Java Stream How to - Java Stream Map Example

  1. Java Convert string to uppercase with method reference
  2. Java Double the value in a list with map and then output
  3. Java Filter, then sort, then map and convert to list
  4. Java Flat map nested stream
  5. Java Get all the unique cities where the students are from
  6. Java Get Names of male members
  7. Java Group by one attribute and save to a map
  8. Java Join properties to string with separator
  9. Java Limit first 25 numbers after map and iterate
  10. Java Map a Stream to type Integer and then sum() with Lambdas
  11. Java Map BigDecimal to double and calculate average
  12. Java Map double to int and then to Object
  13. Java Map id to object
  14. Java Map integer and return double
  15. Java Map Integer list to double each value
  16. Java Map IntSteam to String Object
  17. Java Map int array to Object
  18. Java Map int to Custom Object and store in List
  19. Java Map object to collect name and join them together
  20. Java Map object to create new object
  21. Java Map Person List to Integer-Person List Map
  22. Java Map String list to uppercase and then sort
  23. Java Map to add String value to each element
  24. Java Map to create new value from int array
  25. Java Map to double each element in a list and return them as an Array
  26. Java Map to double the value
  27. Java Map to get substring and convert to int then get max value
  28. Java Output one property for debug
  29. Java Use flatMap
  30. Java Use map to collect properties from an object
  31. Java Use method reference in map