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  • addon tab
    A small Addon SDK module that hides the navigation toolbar when creating a new special "addon tab". Developers can also apply styles to the tab itself, such as a background color, image, font styles, and create a unique experience for their addon pages!.
  • Average Shadow
    an image 's average color can be its box shadow #2012.
  • BottomToolbar
    website (dynamic creation of tags) We will define the image separator for text. We will define how many times the text will appear in the BTB (lets say 3 times only) We will define the iteration direction (rtl or ltr) We will define the background color.
  • ccv.js
    Calculate color coherence vector for similar image search.
  • chromonomino
    Extract color names from images using javascript.
  • chromophore
    Samples images in JS to determine their subject's color.
  • Color AceEditor
    online editor of color images for PMD 85 microcomputer.
  • color clusterer
    JavaScript app to cluster color areas in an image.
  • colorize Image .js
    on the fly colorization of product images.
  • easyfill
    A tool I made to choose the best background (provided you have an image) and font color for your websites, for all those peeps like me who hate choosing colors.
  • ImageEyeDropper
    grab color off an image.
  • imgcolr
    imgcolr is a jQuery plugin for grabbing the dominant color of a given image 's borders.
  • jQuery.BlackAndWhite
    This plug in can easily convert any colored image (in an html page) into a B&W greyscale image.
  • loop.js
    Javascript image looper to replace GIFs with image sequences. This is to remove GIF color compression.
  • node colormatch
    A module for extracting colors from images and for generating lookup ranges that accept rgb and outputs ranges of rgb values for db lookups.
  • primaryImage Colors
    js creates a list of most used image colors. Preferably for small images like favicons.
  • productColorizer
    jQuery plugin that makes it easy to add color to product images.

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