AngularJS Tutorial - Filter Example


  1. Convert Expression with chained Filters
  2. Combine orderBy and limitTo filters
  3. Filter number as us dollar
  4. Format a String With a Currency Filter for Euro
  5. Custom capitalize filter
  6. Filter number as date
  7. Custom Date filter
  8. Custom filter to check input value
  9. Filter to encode URL
  10. Filter a List of DOM Nodes
  11. Custom filter with parameters
  12. Pass Configuration Params to Filters
  13. Filter to remove space and lowercase with regular expression
  14. Custom filter to check if input is an integer
  15. Create a Custom Filter to Reverse an Input
  16. Custom function for orderBy filter
  17. Date filter
  18. Filter object array by one of object properties
  19. Filter as you type
  20. JSON Filter
  21. Output form data as json
  22. Filter array with limitTo filter
  23. Filter value with mediumDate
  24. Filter to format number
  25. Filter to sort object by property
  26. Filter Sort by date
  27. Reverse the order by -
  28. Date Filter short
  29. upper-case