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Folder                         Description

-g                             Generate all debugging info

-g:none                        Generate no debugging info

-g:{lines, vars, source}       Generate only some debugging info

-nowarn                        Generate no warnings

-verbose                       Output messages about what the compiler is doing

-deprecation                   Output source locations where deprecated APIs are used

-classpath <path>              Specify where to find user class files

-cp <path>                     Specify where to find user class files

-sourcepath <path>             Specify where to find input source files

-bootclasspath <path>          Override location of bootstrap class files

-extdirs <dirs>                Override location of installed extensions

-endorseddirs <dirs>           Override location of endorsed standards path

-d <directory>                 Specify where to place generated class files

-encoding <encoding>           Specify character encoding used by source files

-source <release>              Provide source compatibility with specified release

-target <release>              Generate class files for specific VM version

-version                       Version information

-help                          Print a synopsis of standard options

-X                             Print a synopsis of nonstandard options

-J<flag>                       Pass <flag> directly to the runtime system

1.1.1.Developing a Java program involves
1.1.2.JDK Utilities
1.1.3.See the details of the compilation: use the verbose option
1.1.4.A profiler is used to analyze how much time a program spends in each part of the code.
1.1.5.The syntax to use the javac tool
1.1.6.Java Compiler Options
1.1.7.The java Tool
1.1.8.Commonly Used Java Command Options
1.1.9.The javadoc Tool
1.1.10.The jar Tool
1.1.11.The javap Tool
1.1.12.Some of the Options Supported by the javap Utility
1.1.13.The jarsignature Tool
1.1.14.The native2ascii Tool
1.1.15.The jconsole Tool
1.1.16.Set the memory available to the JVM
1.1.17.Java memory command line arguments