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23.2.1.Subclass Form
23.2.2.Use Inherited form in a separate Main class
23.2.3.Inherit Form With Constructor
23.2.4.ResumeLayout and SuspendLayout
23.2.5.Call form constructor to create a Form object
23.2.6.Cal Show method to display a form
23.2.7.Text as the title
23.2.8.Set Form Visible properties
23.2.9.The difference between Form.Show and Application.Run()

23.2.10.The Hello, WindowsForms Application
23.2.11.Build Form without by hand
23.2.12.Inherited Form
23.2.13.Move a Form in codeMove a Form in code
23.2.14.Irregular formIrregular form
23.2.15.Add a Main Menu
23.2.16.Change Form size in menu action
23.2.17.Scroll FormScroll Form
23.2.18.Form message filter
23.2.19.Form Dispose

23.2.20.Change Form Cursor
23.2.21.Add control to Form dynamically