Copy Excel Data between Worksheet : Worksheet « Workbook Worksheet « Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Tutorial

Select the cell or range.
           Click the Home tab. Then click the Copy button.
Click the Home tab. Then click the Copy button.
Open the destination file.
           Select the cell.
           Click the Paste button.
Click the Paste button.

7.1.1.Select the entire worksheetSelect the entire worksheet
7.1.2.Select worksheetsSelect worksheets
7.1.3.Name or Rename a WorksheetName or Rename a Worksheet
7.1.4.Select all worksheetsSelect all worksheets
7.1.5.Insert a WorksheetInsert a Worksheet
7.1.6.Delete a WorksheetDelete a Worksheet
7.1.7.Move a Worksheet Within a WorkbookMove a Worksheet Within a Workbook
7.1.8.Use groups to affect multiple worksheetsUse groups to affect multiple worksheets
7.1.9.Copy a WorksheetCopy a Worksheet
7.1.10.Hide a WorksheetHide a Worksheet
7.1.11.Unhide a WorksheetUnhide a Worksheet
7.1.12.Change Worksheet Display OptionsChange Worksheet Display Options
7.1.13.Copy Excel Data between WorksheetCopy Excel Data between Worksheet