List of Free code Bluetooth


  • AddressBookSMS
    A plugin for Mac OS X Address Book to send SMS messages via Bluetooth.
  • blerules
    Slides and demo code to accompany Bluetooth LE, Core Bluetooth, and a Glimpse Into Your Near Future.
  • bluetooth Share
    iOS file transfer solution using GameKit to find peers under bluetooth network.
  • BluetoothDump
    A simple example of enumerating visible Bluetooth LE devices via Core Bluetooth and locating a TI SensorTag and connecting to it.
  • BluetoothEnable
    bluetooth enabler for IOS using undocumented APIs. Cannot be used for App Store.
  • BluetoothExperiments
    Some experiments with Game Kit framework that brings bluetooth connectivity between devices.
  • BluetoothLEApps
    Sample Bluetooth LE apps.
  • BluetoothSwitcher
    Simple iOS bluetooth switcher for personal use (uses private API ).
  • BlueWith Web Delegate
    this is bluetooth manager for ios.
  • bluewoki
    A simple Bluetooth based walkie talkie for iOS using Game Kit.
  • CardMaven
    An iOS card game app that allows for multiple variants of games, multi player over bluetooth, and much more...
  • CBSample
    Core Bluetooth sample app. Demonstrates an iOS to iOS connection.
  • CoreBluetooth Demo
    New iOS5 framework to connect with Low Energy devices. Actually this framework cannot connect with "traditional" bluetooth devices, iPhone4S will have a "switcher" that will allow to connect LE devices and "tradicional" bluetooth devices.
  • Game Kit Sandbox
    A way for me to play around with iOS Game Kit for Bluetooth connectivity.
  • HHServices
    Dissappointed that you no longer can use Bluetooth with NSNetService since iOS 5.0? Then this little framework for service discovery and registration is for you.
  • iBeacon
    Bluetooth LE location beacon iOS App using Estimote SDK.
  • iOS Bluetooth App
    iPhone app with bluetooth sharing between devices.
  • iOS bluetoothKeyboardInput Sample
    Bluetooth hardware keyboard input sample for iOS.
  • iOSHealthThermometer
    A Core Bluetooth example project.
  • isyncit
    Simple, scheduled iSync ing with automatic bluetooth control, all from your menu bar.
  • TISensorTag
    Source code for a demo app that interfaces with TI's Bluetooth low energy SensorTag.
  • YmsCoreBluetooth
    A block based framework for building Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (aka Smart or LE) iOS and OS X applications using the CoreBluetooth API. Includes Deanna and DeannaMac, applications to communicate with a TI SensorTag for iOS and OS X respectively.
  • ZBcomm
    Demo code for ZBModule Bluetooth 4.0 transparent data transmission.

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