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36.7.2.Creating Roles
36.7.3.Granting Privileges to Roles
36.7.4.Granting Roles to a User
36.7.5.Assign Role to User
36.7.6.Checking Roles Granted to a User
36.7.7.Checking System Privileges Granted to a Role
36.7.8.Checking Object Privileges Granted to a Role
36.7.9.Assign CONNECT and RESOURCE Roles

36.7.10.Default Roles
36.7.11.Revoking a Role
36.7.12.Revoking Privileges from a Role
36.7.13.Dropping a Role
36.7.14.Regina and Kristen are manager level users
36.7.15.Rich and Brad are maintenance level users
36.7.16.Unassign Role
36.7.17.Drop Role
36.7.18.Assign object privileges to roles
36.7.19.Unassign Role from User

36.7.20.Output session roles from procedure
36.7.21.Query user granted roles