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Right-click any sheet tab. Then click Select All Sheets.
Right-click any sheet tab. Then click Select All Sheets.
All worksheets are selected.
All worksheets are selected.

7.1.1.Select the entire worksheetSelect the entire worksheet
7.1.2.Select worksheetsSelect worksheets
7.1.3.Name or Rename a WorksheetName or Rename a Worksheet
7.1.4.Select all worksheetsSelect all worksheets
7.1.5.Insert a WorksheetInsert a Worksheet
7.1.6.Delete a WorksheetDelete a Worksheet
7.1.7.Move a Worksheet Within a WorkbookMove a Worksheet Within a Workbook
7.1.8.Use groups to affect multiple worksheetsUse groups to affect multiple worksheets
7.1.9.Copy a WorksheetCopy a Worksheet
7.1.10.Hide a WorksheetHide a Worksheet
7.1.11.Unhide a WorksheetUnhide a Worksheet
7.1.12.Change Worksheet Display OptionsChange Worksheet Display Options
7.1.13.Copy Excel Data between WorksheetCopy Excel Data between Worksheet