List of Free code SVG


  • AnimatedSVGIcons
    Using SVGs on websites is becoming more and more easy with great libraries like Snap.svg. Today we want to explore what we can do with it and animate some SVG icons as a practical example.
  • Awwation
    Prezi clone in HTML5 , Js, and SVG. Can use different animation backends, for example impress.js.
  • bender
    Bender is a Web application framework consisting of a markup language for application and component description, a Javascript runtime engine for Web browsers and SVG players, and a library of Javascript support code and predefined components.
  • box 2d js
    Optimisied fork of box 2d js with support for Springs and SVG demos.
  • browser logos
    A collection of SVG logos for different web browsers.
  • canvgc
    a nodejs tool for compiling SVG to html5 CanvasRenderingContext 2D commands.
  • charts
    Making d3.js easy to use get interactive charts in 5 minutes without dealing with nitty gritty SVG details.
  • d3 patternfills
    A collection of svg patterns and build scripts that allow utilizing them in svg, css and d3.
  • dipsy
    pure svg tooltips with d3.js.
  • ElyCharts
    Interactive Javascript (SVG|VML) Charting Library.
  • gcode simulator
    convert svg to gcode and watch a virtual cnc machine make cuts in 3d.
  • grunt clowncar
    Generate clowncar SVG for your responsive images.
  • grunt svg2png
    Grunt plugin to rasterize SVG to PNG images using PhantomJS.
  • highcharts svg
    Server Side Exports of Highcharts.
  • inkscape s3 server
    Inkscape: SVG ? PNG ? S3 on DigitalOcean.
  • jaye
    Super Raw Go Away! It will be an easy to use Real Time Framework Java based on Comet Bayeux and inspired by Node.js' Kickass Faye. It has a sample app now that displays visitors of on a SVG Map using Raphael JS running on a total PaaS solution CloudBees.
  • jigsawr
    A simple online jigsaw game using SVG and JavaScript.
  • jim knopf
    Jim Knopf is a small JavaScript library to create knobs using SVG.
  • mathnetics
    A mathematical toolkit for Javascript. Includes Sets, Groups, Vectors, Matrices, Planes, etc. Currently supports 3D rendering in SVG, but this will probably be phased out.
  • networkview
    An SVG node link diagram widget, made with D3.js.
  • node canvas svg
    drawing svg on a Canvas in Node.js.
  • Orville The Elephant Learns To Fly
    An educational browser game using SVG and Canvas. The game is targeted to children and introduces aerodynamic concepts such as lift, and drag using an interactive flow solver and simulated 2d flight.
  • parse svg path
    A minimal svg path parser.
  • patternfills
    A collection of svg patterns and build scripts that allow utilizing them in svg, css and d3.
  • piwik map widget
    MERGED INTO gka/piwik:svg map widget , and finally into piwik/piwik:master.
  • programming enchiladas
    A sort of gist for ClojureScript/ canvas /SVG experiments.
  • raphael svg import
    Import raw SVG data into Raphael.
  • sai
    VML/SVG[/ HTML5 Canvas] abstraction for use in SproutCore and then everywhere.
  • scxml viz
    A d3 based library for visualizing SCXML with SVG.
  • Slid r
    Slid?r Create one SVG to be your entire animated presentation. ( Sample is Ribs.js presentation).
  • svg 2d
    A collection of 2D code to help with in page editing in SVG.
  • svg animation demo
    Adapted from infographic with svg and css animations /.
  • svg databind
    Databinding for SVG images.
  • svg drag drop mocker
    SVG Drag and Drop Mocker Tool.
  • svg font create
    Create SVG font from separate images.
  • SVG Input Elements
    This is a JavaScript implementation of SVG input elements. By July 2012 we plan on having both single and multiple line text boxes, a list box and some kind of element for inserting images.
  • svg.import.js
    A plugin for importing raw SVG into the svg.js library.
  • svg.js
    A lightweight library for manipulating and animating SVG.
  • svgboilerplate
    Pre baked SVG+ HTML5 template.

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