List of Free code Camera


  • ABImageWrapper
    Image wrapper for handling uiimages from camera and else.
  • AlphaCam II
    A POC app dithering real time camera input with classic hardware palettes.
  • ANE Camera Roll
    This Adobe Air Native Extension (ANE) gives better support for accessing the Camera Roll of a mobile device as the current AIR API classes ( Camera UI, Camera Roll) do. At the moment this ANE is only available for iOS, but it is planned to release it also for the Android platform.
  • ANE ImagePicker
    Air Native Extension for mobile camera and gallery features (iOS + Android).
  • AnyLockApp
    Set the lockscreen camera shortcut to open any app.
  • Aperture Statistics
    An Aperture 3 Plug In to create statistics about your camera and lens usages.
  • AROverlayExample
    iOS example of AR type overlay of images, buttons, labels etc on a live camera view.
  • AROverlayImageCapture
    This is an extension of the AROverlayExample that adds ability to capture the live camera image and save to your device's photo album.
  • AVFoundation Camera
    using multi thread to control mac or ios cameras to capture with AVFundation framework.
  • AVFoundation Camera Controller
    camera controller with AVFoundation.
  • AVFoundation Camera Examples
    Use AVFoundation to get live video feed that I can then use for the camera. I was searching high and wide for this stuff.
  • AVFoundationDemo
    Simple video streams with AVFoundation, with Still Camera Output.
  • big5app
    Enhanced UIWebView browser with e.g. camera support via Javascript.
  • BLE P2P
    Camera Release APP for any Camera APP,using CoreBluetooth,iOS to iOS,iOS to Commercially Available Sensor Device.
  • c4linesproject
    this is the c4 image project with working camera.
  • cam a
    camera app, UI version A.
  • CamCrowd
    Add CCTV Cameras to OpenStreetMap with your iPhone.
  • Camera 2
    A simple module to access a camera , based on QTKit.
  • Camera App
    iOS camera app with simple editing (ability to make your face funny).
  • Camera App IPhone
    This App using iphone Camera API.
  • Camera Calcer
    The sample tools for calculate.
  • Camera Control
    Utilize your iPhone's camera.
  • Camera EX
    filter effect on image and live camera.
  • Camera FeedUnderlay
    Foundation for Image Capturing from Stream and Augmented Reality iOS Apps.
  • Camera FlashToggle iOS
    Camera FlashToggle on iOS.
  • Camera Gun
    Point And Fire Augmented Reality App for iPhone.
  • Camera Image Helper
    Live scanner images on demand.
  • Camera Obscura
    SnowLeopard only Quartz Composer patch for tethered shooting.
  • Camera ObscuraDue
    Quartz Composer plug in for tethered shooting.
  • Camera Picker for iOS
    A simple replace for default image picker of the iPhone devices.
  • Camera Project
    Selecting a photo from the library, taking a photo, etc.
  • Camera Puzzle
    A photo puzzle for iPhone which uses the camera to create the puzzles.
  • Camera Question
    iOS project with a simple camera movement system.
  • Camera Scene
    A test of using SceneKit on OS X.
  • Camera Sense
    A small application to record video and sensor data from an iphone 5 in real time.
  • Camera Share
    FaceTime like app via Bluetooth. (no ARC).
  • Camera Starter
    A StarterKit for any Video Capture Session in iOS.
  • camera view
    An iphone camera view module.
  • camerabuddy
    OSX applet to quickly transfer and organize photos from your digital camera.
  • CamHolderApp
    UVC Camera Control for Mac OS X (optimized for MS LifeCam Studio) as software for the CamHolder.
  • CamRotate
    Rotate camera interface in the way you like.
  • camswipegui
    OS X program that will let the user move their hand across the camera 's vision to switch spaces like a jedi.
  • CamTime
    Camera timer for the iPhone (Not the 5 yet).
  • Capture Camera
    A Rubygem to take a photo from your Macbook Camera.
  • CataractT
    iOS Application that uses the camera and a custom flash mechanism to attempt to detect a Cataract in a persons eye.
  • Colorful Camera
    not release, but try on using UIKit & cocos2d for iPhone.
  • croxit camera
    Provides camera access to croxit applications.
  • Custom Camera
    A custom iPhone app camera with all normal features.
  • CutomImagePickerController
    can tap focus with show Camera Controls disable.
  • DDExpandableButton
    A single file iOS 3+ class designed to be used like an expandable UIButton ; as seen in the iOS Camera app for the "flash" button.
  • DeceptiCam
    Decepticam is a covert camera that is instantly available when launched and is activated by putting your iPhone up to your ear, as if taking a phone call. DeceptiCam will start shooting photos at intervals or start capturing video when the proximity.
  • DGImagePicker
    Custom ImagePicker ViewController that combines Custom Camera with AGImagePicker.
  • douBan
    read books;search books by name;search use camera by ISN.
  • Double Camera
    Double Camera iPhone app.
  • ExpandyButton
    As seen in camera app on iOS.
  • Experience Camera
    Camera sample app for the TinCanAPI/ExperienceAPI.
  • EYPhotoPicker
    helps to pick photo from the camera or the iPhone photo library, using singleton and blocks.
  • FaceCamTest
    Displays a live camera window similar to FaceTime.
  • FilmNotes
    iPhone App to log data for each photo taken with a film camera.
  • FilterKit
    iOS Framework for easily adding Camera with Filters.
  • FlashLight
    With iFlashLight+ you can turn your smart phone into a flash light using the LED light on the iPhone 4. The camera LED flash on the iPhone 4 is mega bright and when turned on in a constant stream, it is unrivaled in terms of lighting power.
  • flipped cam
    This project has the goal to adjust the mirrored preview image when using the front Camera on iOS Device.
  • Frame Camera
    My sample code of iPhone camera app.
  • Gawker
    Gawker is a Mac app that creates time lapse movies using an iSight/DV camera.
  • GBFancy Camera
    A blocks based class for taking pictures from the camera or camera roll, with preview and filters. Supports fully customising the UI as well as custom filters.
  • gl image ripple
    A modified version of Apple's GLCameraRipple project which uses a UIImage instead of camera input.
  • HelloLive Camera
    Minimal implementation of Benjamin Loulier's most excellent MyAVControllerDemo.
  • IADraggableViewController
    Create an apple iOS5 camera like View Controllers container.
  • icamcube
    Display video from iPhone camera on sides of a 3D cube. Only works on iOS 2.x.
  • iDemotivational
    Demotivational Camera for iOS.
  • iGo Camera
    An App Build for 59igou tabao shop; Using GCDAsyncSocket;.
  • ILove Camera
    just a test App.
  • imgurEyes
    simple iPhone camera app that uploads pictures to imgur.
  • ios camera puzzle
    A standard sliding block puzzle for the iOS platform with the camera used as the source.
  • iOS CoreImage Camera
    Test project for using CoreImage with AVFoundation Camera Capture.
  • iOS NBUKit
    Customizable image editing, filters, camera , picker and other UIKit subclasses.
  • iOS SFCustom Camera
    Custom camera for iOS.
  • iOSVideo Camera MultiStitchExample
    Example of recording then stitching together multiple video segments taken from the camera of an iOS device.
  • iOSVideo Camera MultiStitchExample master
    sequence recording with no delay.
  • iOSVirtual Camera
    Virtual camera server/client for iOS simulator.
  • iphone cameraflow
    combine iPhone Camera with Flow.
  • iphonefieldtools
    Field Tools is an iPhone depth of field calculator for photographers. It presents a clean, single screen interface for calculating hyperfocal, near and far focus distances for any camera. Configure multiple cameras and lenses and switch easily between them with a few touchs.
  • Iris
    Iris is a quick action camera app that integrated with the DailyBooth API. DailyBooth has since been shut down and this repo is now public.
  • JSLive Camera Filters
    Easy to use UIView subclass to implement a camera feed with real time filters using Core Image (iOS5+).
  • JTPinIt
    An incomplete project which aimed to provide share to Pinterest without going through that in app camera which crops your image.
  • kitskam
    A DSLR camera controller and Amazon S3 archiver for OS X 10.5 and above.
  • letterpest ios
    ios wrapper for the letterpest that upload screenshots from camera roll.
  • lockFacetimeAutoExposure
    A simple demo showing how to temporarily disable Auto Exposure on built in cameras (Facetime or iSight) on MacOSX 10.7 and up using Cocoa and AVFoundation.
  • Lumus
    Torch and Morse with camera flash for IOS devices.
  • Mac Camera
    Working with camera experiments.
    An example how to create a custom iPhone control, that looks like the new flash toggling ui element inside the default camera app (since 4.0).
  • Motion detection with iSight
    Using iSight camera to detect motion in front of your computer.
  • Motion JPEG Image View for iOS
    Generic UIImageView subclass designed to load and play Motion JPEG streams such as commonly used with IP cameras , etc.
  • MotionDetector
    Detects motion in video frames taken from camera. Motion detection with AVFoundation.
  • MPMotionPattern
    Motion Pattern from Camera Detector for iOS.
  • My Camera
    A quick way to launch the camera and take photos/videos.
  • MyAVControllerDemo
    A little sample showing how to access directly the datas of the camera in iOS.
  • NPCameraView
    UIView subclass for camera input.
  • OCCamera
    Simple native camera control for iOS based on DIYCam.
  • ofxMacamPs3Eye
    Fully featured and easy to use OpenFrameworks addon for using the PS3Eye camera on a Mac.
  • ofxOSXImageCapture
    a camera only interface to the ImageCaptureCore framework in OS X, allowing you to capture, save, and load images directly from OS X supported capture devices (e.g. digital cameras ).
  • ofxQTKitVideoGrabber
    addon for fast HD camera grabbing on OS X using CoreVieo and QTKit.
  • ofxUVC
    OpenFrameworks addon for controlling UVC cameras.
  • One minute
    Creating video from a set of images and from camera.
  • OverlayViewTester
    A simple project demonstrating putting views on top of the camera view on an iPhone.
  • overthecam
    Example camera overlay app.
  • PBJVision
    iOS camera engine, supports touch to record video and photo capture.
  • PebbleCam
    A silly hack that lets you use your Pebble smart watch as a remote shutter for your iPhone's camera.
  • Photo Map
    This is example code which shows the Photo from Camera Roll as Annotations on the World Map and groups them by the region.
  • PhotosWeibo
    This is an iOS tweak which enables you to share photos from It's earlier than Apple's iOS6 release for 6 months. We develop this tweak for two months, and by now I want this open sourced for all of you guys. Hope you enjoy it!.
  • pickture
    A small iPhone app that allows you to choose a picture from either your iPhone's gallery or camera. Originally created when I guest lectured Dennis/Michael's NYU/ITP class Designing Around Place.
  • poppy
    The app to go along with Poppy, a device that turns your iPhone into a 3D camera.
  • preview camera
    IOS demo of AVCaptureVideoPreviewLayer.
  • ProxSentry
    A pseudo proximity sensor experiment for OS X using the built in camera and face detection. Dim the screen when you're not looking at it, keep it awake when you are, and lock/sleep/screensaver your computer after you've been physically away for a configurable amount of time.
  • Ps3EYE multicam syphon gui osc
    Input multiple ps3eye cameras and syphon out with osc control and gui.
  • pydcu
    Python wrapper for Thorlabs DCU 200 series camera.
  • QuickShotView
    A simple UIView that uses AVFoundation to take snapshots with the iOS device's camera.
  • RealTimeToon Camera
    Real Time Camera Toon Shader Filter.
  • rectanglecrop
    Custom crop a rectangle using iOS camera.
  • RF Camera
    Camera with real time filter.
  • RollToEver
    iPhone Camera Roll To Evernote.
  • RSCameraViewController
    Customizable View Controller which opens a channel to both cameras on iPhone > 4.
  • SayCheese Camera
    Hi Cheese ! Casha! Camera app sample using OpenEars.
  • Sepia Camera
    my make Sepia Camera for ios5 core image.
  • SGShutterView
    A camera shutter view for iOS.
  • SHLongExposure Demo
    This is opensource used to make your iPhone act like a Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera (DSLR).
  • SketchCam
    a live sketch filter camera app.
  • SlowDown
    Slow down a movie in your Camera roll until tomorrow noon.
  • Split Camera
    just Xcamera ,can take photo splitly and combine them smoothly.
  • Square Camera
    Square Camera is a Titanium Module that allows you to use the AVFoundation framework to take your photos and allows for more manual customization of the camera view.
  • stamp camera
    iPhone app. detect human face and add funny image.
  • Test Camera
    Test program camera on iOS device.
  • testMessageUI
    OS3.0 MessageUI , GK framework , Camera Receive test.
  • thegreyalbum
    camera capture experiments on iOS.
  • Ti Camera View
    Ti Camera View differ from Camera ;).
  • TIPIC iPhone Wyfly
    Thermal Imaging Phone Camera iPhone app using the WyFly for connection.
  • tottepost
    Camera application for iOS devices, focusing on simplicity, minimam operation to taking and sharing photo&video on social services.
  • Toy Camera Effector
    Effect like toy camera for Titanium mobile module.
  • UIImagePickerController Simulated Camera
    Objective C category to aid development of iPhone apps that use the camera.
  • upupu
    A simple camera application for iPhone(iOS) that backup pictures on WebDAV server or Dropbox. This application is available on the AppStore.
  • UVC Camera Control for Mac
    Original from camera control for mac os x.
  • UVCCamera
    UVC camera settings for Mac OSX.
  • UVCCameraControl
    fork of UVCCameraControl. and support pan/tilt in Logitech Orbit. original camera control for mac os x.
  • Video Camera
    This is complex video recording.
  • VLBCameraView
    A UIVIew that shows a live feed of the camera , can be used to take a picture, preview the picture and return a UIImage of that preview.
  • Volume Camera
    iPhone app where camera is triggered by volume buttons.
  • WebGLARBrowser
    An experimental iOS app for rendering WebGL websites in a transparent UIWebView on top of the camera image.
  • WeddingSnap
    A iPhone app to replace those disposable cameras at your wedding.
  • WeeToolbox
    Adds multiple widgets (Twitter, Phone, Flash, Pastie and Camera ) to your notification centre.

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