AngularJS Tutorial - Directives Example


  1. Directives
  2. data-ng-init to initialize array
  3. data-ng-repeat and orderBy
  4. data-ng-repeat to loop through two dimensional array
  5. data-ng-switch on with condition
  6. data-ng-switch-when to add line break
  7. data-ng-switch to control if to display
  8. ng-attr-title to add tooltip to element
  9. ng-change to call function in scope
  10. ng-change to change scope value
  11. ng-checked to bind a scope value
  12. ng-class to bind class
  13. ng-class to toggle class with model value
  14. ng-class-even for even
  15. ng-class-odd for odd
  16. ng-click counter
  17. ng-click to call a function in scope
  18. ng-click to call function
  19. ng-click to negate value
  20. ng:controller to call function
  21. ng-disabled to Enable/Disable DOM Elements Conditionally
  22. ng-hide to show and hide
  23. ng-if with boolean constant
  24. ng-if with hardcoded value
  25. ng-init and ng-repeat with objects
  26. ng-init to create Date type
  27. ng-init to create object
  28. ng-repeat to loop through array from scope
  29. ng-repeat to create table cells
  30. ng-repeat with hardcoded array
  31. ng-repeat-start to bind data for definition list
  32. ng-repeat to iterate
  33. ng-show to control Show hide with model
  34. ng-show with boolean constant
  35. ng-src to load image
  36. ng-src to set image source
  37. ng-true-value to mark true value
  38. ng-false-value to set false value for checkbox
  39. ng-hide, ng-show and ng-click to create tab control
  40. ng-options with object
  41. ng-pattern to validate
  42. ng:repeat, ng:class, ng:class-odd vs Static construct
  43. ng-repeat-start and ng-repeat-end
  44. ng-repeat to create form input element
  45. ng-repeat with key and value pair
  46. ng-submit to call custom function
  47. ng-true-value to set true value for checkbox
  48. Render a Directive's DOM Node Children
  49. Mix buildin directive to create new directive
  50. Pass Data into a Directive
  51. Change the DOM in Response to User Actions with custom directive
  52. Directive to replace itself
  53. Custom directive with attribute
  54. Repeatedly Rendering Directive's DOM Node Children
  55. Custom directive with namespace
  56. Pass attribute value to a directives
  57. Directive-to-Directive Communication
  58. Create custom tag with directive
  59. Bind value to custom directive
  60. Use loop in directive replacement
  61. Pass expression to a custom directives
  62. Create Custom HTML Elements with Directives