List of Free code Image jQuery


  • Audero Smoke Effect
    Audero Smoke Effect is a jQuery plugin that let you create a smoke effect for one or more elements, usually images , on your web page. You can create the effect of a little smoke puff, cloud or anything else you want that appears from the elements you chose.
  • carrierwave jquery file upload
    sample app using Rails3, carrierwave, Jquery File Upload to store images on S3.
  • EasyZoom
    EasyZoom is an elegant, highly optimised jQuery image zoom and panning plugin based on the original work by Alen Grakalic. EasyZoom supports touch enabled devices and is easily customisable with CSS.
  • Exposure
    Exposure is an image viewing plugin for the jQuery JavaScript library. It?s designed for creating rich, fully customizable viewing experiences, and can handle very large amounts of images without pushing your bandwidth through the roof.
  • gridacord
    a jquery accordion for image grids.
  • Hoverizr
    Image manipulation and overlay jQuery plugin.
  • Image Dropdown
    A jQuery plugin for an extended dropdown, in which each item has also an image.
  • image Highlighter
    A jQuery plugin that highlight blocks of an image when hovering over a link.
  • ImageMapster
    jQuery plugin for enhancing HTML Image maps.
  • imgareaselect
    ImgAreaSelect is a jQuery plugin for selecting a rectangular area of an image. It allows web developers to easily implement image cropping functionality, as well as other user interface features, such as photo notes (like those on Flickr).
  • iviewer
    image viewer plugin for jquery.
  • j Link Preview
    jQuery Link Preview is a plug in that shows a link's preview image before you visit when you hover them.
  • JAIL
    JqueryAsynch Image Loader Plugin for jQuery.
  • jquery divider
    A jQuery plugin for a sliding image divider.
  • jquery fullsizable
    Take advantage of full available browser space to display images !.
  • jquery image annotate
    An Image Annotation plugin for jQuery.
  • jQuery Image Cache
    Cache base64 encoded images in modern browser Local Storage with this jQuery plugin.
  • jquery image reveal
    A small jQuery plugin to display before/after style photos.
  • jquery imageready
    A jQuery plugin for a bulk image load event.
  • jquery lazyload
    jQuery plugin for lazy loading images.
  • jQuery PanZoom
    jQuery plugin to pan and zoom an image within a parent div.
  • jquery radio image select
    Very Simple for jQuery Radio Image Select.
  • jQuery Retina
    A jQuery plugin for swapping out images with images scaled for retina displays.
  • jquery simplyscroll
    A jQuery plugin for scrolling a set of images /elements.
  • jquery swapimage
    Swap image with jQuery.
  • jquery threesixty
    A jQuery plugin for 360 image rotations.
  • jquery.cycle.scrubber
    A jQuery Plugin that mimics iPhoto image scrubbing.
  • jQuery.eraser
    jQuery plugin that makes an image erasable (with mouse or touch movements).
  • jquery.image grid .js
    Display images in a grid , regardless of their dimensions, with some fancy effects.
  • jquery.imgExplosion
    Creates a firework show of an image , optionally rotating into the screen in variable sizes and exploding at the end. w00t.
  • jquery.imgloaded
    Fake fork of Paul Irish's image loaded method for jQuery.
  • jquery.imgpreloader
    jquery.imgpreloader.js is a simple image preloader plugin.
  • jquery.mb.imgNavigator
    A large size image viewer on jQuery framework.
  • jquery.mb.linearGallery
    (Alpha) Slide images horizontally. Tree images on the screen: one centered and two at the border.
  • jquery.snipe
    jQuery plugin to add a sniper lens style zoom on images.
  • jquery.syg imageradio
    radio and checkbox image button.
  • jQuery.WallFlip
    jQuery plugin to create a wall of images that flip on click to show some description about the image.
  • leanorama
    jQuery plugin for displaying and navigating panoramic images.
  • leroy zoom
    A lightweigth and easy to use image zoom and magnify jQuery plugin with less than 4 KB.
  • maphilight
    jQuery plugin that adds highlighting to image maps.
  • medium editor images plugin
    jQuery images plugin for MediumEditor ( WYSIWYG editor clone).
  • neatshowjs
    A jQuery plugin to fade in images beautifully on your website.
  • nervFlipSlider
    A jQuery plugin allowing you to flip slide your images just click and drag left or right.
  • Photo Album
    jquery image viewer / album.
  • Photofy
    jQuery plugin for randomly shuffling and swapping photos/ images.
  • portfoliojs
    jQuery plugin for your beautiful portfolio images with horizontal scrolling.
  • prettyCheckable
    A jQuery plugin to replace checkboxes and radios for custom images.
  • rich textarea
    Rich_TextArea is a jQuery plugin replacement for the venerable HTML TEXTAREA that adds arbitrary triggered autocompletes along with the insertion of rich ?embedded objects? included images , links, or any other markup.
  • Screen Presenter
    jQuery script for presenting screen designs and other images.
  • Shadow It jQuery
    Add a nice shadow around your images, can be used to stylise image like a polaroid photo.
  • spree cloud zoom
    Detailed view of product images through the use of the jQuery plugin Cloud Zoom.
  • studiojs
    A set of jQuery plugins that compose a flexible, web based image editing studio.
  • threesixtyjs
    A jQuery plugin for generating a draggable 360 preview from an image sequence.
  • todaysImage
    A jQuery plugin that will take a group of images with a set date range, and show a random image based on the current date.
  • Toggle Switch
    Pure image , jQuery powered, checkbox based toggle switch.
  • twentytwenty
    jQuery Plugin to Compare Images.
  • waitFor Images
    A jQuery plugin that lets you attach callbacks to useful image loading events.
  • yox.js
    jQuery plugin for displaying images and other media.
  • zoom
    jQuery plugin for zooming images on mouseover.
  • Zoomer
    A jQuery plugin for smooth image exploration.

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