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10.4.1.Inspect a DocumentInspect a Document
10.4.2.Create an Digital IDCreate an Digital ID
10.4.3.View the Trust CenterView the Trust Center
10.4.4.Modify Trusted Publishers and LocationsModify Trusted Publishers and Locations
10.4.5.Set Add-in Security OptionsSet Add-in Security Options
10.4.6.Change ActiveX Security SettingsChange ActiveX Security Settings
10.4.7.Change Macro Security SettingsChange Macro Security Settings
10.4.8.Modify Message Bar Security OptionsModify Message Bar Security Options
10.4.9.Set Privacy OptionsSet Privacy Options

10.4.10.Set Parental Controls for Online ResearchSet Parental Controls for Online Research
10.4.11.Enable Safe ModeEnable Safe Mode
10.4.12.Start User-Initiated Safe ModeStart User-Initiated Safe Mode
10.4.13.View Disabled ItemsView Disabled Items