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16.8.Button Style
16.8.1.Button.Background and DrawingBrushButton.Background and DrawingBrush
16.8.2.Button with Semi-Transparent imageButton with Semi-Transparent image
16.8.3.Set Width for ButtonSet Width for Button
16.8.4.Button HorizontalAlignmentButton HorizontalAlignment
16.8.5.Button PaddingButton Padding
16.8.6.Button MarginButton Margin
16.8.7.Button Padding and HorizontalAlignmentButton Padding and HorizontalAlignment
16.8.8.Button HorizontalAlignment: StretchButton HorizontalAlignment: Stretch
16.8.9.Set BlurBitmapEffect for ButtonSet BlurBitmapEffect for Button

16.8.10.Set Padding for ButtonSet Padding for Button
16.8.11.Set Margin for ButtonSet Margin for Button
16.8.12.Fisheye Effect for ButtonFisheye Effect for Button
16.8.13.Custom Shaped ButtonCustom Shaped Button
16.8.14.Scale TransformScale Transform
16.8.15.Scale Transformate a ButtonScale Transformate a Button
16.8.16.Setting FontSize for ButtonSetting FontSize for Button