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4.1.1.Insert and Create a ChartInsert and Create a Chart
4.1.2.Open and View Chart DataOpen and View Chart Data
4.1.3.Create a chart from a slide layoutCreate a chart from a slide layout
4.1.4.Change a Chart TypeChange a Chart Type
4.1.5.Reset chart formattingReset chart formatting
4.1.6.Apply a Chart LayoutApply a Chart Layout
4.1.7.Apply a Chart StyleApply a Chart Style
4.1.8.Select a Chart ObjectSelect a Chart Object
4.1.9.Change a Chart Object StyleChange a Chart Object Style

4.1.10.Apply a Shape Styles to a Chart ObjectApply a Shape Styles to a Chart Object
4.1.11.Change Chart LabelsChange Chart Labels
4.1.12.Insert a picture into a chartInsert a picture into a chart
4.1.13.Insert a shape into a chartInsert a shape into a chart
4.1.14.Change Chart AxisChange Chart Axis
4.1.15.Change Chart BackgroundChange Chart Background
4.1.16.Create a Custom Chart TemplateCreate a Custom Chart Template
4.1.17.Apply a Chart TemplateApply a Chart Template
4.1.18.Animate Chart ElementsAnimate Chart Elements