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25.2.Cursor Declaration
25.2.1.Declare cursor
25.2.2.VARRAY of Cursor
25.2.3.Select column value into a cursor variable
25.2.4.Use cursor variables
25.2.5.Use the cursor subquery
25.2.6.Returning more than one piece of information: Listing the variables separately
25.2.7.Defining a Record Type for a Cursor by Using %ROWTYPE
25.2.8.Declaring a Cursor within a Procedure
25.2.9.Defining a Cursor in an Anonymous PL/SQL Block

25.2.10.Defining cursors in the package body
25.2.11.Defining cursors in the package specification
25.2.12.Using SELECT * in a Cursor
25.2.13.Cursor for object table
25.2.14.Cursor with order by
25.2.15.Cursor rowid
25.2.16.Cursor for aggregate function