List of Free code WiFi


  • BonjurNetworking
    Sharing Files via WIFI.
  • Clarke
    A small OS X application for updating your Fire Eagle location, using Skyhook's wifi triangulation API.
  • DataUsage
    A plain simple demo PoC to show the usage of some of the APIs to determine the 3G and WiFi data usage in iOS. Can be modified to clip data usage per application as well.
  • DTBonjour
    Framework for Communicating over Bonjour+Wifi.
  • Finch
    An iOS app for data sharing over a local WiFi network. Runs as a portable web server on your iOS device. Accessed via browser.
  • i Share
    File share app for bluetooth, wifi.
  • i Share 1
    File share app with WIFI, Bluetooth and Cloud services.
  • iOS WiFi
    This is library for utilizing the WiFi card of the iOS devices, for various iOS versions. Basically, you can obtain use the WiFi card of an iOS device to obtain information about nearby WiFi networks and if you are up for the challenge crack them. The starting version is iOS 4.x 5.x, but older version will be soon supported.
  • Photo Access
    With Photo Access you can easily transfer photos directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to any computer using a web browser over WiFi.
  • Total Share
    App that allows viewing various document formats (epup, pdf, jpg, png, rtf, doc, iworks...). Sharing support via iCloud + a http server where everyone can download the doc's on the local wifi.
  • Wifi List
    A private API? use in iOS for get wifi list. This project copy from wireless/.
  • wifiAssociate
    Uses private framework to scan and associate to wifi networks.

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