AngularJS Tutorial - Scope Example


  1. Scope
  2. Add new item to UL list
  3. Assign a Default Value to a Model
  4. Bind boolean scope value to select element
  5. Bind button text with scope value
  6. Bind checkbox to scope value
  7. Bind data from scope
  8. Bind image URL to value in scope
  9. Bind input to object properties in scope
  10. Bind model in scope and change it in ng-click
  11. Bind scope value to radio button
  12. Bind select to scope
  13. Bind one property from object in object array
  14. Call function from scope in change event
  15. Call function in scope to do calculation in expression
  16. Call functions in scope
  17. Call scope function in expression
  18. Convert scope value tofrom Json
  19. Define object and set its value in scope
  20. Define two values in scope
  21. Get data from scope
  22. Hardcode html in scope
  23. Increase value in scope for each click
  24. Link checkbox and button by scope
  25. Load object value from scope
  26. ng-model links to scope
  27. ng-repeat loops array from scope
  28. Push value to array in scope
  29. Put data from form input to array in scope
  30. Respond to Scope Changes
  31. scope data with unescaped entity
  32. Update value in scope from click event
  33. Use $rootScope to pass data