Java Stream How to - Java Stream Example

  1. Java Aggregate with Function
  2. Java Check if all matched
  3. Java Check if any match
  4. Java Check if found any
  5. Java Check if none is matched
  6. Java Collect List of Integer to a String with separator
  7. Java Collect one attribute and save into a list
  8. Java Collect stream to List
  9. Java Compare forEach implementation
  10. Java Convert array to Stream with Arrays
  11. Java Convert primitive array to Stream
  12. Java Convert Set to Stream
  13. Java Count element in Stream
  14. Java Create Stream from array
  15. Java Enclose local variable in lambda
  16. Java Exercise Optional method and value
  17. Java Find first or return something else
  18. Java Find the first in a Stream and return
  19. Java For each element in a stream call its member method
  20. Java Get day of week for the last day of each month in 2010 using Stream API
  21. Java Get Iterator after filter
  22. Java Get the longest string in Stream
  23. Java Get the Max value in a Stream
  24. Java Iterate with forEach method
  25. Java Limit result to two
  26. Java Output if value present
  27. Java Peek a stream
  28. Java Set POJO properties with forEach method
  29. Java Skip elements from Stream
  30. Java Truncate a stream with limit