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24.15.Handle Exception
24.15.1.Code with No Exception Handler
24.15.2.Code with Conditional Control to Avoid an Exception
24.15.3.Code with Explicit Handler for Predefined Exception
24.15.4.Handling an Unnamed Exception
24.15.5.Handling a custom exception
24.15.6.An example showing continuing program execution after handling exception
24.15.7.The OTHERS Exception Handler
24.15.8.Assigning a Name to Predefined Exception Code
24.15.9.Using SQLCODE for error code and SQLERRM for error message

24.15.10.Catch custom exception
24.15.11.Handling exceptions without halting the program
24.15.12.Select into statement with exception catch statement
24.15.13.Check OTHERS exception
24.15.14.Error message code and text
24.15.16.NO data found
24.15.17.TOO_MANY_ROWS Exception
24.15.18.Use a nested block to catch exceptions from singleton SELECT.