List of Free code Image


  • 4 grid
    This is a (very) simple web app that creates a clickable grid over an image. This creates a table of coordinates.
  • 4chanSoundPlayer
    Play those sound from those images !.
  • A binary parser generator
    This project aims to create a tool that can turn a spec file into a parser skeleton for binary data files such as OpenType fonts, PNG images , etc.
  • Add Art Image Cropper
    user crops images to a set number of sizes, and can download as a zip. Built to use with Add Art.
  • Ajax image
    An internet application for manipulating and upload image, whith AJAX technology.
  • ajaxcontent
    a lightweight asynchronous script for preloading content and images using AJAX and then displaying them in a container (or div).
  • aload
    Loads images , scripts, styles, iframes, videos and audio asynchronously.
  • ami generator
    Generate Amazon AMI images easily. This repository contains a collection of scripts that initialize your image to your specification.
  • AnythingZoomer
    Zoom in on images or content.
  • asis
    A Simple Image Server.
  • attachment magick
    Upload images and videos(vimeo, youtube) and cache using Swfupload and Dragonfly.
  • Azukilib
    A collection of JavaScript classes, images and CSS for building web applications.
  • BBAssetsUpload
    JS plugin to add a drag and drop multiple images upload with progress indicator.
  • BBpicker
    BackbonePicker is a small Marionettejs component for uploading images with filepicker.
  • bemchan
    Image board BEM based engine.
  • Blocks
    An advanced yet simple block system for WordPress, allowing you to create spaces for different pages and posts where you can add content and images easily on one or more pages. It finds the areas that are actually used in the current template and shows an easy to use admin interface.
  • bootsy
    A beautiful wysiwyg editor with image uploads for Rails.
  • border image generator
    WYSIWYG editor for border image styles.
  • BP Active
    Make your updates active by dropping images and urls into the activity update field.
  • brickify
    Brickify turns your images into bricked out awesome.
  • Capture Image phonegap
    this example for using camera api to get photo from camera and show it on image src.
  • chaos proxy
    proxy that pick all accessed image urls by browser, created for chaose lounge live2.
  • cla imgviewer
    Claromentis Image Viewer app require no database based on MiniGalNano.
  • click touch rotator
    rotate through a set of images as the user click/touches and drags horizontally.
  • clipboard image paste
    Redmine plugin for pasting cropped image from clipboard as an attachment.
  • Cloudboard
    A Cloud Clipboard. Share text, urls, pages, images , etc. between machines.
  • cloudinary pubnub demo
    Demo for uploading images to Cloudinary and sharing them in real time using PubNub.
  • CloudPalette
    Image editing on the web.
  • cmis
    Context Menu Image Saver.
  • com mojovids
    A Joomla! component for uploading image and video files, and making payment on Paypal.
  • contrast distort
    distort images in the browser.
  • convertvm
    convert OVF vm packages to smartos compatible images.
  • CordovaImageStitch
    Experimenting with Cordova to create an app that image stitches photos taken from device.
  • coverspace
    D3 and imagemagick based dynamic image display.
  • CrazyBlindUnscrambler
    Drag and drop, OKCupid scrambled image unscrambler built in javascript.
  • cropimage
    Crop Image.NET V5 The replacement for WebCrop Image V4.2.
  • css base64 images
    Base64 images in your css file.
  • dailies
    A little script that snaps photos at a given interval and a little Sinatra frontend to the aforementioned images.
  • darkroomjs
    Extensible image editing tool in your browser.
  • divine proportions toolkit
    An extension for Photoshop CS5 and CS6 for compositing images using the divine proportions.
  • Drag DropArrange
    reorder a group of given images built with native JavaScript including Touch support.
  • Drag Shapes
    An example of how with the use of an image map, you are able to drag and drop arbitary shapes using standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • dragonfly crop
    A sample rails application that uses the excellent image handler Dragonfly, and Jcrop for selecting the cropping area.
  • dummy image
    JS only dummy image.
    A few extras for preview panel, tags for permanent favs, 'Dump it' menu item in right click menu for images on any page, edit panel with Photoblaster/ image editing sites/Tumblr etc.
  • Dynamic Featured Image
    Dynamically adds multiple featured image (post thumbnail) functionality to posts, pages and custom post types.
  • dziAnnotations
    Personal fiddling: mixing Seadragon Ajax deep zoom images with Rapha?l vector annotations.
  • echo
    Lazy loading images with data * attributes.
  • Email Image Placeholder
    I don't read emails that are dominated by images , since images are blocked by default, and I am not always sure that I want to accept images. This code creates placeholders for your images to give the reader a hint at what the image will be.
  • embedly wordpress plugin
    The Embedly Wordpress plugin allows bloggers to embed videos, images and rich media from 73 sources with just the url.
  • emoticon js
    string extension for converting any matched pattern to emoticon image tag.
  • EPi Image 7.1
    EPi Image custom property for EPiServer 7.1.
  • exif rotate
    Rotate an image based on its EXIF Orientation.
  • express processimage
    Express middleware that processes served images according to the query string.
  • f7u12rl
    automatically put rage faces on any image.
  • fancyBox
    fancyBox is a tool that offers a nice and elegant way to add zooming functionality for images, html content and multi media on your webpages.
  • FancySelect
    A non obtrusive image dropdown menu that extends and replaces a standard HTML Select control.
  • ffffridge
    An Ember.js experiment: loads images from and displays them using Masonry.
  • fitsjs
    JavaScript library for reading the FITS astronomical format. Functionality includes reading of images, data cubes, compressed images, binary and ascii tables.
  • foresight.js
    a fast enough network connection for high resolution images. Depending on device display and network connectivity, foresight.js will request the appropriate image for the webpage.
  • game object polygon definer
    Load an image and define a polygon over it. Then test the object's Physics. CAAT and Box 2D are used together...
  • generator assets
    Generator Plug in for Adobe Photoshop CC that helps users export image assets.
  • get pixels
    Reads an image into an ndarray.
  • gigapan embedlarge
    Sample webpage showing how to embed a gigapan image with more info than the basic embed wizard.
  • gimme
    Geographic Image Maps (for you and me).
  • glfx.js
    An image effects library for JavaScript using WebGL.
  • Google Image Map Tile Generator
    Generate custom Google map tile images & the html & js to use it.
  • Google Maps Mobile Demo
    Small screens don't need iframe Google Maps, so they get a static image and link. Large screens get the fully interactive iframe.
  • GooglePlusTweaks
    NO LONGER MAINTAINED. Tweaks to Google+ (Google "Plus") Toggle comments, image previews, mute button, favicon alerts, full width, fixed navigation, thumbnails only, etc.
  • gradientfinder
    Convert Images to CSS Gradients.
  • graffiti
    Demo of the FileAPI, OAuth2 and XMLHttpRequest: Load images into the client from the local computer of SkyDrive, download to the local computer or upload to Skydrive.
  • grunt contrib imagemin
    Minify PNG and JPEG images.
  • grunt data uri
    Convert to data uri from image path.
  • grunt image embed
    A grunt task for converting images inside a stylesheet to base64 encoded data URI strings.
  • grunt imagemagick
    Image Magick task for Grunt.
  • grunt imageoptim
    Make Image Optim, Image Alpha and JPEGmini part of your automated build process.
  • grunt images
    A grunt plugin for processing images.
  • grunt imagine
    Grunt tasks for optimizing & inlining images.
  • grunt smushit
    Grunt task to optimize images using Yahoo Smushit.
  • grunt spritefiles
    Grunt task for creating image spritesheets.
  • gumshoe
    Search interface for metadata extracted from disk images.
  • hideshare
    Social Sharing plugin that inserts social sharing links. Allows for sharing of current page with the option for sharing any link or image.
  • hover.js
    zoom images on hover.
  • huey
    Image in, dominant [rgb] out.
  • idb
    image database with ramaze frontend.
  • iipsrv
    iipsrv is an advanced high performance feature rich image server for web based streamed viewing and zooming of ultra high resolution images.
  • IM.js
    Image Match Project to allow compare different images pixel by pixel with good performance.
  • Image Editor
    Image Editor Component for the fluid infusion framework. It is a part of the Google Summer of code project.
  • Image Guard
    Help protect your images from being taken by protecting against most common copying methods.
  • Image InOsm
    Mobile application for collecting pictures of OSM objects.
  • Image Occ2.0
    Image Occlusion addon for Anki.
  • image placeholder script
    Photoshop script to quickly replace shapes with images.
  • Image Resolver
    Image Resolver.js does its best to determine the main image on a URL without loading all images.
  • image swipe
    Swipe between two images for comparison.
  • image transfer phonegap rails3
    to transfer image from phonegap(iOS) to rails3.
  • image viewer
    Proportionately size photos based on the pixels per inch (ppi).
    Personalized, participated, pervasive, and reproducible image bioinformatics in the web browser.
  • imageprocessing.js
    Simple Image Processing in javascript.
  • imagesize.js
    Get the size of an image without reading or downloading it entirely.
  • imagine
    Real time image processing and storage host.
  • img2html
    Image to HTML Table Convertor.
  • imgurUpload
    A simple image uploader for imgur, the simple image sharer. Just drag and drop your image into it to upload it and share the image. A Yahoo Widget.
  • impim admin
    Admin frontend for managing images.
  • imsave
    Imgur image upload API.
  • InlineAttachment
    Plugin to embed image links in a textarea.
  • instapicker
    Small webapp for finding images on Flickr that are 100% free to use.
  • javascript emotify
    JavaScript Emotify: Making the web a better place, one tiny image at a time...
  • jpg glitch
    glitch images with jpg encoding.
  • jqzoom
    jqzoom Javascript Image magnifier @author: Engineer Marco Renzi.
  • kasuari
    Web based multi scale image viewer.
  • KittyWales
    Replaces photo of Jimmy Wales on Wikipedia with random #LOLCat image from Flickr. The tags for photo selection are configurable.
  • knockout
    image knockout web app.
  • kollektor
    Node app for image collection and mood boards (like Pinterest).
  • kuku
    Online Image Manager based on
  • LatexIt
    An extension for Thunderbird that allows you to generate LaTeX in your emails and send it as inline images.
  • lazy retina
    Lazyload image with retina support (based on
  • Leaflet Save Map to PNG
    This shows how you can use html 2canvas to produce a PNG image of your Leaflet map.
  • lena.js
    Library for image processing.
  • loader
    [dev] lazyload of js,css, images and templates, define your customized dependencies package, where you can not only describe all dependencies, but also define which files can be loaded asynchron and which synchron.
  • Lumebox
    , another is that it can parse RSS feeds just as easily as displaying images. The plugin searches the post or page for links leading to images (and RSS feeds) and opens them in a popup instead of following them.
  • luminaty
    test case image database.
  • mappa
    Image Map creation tool in the browser.
  • MemeLinks
    A quick database of meme images/links.
  • mirador
    An open source, web based 'multi up' viewer that supports zoom pan rotate functionality, ability to display/compare simple images , and images with annotations.
  • mozaicio
    Upload a photo , and this site generates it as a mosaic of smaller flickr images [Yahoo! hackday].
  • ms Dropdown
    Image dropdown convert your dropdown to image dropdown.
  • mt plugin customheader
    A Movable Type plugin that makes it easy to customize your blog's header image.
  • mt plugin maximagewidth
    A Movable Type and Melody plugin that provides a way to enforce a max image or thumbnail width for uploaded images to prevent users from uploading photos too wide for a column.
  • multiple image upload crop example
    Example app to upload multiple images and allow user specified cropping.
  • mustachio js
    automatic mustachifying of any image.
  • NailThumb
    from any image to any thumbnail with full control.
  • netpbm viewer
    View PPM, PGM and PBM image by simply dragging them into your browser.
  • node image
    Unifies node png, node jpeg and node gif (for great good).
  • node imageable
    On demand image manipulation middleware for express and connect.
  • node metainspector
    Node npm for web scraping purposes. It scrapes a given URL , and returns you its title, meta description, meta keywords, an array with all the links, all the images in it, etc. Inspired by the metainspector Ruby gem.
  • node netpbm
    node netpbm scales and converts GIF, JPEG and PNG images asynchronously, without running out of memory, even if the original image is very large. It can also determine the image dimensions and type.
  • node retricon
    create indenticon like image hashes styled like Github and Gravatar (retro) avatars.
  • node smushit
    using service to optimize image (s) in node.
  • node sprite generator
    Generates image sprites and their spritesheets ( css , stylus, sass or less) from sets of images. Supports retina sprites.
  • object fit
    Polyfill for CSS object fit property to fill in/fit in images into containers.
  • offline app
    Offline application that uses an appcache manifest file and localStorage for images and data.
  • openbadges bakery
    An OpenBadges image baking library that works with PNGs and SVGs.
  • OpenCVjs
    Image Processing in javascript.
  • PaintbrushJS
    A lightweight browser based image processing library.
  • panojs
    PanoJS3 is pure JavaScript tiled viewer for massive images.
  • photo
    Pathology image annotation couchapp.
  • photopop
    An extensible image editing library written in javascript.
  • pictor
    simple image upload/convert/download server.
  • PictureWall
    Control a Collection of BlackBerry PlayBooks to Display One or Multiple Images.
  • piratesoftheamazon
    0.6.1, originally written by Enrique B. and John S. Problems fixed include image links not displaying and several privacy concerns. The images are thanks to legaliamnot.
  • pixastic
    JavaScript Image Processing Library.
  • placeholder
    All placholder image services suck. Run your own!.
  • pngy
    Load images based on network connection speed.
  • Podbase
    Image database aimed at scientific applications.
  • polyClip
    A JavaScript library that allows cropping of images using non rectangular shapes.
  • PyroCMS Image Field Type
    Replacement image field type in development.
  • QueryLoader2
    Version of the QueryLoader by Gaya Design. Preload images with ease.
  • radiant assets extension
    Simple asset management ( images and other uploads) for Radiant.
  • redactor paperclip
    Image upload management provided by Paperclip Gem for the Redactor Editor.
  • reddit images
    Displays images from reddit.
  • reduce
    Ruby/CLI: minify javascript + stylesheets, lossless image optimization.
  • refinerycms ckeditor
    Replaces WYMEditor with CKEditor in Refinery CMS. Also adds drag and drop sidebars for Images and Files.
  • retina examples
    Live examples of different client side techniques to serve retina ready images on the web.
  • retinajs
    JavaScript and LESS helpers for rendering high resolution image variants.
  • RgbQuant.js
    an image quantization lib.
  • ristretto
    Ristretto is an Optical Character Recognition library and API for fetching remote images from the web. It has nothing to do with Coffee.
  • rocketio tiqav chat
    Image chat using Sinatra::RocketIO and
  • roughdraft.js
    Quickly create an interactive HTML mock up by auto sourcing lorem ipsum/images generators, with minimal html markup, and no server side code.
  • rtcamera
    A fun camera app to process images in real time, using Web technologies.
  • Sanddragon Widget
    The Sanddragon Widget is an image viewer that is based upon Open Seadragon which has been modified to work with an IIIF server, such as the Sanddragon Image Service.
  • scalable css playing cards
    Scalable CSS based playing cards with standard court images for face cards.
  • scooch
    A mobile first JavaScript driven content and image carousel.
  • scramble
    Scramble text in an image so that it's unreadable. This was originally created to scramble text in license plates found in public photos.
  • scream js
    a command line app which specializes in modifying images and delivering static image and css files.
  • seadragon ajax
    JavaScript library for viewing/presenting Deep Zoom Images (DZIs).
  • searchbydrawing
    search google images by drawing.
  • Skype Image Inline
    SIMBL Plugin and Skype 'theme' to allow inlining of external images.
  • Snapper
    A PhoneGap app that (trys to!) decode urls from images of urls. It was intended to be used like a QR reader, but for recognizing textual urls.
  • Sniff N Snatch
    Sniff N Snatch The Image Snatching URL Sniffer.
  • Snub
    HTTP service to expose DNSBL query results as JSON or images.
  • spree facebox
    Spree image zoom using facebox.
  • spree imagezoom
    Image zoom functionality for product photos in SpreeCommerce.
  • sproutcore image click
    How to change an image URL on click.
  • srcset polyfill
    An image srcset polyfill that provides fallback behaviour for browsers that do not support the srcset attribute.
  • starmite
    Fluid, square, marginless grids. For images. Whew.
  • stylus images
    Image linking utilities for Stylus.
  • synchrotron
    A Javascript JSON DVCS underpinning a Smalltalk like image holding code & data in a single HTML file. A bit like Tiddlywiki. Work in progress. Also, little modules for diff, diff3, and merge of text etc.
  • Thumbnail Grid ExpandingPreview
    A tutorial on how to create a thumbnail grid with an expanding image preview similar to the effect seen on Google Images.
  • tilelive vector
    Implements the tilelive API for rendering mapnik vector tiles to raster images.
  • tiny mce plus
    TinyMCE editor with image upload.
  • tinymce rails imageupload
    Image upload plugin for TinyMCE and Rails with the asset pipeline.
  • tv Image Plus
    Advanced Image TV type for ModX 2.2+.
  • UberUploadCropper
    Ajax image upload and crop widget.
  • uCapture Android Frontend
    A PhoneGap / Android how to about capturing images ans transferring to a remote server.
  • unity mobile imgfx
    Unity image effects for mobile platforms (iOS/ Android ).
  • unshred
    Unshreds images using Mechanical Turk for the Instagram Unshredder Challenge.
  • upgrouper
    A widget for uploading images via drag and drop straight into different groupings and then sorting them.
  • url numbers
    A interface to browse images on the web.
  • UXF
    User Experience team's standardized images , styles, and scripts.
  • valbot
    A campfire chat bot for posting random google images and other sillyness.
  • Very Simple Post Images
    Simple image management metabox for WordPress.
  • vomimage
    Browses folders, vomites images.
  • webfits
    Visualize FITS images with WebGL.
  • webgl hdr
    HDR image tone mapping in WebGL using Three.js library.
  • WordPress Non Image Media Attachments
    Twenty Eleven child theme created as an example for displaying non image media attachments in WordPress without a plugin or offloading non image media to another service.
  • xslt20 resources
    Resources (CSS, JavaScript, images , etc.) used by the XSLT 2.0 stylesheets and their output.
  • Zepto.js draggable
    A demo using zepto.js to drag images in mobile devices.
  • Zoombox
    Zoombox is an easy to use Javascript class that allow you to overlay images and videos on the current page.
  • zoommy
    A Stylish Image Zooming JavaScript.

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