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Press Ctrl+Break to stop a macro before it completes its actions.

8.3.1.Record a MacroRecord a Macro
8.3.2.Create a MacroCreate a Macro
8.3.3.Run a MacroRun a Macro
8.3.4.Delete a MacroDelete a Macro
8.3.5.Stop a macro
8.3.6.Debug a Macro Using Step ModeDebug a Macro Using Step Mode
8.3.7.Edit a MacroEdit a Macro
8.3.8.Sign a Macro ProjectSign a Macro Project
8.3.9.Create a self-signing certificate for a macro projectCreate a self-signing certificate for a macro project
8.3.10.Assign a Macro to a ToolbarAssign a Macro to a Toolbar
8.3.11.Save a Document with MacrosSave a Document with Macros
8.3.12.Open a Document with MacrosOpen a Document with Macros