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Microsoft Office Word 2007 Tutorial
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8.1.4.ActiveX Controls
Label creates a text label.
Label creates a text label.
Text Box creates a text box.
Text Box creates a text box.
Spin Button creates a box with clickable arrows.
Spin Button creates a box where the user can click arrows to increase or decrease numbers.
Command Button creates a button.
Command Button creates a button.
Image inserts a graphic.
Image inserts a graphic.
Scroll Bar creates a scroll bar.
Scroll Bar creates a scroll bar.
Check Box creates a check box.
Check Box creates a check box.
Option Button creates an option button for a single selection.
Option Button creates an option button that allows the user to make a single selection from at least two choices.
Combo Box creates a combo box.
Combo Box creates a combo box.
List Box creates a list box.
List Box creates a list box.
Toggle Button creates a button with yes or no state.
Toggle Button creates a button with yes or no.
Click More Controls for more controls.
More Controls for more controls.
8.1.1.Insert ActiveX ControlsInsert ActiveX Controls
8.1.2.Add Visual Basic code to the ActiveX controlAdd Visual Basic code to the ActiveX control
8.1.3.Deal with an ActiveX Control Security AlertDeal with an ActiveX Control Security Alert
8.1.4.ActiveX ControlsActiveX Controls
8.1.5.Set ActiveX Control PropertiesSet ActiveX Control Properties
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