Java Stream How to - Java Lambda API Example

  1. Java And Predicate
  2. Java Call BinaryOperator with Lambda
  3. Java Chain functions
  4. Java Check if all value in the list match a condition
  5. Java Combine Function using andThen
  6. Java Compare two value with BiPredicate
  7. Java Create and use Consumer Lambda
  8. Java Create BiFunction to increase salary
  9. Java Create BiFunction with Lambda
  10. Java Create BinaryOperator from Lambda
  11. Java Create Callable Lambda
  12. Java Create Comparator from Lambda
  13. Java Create Consumer type lambda and use its andThen method
  14. Java Create Consumer with lambda
  15. Java Create Converter functional interface
  16. Java Create Function Lambda
  17. Java Create Function lambda and call andThen method
  18. Java Create Function lambda and call compose method
  19. Java Create Lambda Function to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit
  20. Java Create Lambda Function to convert String to Integer
  21. Java Create new object with Supplier
  22. Java Create Predicate and call and method
  23. Java Create Predicate from Predicate.negate()
  24. Java Create Predicate lambda
  25. Java Create Predicate lambda and call or method
  26. Java Create Predicate lambda and call test method
  27. Java Create Predicate to test Integer value
  28. Java Create Supplier from Method Reference
  29. Java Create Supplier Lambda
  30. Java Create Supplier Lambda and call get method
  31. Java Negate Predicate
  32. Java Nest Predicate into Function
  33. Java Or Predicate
  34. Java Output the steps for supplier, accumulator, combiner and finisher
  35. Java Pass Consumer as Lambda
  36. Java Pass in BiFunction with Lambda
  37. Java Pass in Function as parameter
  38. Java Pass in IntConsumer
  39. Java Pass in method reference as Predicate
  40. Java Use Comparator.naturalOrder()
  41. Java Use constructor as method reference for Supplier
  42. Java Use Consumer as parameter
  43. Java Use Consumer to output and do calculation
  44. Java Use Integer::valueOf as method reference for Function
  45. Java Use lambda to pass Future to ExecutorService
  46. Java Use Objects::isNull as method reference for Predicate
  47. Java Use Objects::nonNull as method reference for Predicate
  48. Java Use Predicate as function parameter
  49. Java Use Predicate, Function, Consumer interfaces as parameters
  50. Java Use Predicate to check a condition
  51. Java Use Predicate to filter Integer List
  52. Java Use String::isEmpty as method reference for Predicate