph, for a Dancer Advent Calendar article.
  • dataflow webaudio
    Dataflow graph editor + Web Audio API.
  • DataMaps
    Experiments with data driven map graphics on various platforms.
  • delorean.js
    Time Series graphing library utilizing Raphael.js.
  • designerfair
    Homepage for the Designer Fair at 500 Startups. Event created by Enrique Allen with graphics by Mary Tao.
  • dice
    Shows how to create a simple, single purpose component with graphics tiles.
  • dracula
    JavaScript browser based layout and representation of connected graphs.
  • drawbit
    A simple canvas drawing library resembling 8 bit graphics.
  • Dynamic Charts
    Dinamically populated graphs Based on D3.
  • DynJavaBlog
    Code for my "Dynamic Javascript Blog" entries, exploring dynamic graphics using JS & HTML5 canvas.
  • elasticsearch facetgrapher
    Small hack to draw date histogram facets as graph using nvd3.js.
  • EMIT Quartz Composer Library
    A Quartz Composer library designed for the easy creation of reactive and generative graphics.
  • enterpriseGL
    The project use WebGL library to visualize in 3D graphics enterprise data.
  • EulerDB
    A graph based database.
  • Fashion
    A Graphics library that provides same interface in Javascript SVG,VML,Canvas,WebGL.
  • Flotr2
    Graphs and Charts for Canvas in JavaScript.
  • flunstellation
    Augmented Reality 3D Balloon Graph.
  • flux
    2D graphic library for JavaScript and HTML5.
  • FrontendDevelopmentTemplates
    This is a repository to store some simple web/javascript based graphics trials.
  • FXG to MXML Converter
    A simple utility to take FXG code and convert it to working MXML Graphics code.
  • gg2v
    Render ggplot2 graphics using vega.
  • ggvis
    Interactive grammar of graphics for R.
  • GIIS
    Univercity lab. Working with graphics HTML5, CSS3, jQuery.
  • Gitgraph
    GitHub participation graphs built with a canvas element and sorcery.
  • glitch feat graph
    Glitch feats data collected with node.js and visualized using d3.js.
  • gmynd
    A toolkit that makes creating graphics easy.
  • gographer
    Simple graph package written in Go using D3 for visualization.
  • grace processing
    Bindings for the Processing graphics library in Grace.
  • GradientLab
    Tool for visually designing color gradients that can be used inside the Canvas tag or SVG graphics.
  • grails raphael
    Rapha?l for Grails Cross browser vector graphics the easy way.
  • graph
    Draw < canvas > line graphs from dynamic (or static) data.
  • Graph 3D .js
    A work in progress 3D graphing system using three.js.
  • Graph Canvas
    JavaScript class which renders a dot graph into a HTML canvas.
  • graph database .org
    The graph backend of graph
  • Graph Visualization
    3D graph visualization with WebGL / Three.js.
  • graph.js
    From the book: Physics for Flash Games, Animation and Simulations by Dave Rantal and Adrian Rove. A javasceript class using HTML5 canvas to plot on a cartesian plane.
  • graphdb
    Node.js Graph Database Operation Library with platform specific adapters.
  • graphgist
    Easy publishing with graph data included.
  • Graphics API
    A Graphics API in javascript.
  • Graphics Demo
    jQuery plugin that generates random textures and allows for pixel based animations.
  • graphics fun
    graphics fun with canvas tag.
  • graphics lessons
    Templates and libraries for graphics programming lessons.
  • graphics project
    Graphics project for LBi interface developer workshops.
  • graphicsbc
    A microscript for creating graphics.
  • graphit
    Easy interface for creaing simple math graphics.
  • graphs
    The Mozilla graph server.
  • graphy
    JavaScript canvas graphing library for drawing line and bar charts as well as scatter plots.
  • gremlin node
    Gremlin for graph databases which implement the Blueprints property graph data model.
  • grex
    Rexster Graph Server client for NodeJS and the browser.
  • Have Background
    WordPress Plugin for custom randomized background graphics BETA.
  • heart.js
    A love inspired graphics library.
  • helios.js
    An in memory graph database for modern browsers.
  • heroku sinatra pony gmail template
    A mocked down template of my professional site; It's a simple one page app, feel free to copy it, just replace the content and graphics.
  • HIBANA.js
    an easy to use, graphics accelerated WebGL particle engine for use with mrdoob's three.js library.
  • highcharts plugin sample graphs
    trying out highcharts and lazy_high_charts plugin. Running at http://quiet window
  • history stats
    A Chrome extension that shows graphs about your history. Basically an excuse for me to play with d3.
  • hookedup
    Interactive network graph visualization and creation.
  • html5 games
    Various games, graphics , and tools featuring HTML5.
  • html5 jp graphs
    Rails Plugin for html5 jp JavaScript Graph Libraries.
  • HTMLsketch
    A vector graphics drawing application written in JavaScript!.
  • ico
    JavaScript graph library based on Raphael.
  • igraph
    An interactive 3D graph visualizer for modern browsers.
  • image resizer
    On the fly image resizing using Node.js and Graphics Magick. Heroku Ready!.
  • infiniverse
    A game of procedurally generated universe with character graphics.
  • InkMotion
    A graphics editor with native Leap Motion integration.
  • innerspace
    Project to shrink images using Graphics Magick and node.js.
  • insights
    A JavaScript library to visualize and navigate graphs.
  • isometric game
    An infinite isometric game with awesome pixel art graphics!.
  • iwage
    A HTML5 Image and Graphic Editor.
  • Jaunce
    Interactive procedural graphics in Javascript.
  • Javascript 2D graphics
    Simple Javascript 2D graphics web application.
  • Javascript Graphics
    For making doodles on my website.
  • javascript labs
    computer vision, graphics and image processing on the canvas.
  • javascript x server
    JavaScript X Server (current protocol prototyping in Node.js, hoping to port to HTML5 for graphics).
  • jqgl
    Jquery Graphics Language a javascript graphics solution for all major html graphic formats.
  • jqsheep
    This is a jQuery plugin that can animate graphics of sheep around page elements. It can place animated GIF graphics of sheep randomly around certain page elements and animate in different ways them after a period of time. This plugin can also make the sheep emit noises depending on random actions sheep take.
  • jquery toastchart
    jQuery ToastChart is a line graph charting library that is designed to show all types of data using the HTML5 canvas element.
  • jquery turtle
    Turtle Graphics for JQuery.
  • jquery.ogp
    Open Graph Protocol parser in jQuery.
  • jsdiagram
    A simple vector graphics drawing tool in JavaScript.
  • jsdrawing
    A JavaScript library used to draw vector graphics in a variety of formats.
  • JSNetworkX
    A port of the graph library NetworkX to JavaScript.
  • k3cms
    K3cms is a complete Content Management System (CMS) for Rails 3, designed to enable to people to quickly launch websites that can be easily managed by non technical end users while providing advanced features for software developers and graphics professionals.
  • kassics
    Lighting fast javascript 2d graphics without canvas.
  • languagesintheworld
    Real Time Info graphics about Programming Languages.
  • LayerStyles
    just like you favorite graphic editor but in your browser. And it creates CSS.
  • levelgraph
    Graph database built on top of LevelUP with pattern matching and join support. Works on both Node.js and the browsers.
  • linkedvis
    Grammar of Graphics style Visualization Toolkit for RDF.
  • linkit demo
    This is a basic sample app for some great directed and non directed graph from the SCUI:LinkIt framework.
  • Logo Tortoise
    A logo interpreter and tortoise (turtle) graphics emulator in Javascript with HTML5 Canvas.
  • logoweb
    A turtle graphics program with a web based interface.
  • lpc
    graphics and stuff for the lpc.
  • marvel social network
    Visualization of the Marvel Universe using a Force Directed Graph.
  • meteor d3 graph
    Meteorite package for D3 force directed graphs.
  • metrics watcher
    JavaScript library that graphs Metrics( and allows for realtime updating of graph data using the Metrics servlet.
  • mhl buoy data
    MHL buoys track swell conditions off the coast of NSW Australia. This will parse their GIF graphs so the data can be used in other ways.
  • mimosa dependency graph
    d3 visualization of your application dependency graph.
  • mnesia graphs
    Graphs table write throughput in SVG (very much WIP).
  • mongraph
    Mongraph combines documentstorage database with graph database relations. Build on NodeJS.
  • mt stats viewer
    (mt) Stats Viewer uses the (mt) Stats module to show graphs of realtime webserver stats using the wonderful D3.
  • n 3
    Reusable charting and graphing visualizations built on top of d3.js.
  • nagiosgrapher wizard
    Create NagiosGrapher graph configurations from a sample performance data string.
  • netgraph
    Network data collection and graphing, server component.
  • netmap
    displays a network graph over a map image, and pings the nodes to display their reachability and status.
  • Netron
    HTML5 canvas graph editing library written in TypeScript.
  • network canvas
    An implementation of github "network" graph using HTML5 canvas instead of flash.
  • network graph
    A visualisation tool for representing related data items.
  • node runkeeper
    Node.js Client for Runkeeper Health Graph API.
  • noflo draggabilly
    Make that shiz draggable and keep yo logic in the graph.
  • nvd 3
    D3 graphing library, originally forked from nvd 3.js.
  • OpenBear
    OpenBear is a graphics and GUI library for JavaScript using the canvas tag.
  • OpenGraph
    JavaScript graph visualization library for workflow, BPM, org charts, UML, ER, network diagrams.
  • own d3
    graphics made with javascript d3.
  • p5.js
    A JS client side library for creating graphic and interactive experiences, based on the core principles of Processing.
  • pablo
    Pablo is a lightweight, expressive JavaScript SVG library. Pablo creates interactive drawings with SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), giving access to all of SVG's granularity and power.
  • pamela
    Visualization of temporal data on a webpage using fancy graphics. Have a place to regularly update your status data and visualize it with a customizable logo and your data items wizzing around on the page.
  • paper.js
    The Swiss Army Knife of Vector Graphics Scripting ? Scriptographer ported to JavaScript and the browser, using HTML5 Canvas. Created by @lehni & @puckey.
  • papert
    a logo interpreter in javascript, with turtle graphics , hosted on GAE.
  • par three.js
    Wrapper around several public JavaScript API's allowing for easy web GL based graphics / games.
  • phoria.js
    JavaScript library for simple 3D graphics and visualisation on a HTML5 canvas 2D renderer. It does not use WebGL. Works on all HTML5 browsers, including desktop, iOS and Android.
  • piqueselle
    JavaScript library for old school 2D games graphics using WebGL. Pronounced "pixel".
  • pixelartdesigner
    Helps designer to create icons , sprites and graphics directly in the browser using html 5 technologies.
  • prettytab
    Processes ASCII guitar tab pages into HTML with embedded graphics.
  • pruebasCanvas2
    Typical psychotechnical test but with cool graphics :D.
  • quartz election night graphics builder
    Quartz Election Night Graphics Builder.
  • Quick Grapher
    Quick Grapher is an HTML5 equation solver and graphing utility. Feature updates and pull requests from downstream are always appreciated for the betterment of all :).
  • raphael live
    Environment for experimenting with the Rapha?l JavaScript Vector Graphics Library.
  • RaphaelViews
    Sproutcore framework for writing fully featured views that render as vector graphics via Rapha?lJS.
  • RaphGraph
    Some specific graph types using Raphael as the graphics framework.
  • redraphael
    JavaScript Graphics library built on top of raphaeljs that takes rendering graphics on the browser to the next level.
  • registration statistics
    Registration Statistics A WordPress plugin that displays graphs and tables showing counts of daily user registrations for a selected date range.
  • Responsive Graphics
    Experiments with responsive data graphics.
  • reveal animate
    A plugin for animating SVG graphics and HTML elements.
  • rgraph for wordpress
    RGraph for WordPress: Brings "RGraph Free HTML5 and JavaScript charts" to WordPress, e.g. you can draw graphics with JavaScript : ).
  • rifgraf
    Fire and forget data collection and graphing service.
  • RobotSimulator4
    Why a new version? Well, I'm using a transform framework now for sensors and graphics , which will make it easy to create customizable robots. I'm also using the abstraction of a "world" which provides an interface for sensors and robots to access.
  • rollup
    Aggregate & graph high volume sample data in real time.
  • RubiksCube Graphics
    Graphical Depiction of a Rubiks Cube with WebGL.
  • RV CS532
    BU Computer Graphics CS532.
  • sangraama client
    Develop a simple C/S game with using P/S method. Client side will use javascript lib to render the graphics on HTML5 canvas. It will send user input event to the server and get the updates via server push updates.
  • Scribl
    HTML5 canvas genomic graphics library.
  • SEBG
    Simple Erlang Browser Graphics.
  • sendmailanalyzer
    Sendmail log Analyzer is a tool to monitor sendmail usage and generate HTML and graph reports. It reports all you ever wanted to know about email trafic on your network. You can also use it in ISP environment with per domain and per mailbox report.
  • ServerLogStats
    A web app that uses javascript and HTML5 's FileApi to generate graphs, charts and tables for apache/nginx server logs.
  • sigma.js
    an open source lightweight JavaScript graph drawing library.
  • simplegraph
    Simple graphs using jQuery and Raphael.
  • Sliider
    Sliider is a tool for performing live with graphics made using web technologies.
  • Snap.svg
    The JavaScript library for modern SVG graphics.
  • SNG Sequence Network Graphic
    Allows PNG sequence compression up to 90% without quality loss.
  • SpiderGL
    SpiderGL is a JavaScript library for Computer Graphics.
  • Sproingies
    A copy of emackey's WebGL version of Sproingies, used for BU MET CS 532 Graphics Class.
  • svgenie
    Save your D3 graphs and other SVG as an image, without a server side component.
  • svgo
    SVGO is a Nodejs based tool for optimizing SVG vector graphics files.
  • synthesis
    Hardware/ Graphics Installation Project.
  • threedee js
    A small, fast and simple 3D scene graph vector engine for JavaScript based on the HTML 5 canvas technology.
  • ThreeGraph
    3D graphs using three.js. Example at
  • turtle
    turtle graphics for javascript.
  • turtle.js
    Turtle graphics implementation using canvas in the browser.
  • turtles.js
    Implementation of Turtle Graphics in JavaScript.
  • twodee
    A small, fast and simple 2D scene graph vector engine for JavaScript based on the HTML 5 canvas technology.
  • universo js framework
    Universo: A HTML5 canvas compatible graphic engine.
  • vertex.js
    High performance graph database inspired by filesystems.
  • visage
    Graph collectd metrics in the browser, backed by a JSON API.
  • Vision Html 5 Image Manipulation JQuery Plugin
    Vision Html 5 Image Manipulation JQuery Plugin Copyright Vision Integrated Graphics.
  • VivaGraphJS
    Graph drawing library for JavaScript.
  • Web Graphics
    Practice hello world files for testing webgl.
  • WebCola
    Javascript constraint based graph layout.
  • WebDraw
    Canvas based graphics editor.
  • webLogo
    Web editor and interpret of turtle graphics.
  • x3d viewer
    A web X3D viewer that I implemented to my Computer Graphics course, during my computer science graduation program.
  • xcharts
    A D3 based library for building custom charts and graphs.
  • xdot.js
    xdot.js parses GraphViz xdot files into Rapha?lJS graphics.
  • xkcdgraphs
    Instant XKCD style Graphs created in Javascript D3 for your enjoyment.
  • zomby
    JavaScript vector graphics animation framework.
  • ZOMG
    Browser based zombie sim with ascii graphics.
  • ZoneHistory
    WebCTRL add on that displays a pie chart showing historical equipment color for zones (i.e. equipment with a set point). Can also display the pie chart on an ViewBuilder graphic using the webapp content control.

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