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2.2.Select clause
2.2.1.Performing Single Table SELECT Statements
2.2.2.Select employee first and last and sort by last name
2.2.3.List single column from a table
2.2.4.Use as to specify the alias name
2.2.5.Use function in select clause
2.2.6.Use more than one aggregate functions in a select statement
2.2.7.where clause
2.2.8.Compare with number
2.2.9.Concatenate string

2.2.10.Select from a Subquery
2.2.11.Select constant as a column
2.2.12.Negate a column value
2.2.13.Math calculation in select statement
2.2.14.Search for String Across Columns
2.2.15.Don't Perform the Same Calculation Over and Over
2.2.16.NO_INDEX function in select statement