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Exception                         Meaning

ArithmeticException               Arithmetic error, such as divide-by-zero.

ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException    Array index is out-of-bounds.

ArrayStoreException               Assignment to an array element of an incompatible type.

ClassCastException                Invalid cast.

IllegalArgumentException          Illegal argument used to invoke a method.

IllegalMonitorStateException      Illegal monitor operation, such as waiting on an unlocked thread.

IllegalStateException             Environment or application is in incorrect state.

IllegalThreadStateException       Requested operation not compatible with current thread state.

IndexOutOfBoundsException         Some type of index is out-of-bounds.

NegativeArraySizeException        Array created with a negative size.

NullPointerException              Invalid use of a null reference.

NumberFormatException             Invalid conversion of a string to a numeric format.

SecurityException                 Attempt to violate security.

StringIndexOutOfBounds            Attempt to index outside the bounds of a string.

TypeNotPresentException           Type not found. (Added by J2SE 5.)

UnsupportedOperationException     An unsupported operation was encountered.

6.23.1.Error Handling
6.23.2.Types of Exceptions
6.23.3.Java's Unchecked RuntimeException Subclasses
6.23.4.Java's Checked Exceptions Defined in java.lang
6.23.5.Throwing an Exception from a Method
6.23.6.Write a catch block that handles java.lang.Exception
6.23.7.Handling Exceptions
6.23.8.Multiple catch Blocks
6.23.9.The finally Block
6.23.10.Exception Objects: stack trace
6.23.11.Defining Your Own Exceptions, Throwing Your Own Exception
6.23.12.Demonstrate exception chaining.
6.23.13.Getting the Stack Trace of an Exception
6.23.14.Put printStackTrace() into a String: redirect the StackTrace to a String with a StringWriter/PrintWriter
6.23.15.Check whether given exception is compatible with the exceptions declared in a throws clause
6.23.16.Convert an exception to a String with full stack trace
6.23.17.Get Deepest Throwable
6.23.18.Get the stack trace of the supplied exception.
6.23.19.Is Checked Exception
6.23.20.Locates a particular type of exception
6.23.21.Make a string representation of the exception
6.23.22.Print all of the thread's information and stack traces
6.23.23.Return stack trace from the passed exception as a string
6.23.24.Returns the root cause of an exception
6.23.25.Create a new Exception, setting the cause if possible.
6.23.26.Returns the output of printStackTrace as a String.
6.23.27.This program creates a custom exception type.
6.23.28.Utility methods for dealing with stack traces