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29.33.1.analyze table compute statistics
29.33.2.analyze compute statistics on table with index
29.33.3.Analyze table with user defined column type
29.33.4.analyze table compute statistics for table for all indexes for all indexed columns
29.33.5.analyze and autotrace full outer join and union
29.33.6.analyze and autotrace single column key and multi-column key
29.33.7.analyze and autotrace table with primary key
29.33.8.analyze index t_idx validate structure
29.33.9.analyze table TABLENAME compute statistics;

29.33.10.analyze table after creating index
29.33.11.analyze table estimate statistics
29.33.12.analyze table students compute statistics
29.33.13.analyze table t compute statistics for table for columns id;
29.33.14.analyze table t compute statistics for table, for all indexes, for all indexed columns