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The javadoc tool generates HTML documentation from Java source files.

The javadoc tool locates and parses the documentation comments present in a Java source file and produces a set of HTML pages describing the class, methods, and variables present in the source file.

The syntax to use the javadoc tool is:

javadoc [options] [packagenames] [sourcefilenames] [-subpackages pkg1:pkg2:...] [@argfiles]
  1. options refers to the command line options that you can pass to the javadoc tool.
  2. packagenames refers to multiple packages, separated by spaces, that javadoc should use to generate documentation. For example:
  3. packagesnames java.lang java.lang.reflect java.awt
  4. sourcefilenames refers to the source files for which javadoc needs to generate documentation.
  5. -subpackages: Generates documentation from the source files in specified packages and recursively in their subpackages.
  6. @argfiles: Refers to a file that contains Javadoc options.

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