AngularJS Tutorial - Buildin-Directives Example

Angular provides built-in directives.

Some directives override built-in HTML elements, such the <form> and <a> tags.

The <form> tag which is overrided by AngularJS added lots of functionality, such as validation.

Other built-in directives have ng- namespace prefix.

Some built-in directives do not have an HTML counterpart, such as the ng-controller directive.

All directives prefixed with the ng namespace are part of the built-in directives.

When building our own directives we should not use ng- as namespace.


  1. ng-app
  2. ng-bind
  3. ng-bind-template
  4. ng-change
  5. ng-checked
  6. ng-class
  7. ng-click
  8. ng-cloak
  9. ng-controller
  10. ng-disabled
  11. ng-form
  12. ng-href
  13. ng-if
  14. ng-include
  15. ng-init
  16. ng-model
  17. ng-readonly
  18. ng-repeat
  19. ng-select
  20. ng-selected
  21. ng-show/ng-hide
  22. ng-src
  23. ng-submit
  24. ng-switch