List of Free code Image Gallery


  • dokuwiki plugin gallery
    Creates a gallery of images from a namespace or RSS/ATOM feed in DokuWiki.
  • flowgallery
    jQuery plugin for cover flow image gallery.
  • FotoRatan
    Simple image Gallery Hosted on Google App Engine.
  • fuckflickr
    image gallery software that won't narc you out.
  • galleria
    The JavaScript Image Gallery.
  • good old gallery
    Good Old Gallery is a WordPress plugin that helps you upload image galleries that can be used on more than one page/post, it utilizes the built in gallery functionality in WP. Other features include built in Flexslider support and Widgets.
  • hexagram
    Hexagonal honeycomb style image gallery.
  • Image Flow
    Image Flow is an unobtrusive and userfriendly JavaScript image gallery.
  • Image Gallery
    Image Gallery module for SilverStripe CMS.
  • imagecapture
    Image Capture (take a photo or load from Gallery) using Rhodes.
  • Imago
    Imago An Ajax Image Gallery : a simple way to present your photos online.
  • jdesrosiers image gallery
    Plugin to create images galleries in WordPress by using Custom Post Types and Pretty Photo.
  • jGallery
    jGallery A jQuery plugin for image galleries.
  • jQTouch Gallery
    jQTouch extension for easy building of image and video galleries.
  • jquery collagePlus
    Create an image gallery like Google+ Albums.
  • Mephisto Zoomimage Photo Gallery Plugin
    another simple photo image gallery for mephisto. UNDER CONSTRUCTION!.
  • nanoGALLERY
    Simplistic to use image gallery plugin for jQuery, supporting multi level navigation and Flickr/Picasa/Google+ storage among others.
  • Nivo Gallery
    The world's most awesome jQuery Image Gallery.
  • refinerycms image gallery
    Robust Image Gallery for RefineryCMS.
  • ResponsiveThumbnailGallery
    jQuery Plugin for creating image galleries that scale to fit their container.
  • SkyDrive Gallery
    Photo gallery that reads the images from a Microsoft ID account. This project was created for the CascadiaJS conference.
  • SlideScale
    Picture gallery with incremental image preloading.
  • super simple photo gallery
    A beautiful and easy to use image gallery for showcasing your images on a BlackBerry Playbook!.
  • zeitgeist
    Sinatra Image and Media Gallery.

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